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Guitar Hero, DJ Hero Franchises Done?, Nintendo 3DS More Powerful Than The Wii, Joystick Division's Top Ten Video Game Disappointments Of 2010, Duke Nukem Forever Screens, Orphan Showdown, Learn How To Solve Rubik's Cube With Rap

Hello everyone its Thursday night, I'm sorry I am so late. Kind of had a nap during the time I usually blog. If I had a calender book, I'd be better at time management. Any who, here is tonight's blog, right here below. See it?

Guitar Hero, DJ Hero Franchises Done?

It has been confirmed that this year's edition of Guitar Hero as well ans True Crime: Hong Kong have both been cancelled. There is no word on the future of the Guitar Hero franchise but Activion has planned to disband the companies Guitar Hero business unit. As well as this "severe layoffs" were made when FreeStyleGames was acquitted in 2008. They are the developers of DJ Hero and this franchise has also been canned. has also filed a similar report and Activision will now focus more on its Call of Duty and Blizzard businesses (mainly Star Craft and World of Warcraft. This must be the fear that they are losing money on music bands or they cannot match Rock Band. Sorry guys but I think instead of canning projects and focusing more on already successful games, you might get back on track.

Nintendo 3DS More Powerful Than The Wii

High Voltage Software, the developer of Conduit 2, has uncovered that the new 3D handheld should be more powerful than the Wii console. The small screen has a lot of power devoted to it and has superior shading and texture as HDWarriors learned. A developer of the team, Keith Hladik, said the team was able to create advanced lightning and different texture techniques easier than they could on
the Wii. Although there is a cost to doing games for the 3DS but it is easier to make games. This new handheld system uses technology which is much newer and more efficient than the Wii, which was released in 2006. Nintendo is using a new graphics core called Pico 200 and a much faster ARM
processor combo than that of the original DS. It hasn't been said how the hardware will compare to the Wii. It may need more performance because of the size of the screens, which is more than the resolution the Wii supports. Some games also have more visual detail as the 3D effect will draw the
top screen's images twice. If this is the route that is being taken for the 3D aspect, this will cause major headaches. It has been said that 3D will soon need no more glasses but the way we teach our eyes to read these images will cause major strain.

Joystick Division's Top Ten Video Game Disappointments Of 2010

I don't have opinions on most the games but I will run down their list.

10. James Bond 007: Blood Stone
9. Crackdown 2
8. Splinter Cell: Conviction
7. Medal Of Honor
6. Kane & Lynch 2
5. Disney Epic Mickey
4. Metroid: Other M
3. Dante's Inferno (Excuse me guys...)
2. Final Fantasy XIII
1. Mafia 2 (What!?)

Okay at number three they had Dante's Inferno. They didn't bash it too much. They go on about how it was supposed to be a real threat to God of War and that they didn't captivate the real literature. They also say that the game started to become repetitive. Isn't all hack and slash titles?

They're number one disappointment was Mafia 2. They didn't like it because of the faults it had in not being as good as the first one. They say its "a wannabe tough, edgy story ended up as a snooze-fest, and it offered nothing new to the sandbox genre." You guys really don't like games that
don't bring anything new to the table don't you. How about Call of Duty? Each game is the same. Mafia 2 was great, I admit it was a fast game but it was what I expected it to be. I think they captured the life in crime very well. Especially with a time period in which you are in prison. The story line was great, some parts made me sad.

Okay well that is all for today, I think as well as tomorrow's blog I may do rant on Call of Duty. Here's is a picture of Duke Nukem, which more of which can be found here. As well as too funny videos from College Humor and DeStorm

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