Monday, May 30, 2011

Detsorgsekalf Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band name?

We are called Detsorgsekalf pronounced Det Sorg Say Kelf

What is the origin of this name?

The name came from my amazing ability to read things backwards and our guitar player to think she knows Swedish I was feasting on the ice cold frostedflakes and boom put it backwards but then Mörksjäl thought she knew Swedish added dots over some letters and apparently its suppose to say "That sorrowful century " but it just says " That Sorrow " the rest is jiberish

Who is in the band and what instrument do they play?

There are a few key members then members who exist in the background. Here is the line up you see performing live:

Balfabar Nosugref : Wrectched Schreching while wearing fucking clown shoes
Hellratchet : Bastard cousin to hellhammer and that mother fucker can shred
Mörksjäl : We think she is a she we have yet to get confirmation but those blood tests won't lie she is a leaper who can play guitar and that right there is impressivie on its own
Niloc The Opnipiant: Extreme wise man in everything music related. The guy is even awesome at Glee music trivia, granted that's not awesome for black metal but who knows when we are gonna need such a thing its good to know that the information is there for us if we are ever put in a life or death suitation
Necrotr0n the Digitizer of Man: Built by Varg Vickers in the year 2055 in a Norwegian prison he is sent back in time to show people what black metal again, apparently it died in 2037 in a war against Miles Davies and General Samoth

Other key members of the band but not really in the band:

Adrian Bromley (RIP our fallen brother we will rock in Valhalla one day with you again)
Zyxx Zyxxx Zyxxxx The Horn Throwing Champion of Capathia
Grappie the Retarded Muppet

What genre would you consider your band?

Japanese Black metal country jazz techno fusion pop rap

As a parody band what kind of lyrics does that band create? Who writes the bands lyrics?

I consult a Russian African witch doctor who plays an impaled cover band he teaches me the ways of tr00 brutality. But in all seriousness its just a pretty much tales we hear and over emphasize but ABBA is a concept album and that war between us and Norway and the glowing squerial army that happened I'm super serial.

Is there a meaning for the song "In The Blood Of A Thousand Virgins Rises Chevy Chase"?

We figured he hasn't been in movies in a while and what else do you do to resurrect people? Virginal sacrifices of course. Granted we ended up with some sort of zombie in a lab coat but in a few years after the song came out we saw Chevy in hot tub time machine so I think it worked I can't say for sure. I am forbidden to go 100 miles infront of his estate.

Are you under a record label? Do you own said label?

My personal label will be distributing the album, we haven't signed anything to say Dets is apart of the Northern Storm family. You know we got twp of us who are already related by blood you know necrotron the digitizer of man and grapy the retarded muppet.

What venues have you performed at? Which is your favourite?

Man there have been some amazing places:

The Opera House
The Vatikan (you know where the pope lives I just cant spell it)
The Hammersmith
Live from my mom's basement
Club Rocket
Club Cock Rocket
Young and Dundas
In some oriental family's living room man they would not stop screaming

What has been the biggest challenge as a band?

Going through all the hate mail man. There are tons of it but we know they are in the closet for there love for us.

Is there anything besides Detsorgsekalf that you are proud of doing in the metal community? You seem to go to many of the large festivals around the world, is it fun being able to meet so many different musicians?
For me, personally, I work every day to try and build a career around metal. I ran a radio show for six years, I do band photography, I run a label. Now I'm working my ass off to get a TICO number which will allow me to be a travel agent to become the first ever heavy metal travel agent.

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