Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Moon Over Edmonton, Black Metal Babysitting, Guillermo at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake, DeStorm: How To Rap Backwards

Hello everyone, I apologize for the lack of blogging as of late. I have just not been feeling up to it. I’ll continue on though, as I love your support. Just as a way to ease into the blogging life again, I’ll make this one easy on me. I am also going to see Rammstein in May, so I will have another concert review up then! Maybe when I get the local shows going again I will also post them on here as well. Anyways, here is a bit of stuff to keep you occupied until I can get back into blogging mode.

Red Moon Over Edmonton

This picture was captured a few weeks ago at night in Edmonton. It shows a full snow moon which is the name given to help track seasons and is inspired by nature an agriculture. Since the temperature was so low, -25C, the steam started rising from the oil refineries.

That’s really it for today. Down below is some funny videos I found while surfing the tubular internets!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Quotes From J Biebz’s Rolling Stone Interview, YouTuber Could Spend Twenty Years In Jail, Whitest Kids U Know: Grapist, J Biebz Dies On CSI

So, sorry for the major lack of blogging these days. Not been feeling myself lately with this pain I’ve been having. I saw Unknown today and it was pretty good, kind of confusing but awesome. Anyhow here is your news!

Five Quotes From J Biebz’s Rolling Stone Interview

I just thought I’d comment here and say he really isn’t good with words. I’ve seen many videos and quotes of his and I must say, he obviously isn’t smart at all. Anyways, here are three quotes of his from his Rolling Stone interview:User Name + New PostMy Feed

1. On sex before marriage: “I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them. I think you should just wait for the person you're…in love with.”

This is by far the smartest thing in this list he said. Of course you should wait until you love them. This still doesn’t mean he believe in waiting until your married.

2. On health care: “Canada's the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard's baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

I understand what he is trying to say about American’s having to pay for their health care. I guess the only reason this sounds funny is that he makes it sound like his bodyguard has to wait and not the mother of the child. It is just worded wrong, but he said it that way.

3. On abortion: “I really don't believe in abortion. It's like killing a baby?”

If BuzzFeed is quoting this exactly like it is written then Justin doesn’t know what the word abortion means. “It’s like killing a baby?” sounds like a question. Meaning he is in turn asking if that’s what it means.

4. On abortion in cases of rape: “Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that.”

He thinks rape is sad, but everything happens for a reason right? He hasn’t been raped so he doesn’t know if its right or not. Come on Justin, you know what it means…

5. On politics: “I'm not sure about the parties. But whatever they have in Korea, that's bad.”

He doesn’t know anything about politics but he is right that Korea have it bad at the moment. What about our own troops?

I guess what I’m trying to say here is sure he may be every girl’s dream but he doesn’t know anything about anything!

YouTuber Could Spend Twenty Years In Jail

Evan Emory is spending twenty years on a felony charge of “manufacturing child sexual abusive material” because of video he posted on YouTube. His video shows him singing a sexually explicit song to elementary students in a classroom. He didn’t actually sing the lyrics to the children which should be noted as he included two disclaimers as to the children were not involved or even heard the crude song. This may spark controversy to have a video of a man singing an explicit song in front of children but this is not the first time that this has happened. He is awaiting his court date, and I hope he doesn’t have to serve time.

That’s it for me, I’m bloody tired. Here is another video that is similar to Emory’s and should also be looked into for the same charge then. I am not saying I want them to be arrested but Whitest Kids U Know did a similar skit. Oh and here is also a video of Bieber’s death on CSI. Hope you had a good weekend!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sefus Roll? Urkel Roll?

Okay everyone, so I'm sure someone of you have seen this video as I probably sent it to you. For the blog readers. Here is the scoop. Dcigs is a comedian on YouTube trying to hopefully do stand up comedy in the future. He is one of my favourite comedians and he never has a video where I crack up as badly as this one. Well this little video of his friend Sefus, doing the Urkel dance, laugh included. It is hilarious. Now my question to you is Sefus Roll or Urkel Roll? Which ever it is, spam your friends with this page's link or actual YouTube post. Maybe this will catch on to be a new meme.

Anyways I'm sorry I haven't been blogging daily again. I've messed up a few times haven't I? I'm really sorry, the only time I feel like blogging is when I have my sleeping pill. And when I stay awake while sleeping consumes me I type and say stupid things. So sorry. Hope you likes this tidbit! Let's make it a big meme. Try to make your friends tell there's and what not. New blog up tomorrow, I hope. I have to talk about J Biebz twice. Anyways, off to bed. This sleeping pill is now making it hard to blog because of spelling errors. As I leave you, remember to support dcigs and his buddies.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Burglar Kills Goldfish During Burglary To Avoid Any Witnesses, Tonight I’m Frakking You, Watching Soccer In Class Fail, Texting Info Graph: Why You Didn't Get A Response

I apologize for the lack of blogging as of late. I’m having some pain issues that leave me uninspired to write any news, but here is a quick blog for tonight. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Burglar Kills Goldfish During Burglary To Avoid Any Witnesses

The Illinois police called this case of burglary “disturbing” and it is not because of the stolen or damaged property. The burglars actually killed the home owner’s three goldfish to avoid leaving “any witnesses” as they say. The juveniles have been charged with animal cruelty as they poisoned the goldfish. The police are saying that one of the burglars told his friends “We can’t let them live, they’re witnesses.” Mike Hernandez, a police sergeant, said: “He wasn’t remorseful. It was disturbing. Certainly something they didn’t need to do.” The burglars decided to target the apartment because it was evacuated last month, and they knew very well it would be easy to break into. They pried the door open and stole a gaming console, CD player, thirty video games and DVDs, a BB gun, jewellery, and a safe. When the residents had returned they had found hot sauce, mustard, ketchup, and spices in their fish tank and the three goldfish floating at the top. Police were able to find some of the stolen property at local pawn shops.

That was the single article for today. I swear I will get back on track sooner or later. Here is a new video from Break called Tonight I’m Frakking You, a new FailBlog video, and an infograph on texting

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twilight Child Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band's name and how did you come up with it?

Our band name is Twilight Child, we got it from a V.C Andrews book entitled “Twilight’s Child” all agreed it sounded kind of cool and haven’t switched it since. We’ve been looking into getting our name changed but we can't think of anything half decent and people already know us under the name Twilight Child.

Who is in the band and what do they play?

First off I’m Steve and I handle the screams and rhythm guitar. Robert handles lead vocals, Mike does the ripping shredding, Shawn keeps the low down and Blair beats the hell out of stuff.

Can you give a brief history of the band and past musical experiences?

We’ve actually been a band for quite sometime and went through a million styles in that time. We started in September 2007 and since then we've went through a guitarist and a keyboardist. We added Rob in October 2010 and it’s been going very well. We all have played in bands before but nothing spectacular, we do like our side projects though. I am associated with Dead Winter, Dionysus and Adelleda, Shawn’s with Legion of the Black Cross and Rob has Blank Theory.

Who writes the lyrics for your songs? Is there a main topic or theme?

I write the majority of the material, though Rob has been helping me lately. There is a slight theme to our music, mainly dealing our debut full length “The Frailty of Humanity”. Dealing with the weaknesses and vices of man, such as religion, government, social issues and addiction.

What gear do you use/play with? Do any of your band members use any one specific brand?

We don’t exclusively use any brand and hold no endorsements but we do use Peavey and Fender amps, Ibanez and Epiphone guitars, B.C Rich basses and Marshall Cabinets.

Where have you played and what is your favourite venue?

My favourite venue by far is The Opera House in Toronto, it was an amazing time and an amazing show.

Have you played with any popular headliners?

We shared the stage with many bands, the biggest being Sweden’s Katatonia, Finland’s Swallow the Sun and Israel’s Orphaned Land. Were also preparing to share the stage with Finland’s Kalmah in March.

Are there any achievements as a band you are proud of?

I'm proud of many aspects of the band and guys in it, but again the biggest achievement has been the Katatonia show in Toronto, it was definitely a dream come true as we are all very big fans of them.

What do you have planned for 2011?

The main plan for 2011 is too make sure we get the record done, we’ve started recording in Grimsby over the last month and hope to have some music for people to hear, Also to keep playing shows in and around Hamilton.

If you could have any power in the world what would it be?

Any power? thats a tough one. Probably time travel so i could witness the music we ripped off being made haha.

Any last comments?

If you haven’t seen us already do so! p.s check us out on Facebook and all other social networking sites.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Annual Comedy Awards Nominations Announced, Mother Shot Twice With Taser For Leaving Baby In Car To Go To Tanning Salon, Grand Theft Auto Funny Amazon Review

Hello everyone, here is today’s news. I kept it short because I know the nominees for the first article will make the scroll bar a little long, so tomorrow will have a little more news than usual. If I’m still not lazy!

First Annual Comedy Awards Nominations Announced

Comedy Central has announced the nominees for the first annual Comedy Awards yesterday. A few of the nominees are Will Ferrel, Steve Carrell, Zach Galifianakis, and Jonah Hill. Ricky Gervais said this on being nominated: “It is an honor to be nominated for my stand up at this, the first-ever ‘The Comedy Awards’.  In 68 years time, I intend to host it and get it cancelled." Here is a few reactions from other nominees of the Comedy Awards: "Just what America needs: another awards show.  How many tickets do I get?," Homer Simpson
"It is a great honor to be nominated for an award, even this one,” Jimmy Kimmel
“My special is called ‘Whitney Cummings: Money Shot,’ so I'm just glad I didn't get nominated for an AVN award.  I'd say it’s cool that I'm the only girl nominated but then again I'm not sure how many people consider me a girl,” Whitney Cummings

The awards will be taped on Saturday, March 26th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York and will air Sunday, April 10th on the stations Comedy Central, Spike, TV Land, VH1 and Nick at Night all simultaneously. Below is the list of nominations:

“30 Rock”
“Eastbound & Down”
“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
“Modern Family”
“The Office”
Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock”
Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”
Steve Carell, “The Office”
Tracy Morgan, “30 Rock”
Danny McBride, “Eastbound & Down”
Tina Fey, “30 Rock”
Jane Krakowski, “30 Rock”
Jane Lynch, “Glee”
Betty White, “Hot in Cleveland”
Kristen Wiig, “Saturday Night Live”
Russell Brand, “Get Him to the Greek”
Will Ferrell, “The Other Guys”
Zach Galifianakis, “Dinner for Schmucks”
Paul Giamatti, “Barney’s Version”
Jonah Hill, “Cyrus”
Tina Fey, “Date Night”
Anne Hathaway, “Love & Other Drugs”
Helen Mirren, “Red”
ChloĆ« Moretz, “Kick-Ass”
Emma Stone, “Easy A”
“The Colbert Report”
“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”
“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”
“Late Show with David Letterman”
“Childrens Hospital”
“Funny or Die Presents”
“Saturday Night Live”
“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”
“Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening”
“Bill Maher…But I’m Not Wrong”
“Louis C.K.: Hilarious”
“Ricky Gervais: Out of England 2”
“Whitney Cummings: Money Shot”
“Easy A”
“Get Him to the Greek”
“The Other Guys”
“Despicable Me”
“Shrek Forever After”
“Toy Story 3”
“American Dad!”
“Family Guy”
“The Simpsons”
“South Park”
“30 Rock”
“Modern Family”
“The Office”
“The Simpsons”
“Easy A”
“Hot Tub Time Machine”
“Tiny Furniture”
“30 Rock”
“Modern Family”
“The Office”
“Saturday Night Live”
Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, “Cyrus”
Will Gluck, “Easy A”
Adam McKay, “The Other Guys”
Matthew Vaughn, “Kick-Ass”
Edgar Wright, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

Mother Shot Twice With Taser For Leaving Baby In Car To Go To Tanning Salon

Ashley Agerenza, a nineteen year old, left her daughter in her car after the salon told her she could not leave the baby while she had her tanning session. She was charged with child abuse, resisting arrest and an account of battery of a police officer after the incident, which happened outside of Extreme Tan and Smoothies in St. Petersburg, Florida. A witness saw her strap her baby into the car seat, turn on the engine and returned to the salon and they then called police. When the officer arrived on the scene, they had found the baby nearly out of her car seat and that she had been sick all over herself. When Agerenza was confronted by the officer, she attacked them and then was shot twice with a taser before she was arrested. The baby was not harmed during the ordeal which is good. This is a post off of her Facebook page that was found: “Wit my lil mama then i might go out for the first time yay! dk if I can leave her tho... So maybe just a drink wen she asleep. love my baby!”

That is today's blog, here is a picture of what I think is an Amazon review joke of Grand Theft Auto 4.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does Kinect Work With Gwar, Best 25 Quotes From CPAC 2011, Jeopardy Pits Man Versus Machine, Recipe For Coca Cola Discovered, Cupid Killz: A First Person Shooter By HiImRawn

Hello everyone, this is probably a longer blog since, I started it a little earlier. Hope you enjoy it!

Does Kinect Work With Gwar was able to catch up with comedic metal band GWAR and laid the question to rest: Can GWAR play Kinect? Oderus Urungus and Beefcake the Mighty accepted the invite to come try out the Kinect and Dance Central. The video in the link above is their Kinect experience and a tour of the office. David Schulte from CTV helped GameInformer shoot this video. I’d embed the video but the site doesn’t have a way of embedding.

Best 25 Quotes From CPAC 2011

The Conservative Political Action Conference was held on the weekend. Of course this is the Conservative stage for the members to give their speeches on their promises and their bashing of the Liberals. It is also the stage where these conservatives use to create quotes they wish people didn’t quote them on. Here is a list of the best twenty-five quotes from the weekend event by way of Esquire:
25. "If [the shooting of Gabby Giffords in] Tucson tells us anything at all, it tells us this: Government has failed." - Wayne LaPierre, CEO off the National Rifle Association.
24. "The presence of a firearm makes us all safer." - Wayne LaPierre.
23. "Many of us think of him as the thinking man's Marlon Brando." - George Will on Mitch Daniels.
22. "I refer to the debt — the new red menace. This time consisting of ink." - Mitch Daniels.
21. "[Obama's reelection] would subject the country to what might be a fatal last dose of statism." - Mitch Daniels.
20. "Our fiscal ruin and resulting loss of world leadership will, in [liberals'] eyes, be not a tragic event but a desirable one." - Mitch Daniels.
19. "Anybody that brings up amnesty in this Congress, we need to just take the scarlet 'A' for amnesty and pin it on them." - Rep. Steve King.
18. "If Joe Kennedy wants to show he is really concerned about 'some' things [Hugo] Chavez is doing… he can see to it that the Fenway Park CITGO sign is covered up until freedom and democracy return to Venezuela." - Rep. Connie Mack.
17. "Our liberties, which have made us great, are now destroying us." - Rev. Michel Faulkner, at the CPAC "Traditional Marriage and Society" panel.
16. "We should end the Environmental Protection Agency’s war against American oil and gas." - Newt Gingrich.
15. "A lawsuit a day helps keep the liberals at bay." - Dr. Mike Adams at the CPAC "Defending Free Speech on Campus" panel.
14. "Maybe conservatives need to start thinking about forming other institutions, and new types of universities that will be able to create our own Harvards and our own Yales and our own Princetons." - Dr. Richard Brake, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, at the same panel.
13. "Conservatives tend to be happy because they tend to like freedom. You are happy people, you here today, because like Reagan you have intellectualized conservatism and have rejected liberalism as anti-intellectual." - Craig Shirley, author of Rendezvous with Destiny, at the CPAC "Reagan at 100: Role Model for the Next Generation" panel.
12. "Now that [Reagan's] place in history is secure, [liberals] are trying to remake him. A pernicious myth is that Reagan and Tip O'Neill were great friends." - Craig Shirley.
11. "I have fairly but intelligently earned many billions of dollars which, in a sense, was both a scorecard and acknowledgment of my abilities." - Three-time bankrupt Donald Trump.
10. "When they talk about raising your taxes, I think raise the taxes on some of these countries that are taking advantage of the United States." - Donald Trump, again.
9. "Four fifty-four for gas… because we have nobody that calls up OPEC… and say, [mobster voice] 'That. Price. Better. Get. Lower. And it better. Get. Lower. Fast.'" - Donald Trump, still.
8. "The movies television and music we used to produce created an image of America that the world envied… now the millions around the world call us the Great Satan — and with good cause." - Pat Boone.
7. "Leftist, socialist, former and current communist czars." - Pat Boone, on the Obama administration.
6. "The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country." - Herman Cain.
5. "Liberals could not be less interested in democracy when it came to taking out Saddam Hussein… Now a loyal American ally [Mubarak] comes under attack and they are burning for democracy." - Ann Coulter.
4. "What do you mean, 'knowing that there are more jailed journalists'? I think there should be more jailed journalists!" - Ann Coulter.
3. "That is [liberalism's] goal — to destroy the family… [liberals] just made up this gay marriage thing… gays are natural conservatives." - Ann Coulter.
2. "It's just like a liberal, they import slaves, they hold slaves, they fight for slavery, they go to war in a civil war to defend slavery. They then install legal discrimination against blacks for a hundred years…" - Ann Coulter.
1. "It's gonna be a big heart-breaker
Gramma needs a new pacemaker
And the doctor says, "I realize she's ill
But there's talk of legislation
On all our medication
And maybe all we can do is put her on a pain pill.
Aw me! Hey Congress!
You vote Obamacare, and we'll vote you outta there
We the People have wakened to your tricks
You vote to let this pass, you're gonna be out on your
[funny noise instead of the word "ass"]
We the People have awakened…" - Ray Stevens, in song.
This final one was just for good measure.

0. "Sit down and shut up." - Dick Cheney as he was heckled by protesters.

Jeopardy Pits Man Versus Machine

In Jeopardy these passed two days, two men are facing off against a supercomputer that is going by the name Watson. Brad Rutter, the show’s all-time money winner with $3.25 million, and Ken Jennings, who has the longest winning streak at seventy four games. The supercomputer was named after the IBM founder Thomas J. Watson and is powered by ten racks of computer servers which are run by the operating system Linux. At the beginning of the first show Alex Trebek told viewers, "You are about to witness what may prove to be an historic competition." Watson proved to be amazing competition although the supercomputer’s speed on the buzzer and accurately solved clues. One the first television showing, Watson cleared through a lot of early selections and even scored the Daily Double. The IBM created robotic encyclopaedia racked up four-thousand dollars, while Jennings and Rutter had two-hundred dollars each. Watson made some embarrassing flops along the way but one flop in the first episode was his incorrectly answer pickup off of Jennings, in which Watson answered the same answer as he did when they both answered “What is 1920s?” on the clue the decade in which Oreo cookies were introduced. On tonight’s episode it was mostly all Watson racked up to somewhere around thirty-two thousand. Rutter and Jennings made it close to five-thousand and the final question of the day was about United States airports and which was named after World War Two heroes. The two human competitors answered correctly with Chicago but Watson on the other hand answered with Toronto, which seems more of a Canadian type of city. As well as the answer Toronto, the supercomputer answered with a row of question marks. Luckily, it only wagered less then a thousand dollars. The matches will continue until tomorrow and will have included two complete games. First place wins $1 million, second place wins $300 000, and third wins $200 000. IBM says all of Watson’s winnings will be given to charity, meanwhile half of Jennings and Rutter will go to charities of their choices. The matches were taped in Yorktown Heights, New York at the IBM research center last month. The contestants were able to keep the final outcome to themselves. The researchers at IBM have been working on Watson for years. Just as the human contestants, it does not use the Internet during play but it gains its knowledge from a database of information on a 15 TB memory, as well as goes through potential answers with 2 880 processor cores. The computer can identify the right answer very fast but these answers can misfire, and if it were a human contestant they’d blush really bad if they gave the answers Watson has for a few so far. The reason for its faults is because Jeopardy clues often use puns or very intellectual word associations with category titles. The IBM developers say that learning through experience is something that may one built into future generations of these question-answering supercomputers.

Recipe For Coca Cola Discovered

The ingredients of Coca Cola have always been a mystery since it was created by John Pemberton in 1886. claims to have discovered a list in a picture that was in a newspaper article in the February 8th, 1979th edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It showed someone holding open a book with a recipe that claimed to be Pemberton’s clone. This recipe is reported to contain the exact measures of the oils needed for Merchandise 7X. Although it is only one per cent of the drink’s actual formula, it is said that Merchandise 7X is the taste that makes Coca Cola what it is. While the official recipe is said to be guarded in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia all day, every day, this is what has been figured out from the picture:

The 'secret recipe'
Fluid extract of Coca 3 drams USP
Citric acid 3 oz
Caffeine 1oz
Sugar 30 (it is unclear from the markings what quantity is required)
Water 2.5 gal
Lime juice 2 pints 1 qrt
Vanilla 1oz
Caramel 1.5oz or more to colour
7X flavour (use 2oz of flavour to 5 gals syrup):
Alcohol 8oz
Orange oil 20 drops
Lemon oil 30 drops
Nutmeg oil 10 drops
Coriander 5 drops
Neroli 10 drops
Cinnamon 10 drops

That was today’s blog. I hope you don’t actually try that recipe but if you do, be sure to tell people your results. Here is a First-Person Shooter Valentine’s Day video by HiImRawn

Monday, February 14, 2011

NitemarE Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What's your band name? Members? What do they play?

The name of the band is NitemarE. Nox does vocals, Scump plays the drums, Splatt is bass and backing vocals, and Animal(me) plays guitar.

NitemarE has been around since the early 90s, since then there was a period where you had losses of members. Can you give me a history of the band?

We started in 1991 actually. Me and former member, Demon, formed the band from the ashes of our old band, Nocturnal Demise. We went through a couple of drummers before Taz joined the band on the skins. At that time, we had a few temporary bass players to help out along the way. Then Splatt entered in '93 and has been with NitemarE ever since. Over the first few years, Demon and Taz were in and out of the band a few times, with other guys filling in here and there. After Taz's final "tour of duty" and some demos, drummer Graves came aboard and we recorded our first full length CD titled "Creation Of Life". Splatt was also the lead vocalist on that recording as well as bass. Fast forward a couple of years, and we added front man Juri Rollo, and we released "Live Carnage"... from a gig we play with Amon Amarth. Then a bunch of problems led to the simultaneous departure of Demon, Graves, and Juri. Enter Luke-vocals, and Watt-drums for a few years of playing and fun, and their departure about a years ago. Which leads us to our present line-up... and the release of our latest CD, "Toronto Undead" 

Is there a main lyricist in the band? Is there any main theme to your songs?

There's no main lyricist in the band. We all contribute lyrically. I write most of the music. Generally, I'll write the music and we add the lyrics afterwards. The topics revolve mostly about reality. We figure with the name NitemarE, what's more scary than reality right? Horror movies and such aren't truely scary. Not really. not when compared to our nuclear age, murder, addictions, or many of the other evils man has managed to come up with. We also do write some stuff fantasy-wise as well... such as a song we have called "Hell Hath The Fury", which is about Hell itself opening up and conquering every soul on earth. That title is a spin-off of the saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ... Ya. Well, Hell HATH the fury indeed lol You can see that video on YouTube

Is there anything aside from the band that you do in the music industry?

I also do show promotion as well. I used to, and have started up Toronto Undead again. Over the years, we've brought in bands such as Nuclear Assault, Destruction, Vader, Kataklysm, PileDriver, Dreams Of Damnation, The Gathering, plus Anvil and Razor and Exciter numerous times as well.
Actually, I have Exciter and Rumpelstlitskin Grinder headlining the Gates Of Hell 2011 fest this April 23 at the Rockpile.

 I hear that the band is close with Anvil, could you give me a bit of history of this band relationship?

Ya, we're best of friends with Anvil. Our first show together was back in Dec 96 at The Generator. We did our sound check and Robbo comes up and wants to know if we want to play some other gigs they had lined up. It's been a blast ever since. We've probably played 30 or more shows with them over the years. We also shared quite a few different studios and warehouses with them for about a 10 year period. We're also very good friends with both Razor and Exciter. Been involved with both bands for more than 10 years. First time we played with Exciter was May 1997. We've played with both bands numerous times. Also on that note, I booked Anvil, Exciter and Razor together on the Gates Of Hell 2004, which was the first and only time ever, that the 3 of them had shared the same stage. \NM/

What accomplishment as a band are you most proud of?

I think the thing I'm most proud of about this band, is that it actually still survives lol
Splatt and me have been through a lot, both good and bad, and through it all, neither of us has ever wavered in what we want to do... and that's play in NitemarE!

What do you have planned for 2011?

Next on our to do list is to record another CD. Even though we just released "Toronto Undead", we feel we should follow that up quickly with another CD within the year. The music is already written for it, so we're really looking forward to it. Plus playing a shitload of shows \NM/

 If you could do anything in the world, what would be the one thing you would do?

If there's anything in the world I could do, it would be to tour Europe! That's what I want to do.

Any final comments? 

I'd like to say that Toronto's Metal scene is looking pretty good these days. We came out of the old days, when the scene in Toronto was huge... hell we even played shows with Varga and Jack Damage back then lol ... but then "alternative" came along and Metal suffered... but like I say, Metal in Toronto looks to be in better shape these days, then say compared to 10 yrs ago, and I look forward to a lot of good times down the line. There's a lot of good bands in this city and I want rip up the stage with them all \NM/

Achievements Let Players Get More Out Of Games, Nintendo Doesn't Like Achievements, Americans And Valentines Day, Talk Nerdy To Me By The Game Station: Emoticon Love

Hello everyone, lazy blog. Hope you had a fun corporate holiday, Valentine's Day, and I hope you bought your significant other lots of chocolate. It helps give companies more money. Valentine's Day should not be the one day you love your partner. You should love them always. Anyways, not much news so I tried to post one article I had an opinion on. Also, check out this interview with Killitorous from Ottawa, Ontario!

Achievements Let Players Get More Out Of Games, Nintendo Doesn't Like Achievements

A few weeks ago Kotaku had a lengthy discussion with Bill Trinen from Nintendo about Achievements and explains why the company doesn't want them in their games. Nintendo has left achievements off most of their games other than Wii Sport Resort in 2008 which had something like that system. While Bill Trinen said that the company is not opposed to the system he did say it could work. Sure Nintendo doesn't want to use the achievement system but it seems like they are the only ones who don't. Microsoft has achievement points, Sony has trophies, even computer games and smart phone games have some type of achievement system! This is what Trinen said on behalf of Nintendo: "When they create their games, [Nintendo's designers] don’t tell you how to play their game in order to achieve some kind of mythical reward. Basically, the way the games are designed is they’re designed for you to explore the game yourself and have this sense of discovery. To that end, I think that when you look specifically at games from EAD [the group long led by Mario and Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto] and a lot of other games that Nintendo has developed a well, there are things you can do in the game that will result in some sort of reward or unexpected surprise. In my mind, that really encourages the sense of exploration rather than the sense of 'If I do that, I’m going to get some sort of artificial point or score that’s going to make me feel better that I got this.' And that, to me, is I think more compelling." I think Trinen is wrong when he says that Achievements give a restriction on players and limit their exploration of the games area. When I see exploration Achievements, I go around discovering new areas out of curiosity of what is there. Achievements are there to get you into a competitive spirit. I try to get as many as I can, but my problem is that I buy more games than I play. I mean, sure the achievements may be tasking and very tiring and not fun after a point but it makes the difficult hard of fully completing that games list. Collectibles and difficulty settings can make a game that much more enjoyable by testing your gaming skills. Many games have easy achievements but these may be the games that were released earlier in the 360 days.

That's the single article for today. Here is an info graph about Valentine's Day and Americans and a video from The Game Station of Emoticon Love.

Killitorous Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band name? How did you come up with it?

We are called Killitorous, thats "Kill - It - Orous" or as a lot of people like to call us "kill - o - torous" hahaha. I(Aaron) came up with the name years ago as a joke....I just always thought it was a brutally hilarious name.

What is the current line-up for the band?

The current line up for the band ehhhhhh....well we've had upwards of 20 people play for us at one point or another, the way the line up currently goes as for 'permanent' is: myself(Aaron Homma) on guitars, Matt "Milky" Milford on bass and Eric Morotti on drums, and its been that way for about the last year.

How was the band formed?

The band was started years ago when I had quit my former band called "today I caught the plague" and I was writing songs with one goal in mind: heavy, techy and fast.

What genre do you consider yourselves? Does the band have any major influences?

We like to call ourselves Canadian Deathgrind....simply because we mix death metal and grindcore.....but really I feel like we throw alot of metalcore/deathcore parts(which we take some flack for hehe) so I feel like we should at times be called "coregrind".....what can I say we just love to play to extend our playing capabilities... Influences that really drive us and inspire us are bands like: Nile, Vital Remains, The Faceless, Animosity Cephalic Carnage, Necrophagist, Origin, Meshuggah and Psycroptic....pretty much we listen to everything in the avenue of "tech<place any metal style here>" hahaha

Who is the band's lyricist? Can you tell me what some songs are about?

The lyrics on our first disc were written in an odd fashion, the band sorta came up with the title an subject matter first and Bryan Lomas(our first vocalist) wrote the hilarious words you hear. Although the newer material is done somewhat similarly now I work on the lyrics with help from either the guys in the band or just musician friends, or even just friends I happen to be working with that day/week/month, for example "fecal fellatio" was named by our friend Jesse Burns about 5 years ago... The songs are all about making you have to sit in a pile of steaming fecal matter, because you shit your pants laughing listening to the disc..

Where have you performed? Have you ever opened for any major headliners?

We have sorta played all over, we've played with a ton of awesome bands like: Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Misery Index, Unexpect, See you Next Tuesday and many more....

What do you see the band doing this year?

This year we are planning on recording a new album and doing some tours, mostly you guys can expect a new album....

What gear and equipment do you use?

We use alot of gear, I mean ALOT so we will mention what really matters, we play Indie guitars. The album was done with these and we play em' live, we love those guitars. Also Vaudou drums, we used these in the studio and we use them at every show.

Any final comments?

Check out "pretend to make babies" available everywhere, and come see us when we are pillaging through a town near you!

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Many Sick After Playboy Party, Texter Faces Death Row For Killing Friend, Interactive Valentine's Day Game On YouTube, FlippyCat's Valentine Dominoes

Hello everyone, its Sunday. I hope you had a good weekend. The 7PM blog posting time is now not happening, I will post whenever during the night. Now for some news.

Many Sick After Playboy Party

Health officials were investigating complaints of respiratory issues that was said to have affected dozens at a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles yesterday. The Department of Public Health issued a statement that it was investigating a suspected respiratory infection outbreak among the attendees of the conference. The Los Angeles Times said there were reports that dozens of people were sick after the event at the L.A. mansion but no one could give specific numbers. The department sent survey via e-mail to the people who attended the event which said that they had received reports of illnesses including pneumonia. Seven-hundred people from thirty countries attended the Santa Monica conference on Internet businesses. Investigators were looking into what caused the outbreak but did not believe it spread beyond the people who were there. The statement
said: "Public Health has no information suggesting that  this suspected outbreak extends beyond those individuals associated with this conference." Elliot J. Silver, who runs Silver Internet Ventures said this on the flu epidemic, "It is scary everyone came down with the same thing at the same time." David Castello said that he and his brother were also at the fundraiser and also got the infection. The
co-founder of Castello Cities Internet Network said this about the ordeal: "It knocked me off my feet for five days. I'm over it now, but I'm still feeling fatigue, which is not a good thing." Castello had symptoms which included fever, cough, headache, and back spasms. Looks like the Playboy Mansion and Hefner need to make sure people who are sick do not attend or at least cough or sneeze in the appropriate health safety manner.

Texter Faces Death Row For Killing Friend

A man stabbed his friend repeatedly over a miss-spelt text message as been convicted of manslaughter. Neil Brook is from Walkden and was on trial at Manchester Crown Court and accused of murdering his friend and neighbour, Josef Witkowski. The jury took three hours to clear him of murder, but they found him guilty of an alternative charge of manslaughter. The court was told the two men knew each other for six months but had started to fall out via text messaging. Brook had told the police he sent Witkowsky a text containing the word "nutter" but it came out as "mutter". Witowski took offence and the men started sending angry texts back and forth which led him to go to Brook's house. Brook
tapes two large knives in his house for his safety, one on his front door and another near his bathroom. As he opened the door to let Witowski in, but he flew at Brook with his own knife. In the court hearing it was said Brook grabbed the knife from the back of the door and stabbed Witkowski in the leg and fled to the bathroom. Brook then continued the attack and killed him by stabbing him in the chest, which penetrated his heart. The extent of the attack was one-hundred-four cuts, stab wounds, bruises and slice marks. Brook was sentenced Wednesday and the judge said, "Obviously the sentence will be a long one."

That's it for today, not much happiness in those articles so for some happiness here is FlippyCat's domino heart and an interactive Valentine's Day video by Totally Sketch.

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Nurse Steals Patient's Anesthetic During Kidney Surgery, Tells Patient To Man Up, World Of Warcraft Game Master Solves Math Homework, Remi Gaillard: Mario Kart Version 2, X-Men: First Class Trailer

Hello everyone it is Saturday. Lazy blog today, I apologize.

Nurse Steals Patient's Anesthetic During Kidney Surgery, Tells Patient To Man Up

This unknown man, LVK, went to Abott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis to have kidney stones removed surgically. It is a painful operation, when you don't have anesthetic, which involves inserting a tube into your back and then into your kidneys. The doctor told him he would not feel pain as he was supposed to be loaded up with five-hundred micrograms of fentanyl. According to police, a nurse, Sarah May Casareto, decided it would be a better if she had 350 of the dose, which left 150
for LVK. The Minneapolis area police say that Casereto told the man, "You're gonna have to man up here and take  some of the pain because we can't give you a lot of  medication," but she didn't explain to him why. While the surgery took place, LVK screamed in pain and was thrashing around on the table. There was talk that they might even have to restrain him. During this whole ordeal, Casereto behaved like a drunk as she was slurring her words, failing to aid the operating doctor, and even fell asleep. The hospital found two used and unauthorized needles in her scrubs and when she was
confronted with stealing medicine, she resigned instead of taking a drug test. She now faces a charge of felony theft of a controlled substance. I can say, I have been told to man up once. I didn't have any medicine because I didn't need it but it was still an uncomfortable procedure to go through. It wasn't serious at all, but I dislike going through those types of ordeals.

That's all I am sorry, but here is a funny screen shot of a World of Warcraft GM solving a math equation. A new Remi Gaillard video of Mario Kart and the new X-Men: First Class trailer, it hits theatres June 3rd and takes us back to before Xavier and Magneto were enemies.

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Cannabis Patient Wants Refund For Weak Pot, Teenager Died From First Kiss, Donald Trump For President?, Activision Cans Tony Hawk Series As Well, Duke Nukem: Forever Balls of Steel Edition, Officee Place Jargon-O-Meter

Hello everyone it is Friday! Means its time to start partying and such. Again, sorry for the late blog, I am starting to forget I wanted them done by 7PM. Without further ado...

Cannabis Patient Wants Refund For Weak Pot

A medical marijuana patient is not happy that Health Canada didn't refund $450 after he cancelled his delivery service three months ago. A fifty-five year old named Lloyd Summerfield lives in Scarborough, Ontario and was one of the many licenses users across Canada. These orders are delivered by courier from a grower who is under contract with the federal government. After Summerfield was run over in 2006 by a taxi, his doctor prescribed him marijuana to help him with leg and body pains. The man said he borrowed $450 from a friend and bought ninety grams of government-licensed cannabis. It was delivered to his apartment by the courier last November. Unfortunately his doctor told him that the government pot wasn't strong enough to help him. Summerfield returned the unopened package back to Health Canada. This is what he said on the matter: ​"I am disabled and in a lot of pain. I find the government to be worse than drug dealers on the street when it comes to giving money back. I am hungry and this is a lot of money for me. I had to borrow the money to pay for this." Summerfield contacted Jim Karygiannis, Liberal MP for Scarborough-Aginicourt, whose office has been sending letter to Health Canada. Jim says, "We have been back and forth with the minister's office to have his money returned. He has been waiting for months for his money." The order was shipped to him from the growing operation in Manitoba on November 10th according to Carlo Olivieroa, spokesman of Heatlh Canada. He also claimed: "The delivery company attempted on four separate occasions to schedule a delivery appointment without success. The customer did not come to the location to pick up his package, despite being aware that the package was there. The amount the was charged to Mr. Summerfield's card will be credited to his account." He also said the package was returned to the contracted grower Prairie Plant Systems and that Summerfield must first request a refund in writing, via mail, to their Ottawa office. Prairie Plant
has a five-year, $5.5 million contract with Ottawa in which they grow medicinal marijuana in an underground grow chamber in Flin Flon, Manitoba. It is said by Health Canada that five thousand Canadians are licensed to use and possess marijuana for medical purposes.

Teenager Died From First Kiss

Shy teen, Jemma Benjamin, was sharing her first kiss with her boyfriend, Daniel Ross, on the way to his house. After they went inside Jemma crashed on the couch and began drifting in and out of consciousness. She suffered from a rare cardiac condition called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. This condition kills about five-hundred in Britain each year. Her boyfriend Daniel tried to revive her before the paramedics had arrived but nothing could be done. He told police they had been friends for three months, but that night was the first time they kissed. Daniel said this about it all: "It was not a sexual relationship. We saw each other a couple of times a week. We were going to go to a bar for some food and went back to my house for a credit card which I had forgotten. We were talking and ended up kissing by the front door. We went into the kitchen and then the living room and Jemma sat down on the sofa." Her eyelids suddenly "began to droop" and her mouth started to froth before she collapsed at his student residence in Pontypridd, South Wales. He said "I rang her mother to see if she had epilepsy. She fell in and out of consciousness." After calling the emergency line Daniel was given instructions in giving CPR, but it did not revive Jemma. She was dead on arrival at the hospital and believed to have died at Daniel's home. Jemma had been studying sports science at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, with hopes to travel the world teaching English and Physical Education. He father said he believed they were "just friends" and that "Jemma was very shy and timid." She was
athletic but was apparently stressed about her upcoming exams in sports science. Her mother said her daughter was "a picture of health one minute and taken away from me the next. I am not able to put into words how much I miss her." The post-mortem examination could not find a medical reason for her death in April 2009 and she had no history of cardiac problems. Her divorced parents also criticised the ambulance response time. It took twenty-two minutes for the paramedics to come to the aid of Jemma and the service had to be alerted twice. The emergency dispatcher and crew had "underestimated the urgency to her situation." The medical report in Aberdare says the chances of surviving the SADS are very low and that is was unlikely the timing of the crew's arrival would
have had any influence on the outcome. After the hearing Jemma's father had this to say: "We were shocked and devastated that such a fit girl as Jemma should have died. She had targets in life and plenty of ambitions. She had so many friends and she’ll be sadly missed. There’s so many things I could say about her – she was a beautiful daughter and a lovely person." If you ask me, chance of survival, be it low or high, the paramedics should respond a lot quicker. Who knows, it might have made a difference.

Donald Trump For President?

It seems that the role of president has turned into a big popularity and financial show down as Donal Trump told the CPAC that he is considering running for president. It was not intended as a kick off to his campaign, but it apparently sounded like one as he promised what the United States under him as president would look like. His platform is one that makes a foreign policy to make China and OPEC pay the Americans for a change: "Even worse than China is OPEC. They are truly criminals. … I won't raise taxes because we'll be taking in hundreds of billions of dollars from other countries that are screwing us." He also promises a more materialistic American culture: "I've earned billions, which is both a scorecard and acknowledgment of my abilities." He also says that the Republican party will be a party that won't pander to Ron Paul: "I like Ron Paul and think he’s a good guy. But he's got zero chance of getting elected, I'm sorry." Last but not least he promises a moratorium on being laughed at by the rest of the world: "America is becoming the laughingstock of the world. … If I run and get elected, this country will be respected again." All I know is, Americans, if what I hear about who will be president next it is either Donald Trump or Sarah Palin.
I'd come to Canada if I were you, we're not that much better but at least we have a smarter idiot.

Activision Cans Tony Hawk Series As Well

Activision are taking their games popularity to the chopping block by canning game franchises that are not competing well with their rival games. Guitar Hero vs Rock Band was first and now Tony Hawk vs Shaun White. Tony Hawk Pro Skater paved the way for next gen skateboarding games and started off, if I am not mistaken, as a Nintendo 64. It is really sad to see Activision chopping away they're good games to focus more on already solid franchises.

That was today's blog, I hope you all have a good weekend. Here is two pictures, the limited Balls of Steel edition of Duke Nukem: Forever and the office place Jargon-o-meter.

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Guitar Hero, DJ Hero Franchises Done?, Nintendo 3DS More Powerful Than The Wii, Joystick Division's Top Ten Video Game Disappointments Of 2010, Duke Nukem Forever Screens, Orphan Showdown, Learn How To Solve Rubik's Cube With Rap

Hello everyone its Thursday night, I'm sorry I am so late. Kind of had a nap during the time I usually blog. If I had a calender book, I'd be better at time management. Any who, here is tonight's blog, right here below. See it?

Guitar Hero, DJ Hero Franchises Done?

It has been confirmed that this year's edition of Guitar Hero as well ans True Crime: Hong Kong have both been cancelled. There is no word on the future of the Guitar Hero franchise but Activion has planned to disband the companies Guitar Hero business unit. As well as this "severe layoffs" were made when FreeStyleGames was acquitted in 2008. They are the developers of DJ Hero and this franchise has also been canned. has also filed a similar report and Activision will now focus more on its Call of Duty and Blizzard businesses (mainly Star Craft and World of Warcraft. This must be the fear that they are losing money on music bands or they cannot match Rock Band. Sorry guys but I think instead of canning projects and focusing more on already successful games, you might get back on track.

Nintendo 3DS More Powerful Than The Wii

High Voltage Software, the developer of Conduit 2, has uncovered that the new 3D handheld should be more powerful than the Wii console. The small screen has a lot of power devoted to it and has superior shading and texture as HDWarriors learned. A developer of the team, Keith Hladik, said the team was able to create advanced lightning and different texture techniques easier than they could on
the Wii. Although there is a cost to doing games for the 3DS but it is easier to make games. This new handheld system uses technology which is much newer and more efficient than the Wii, which was released in 2006. Nintendo is using a new graphics core called Pico 200 and a much faster ARM
processor combo than that of the original DS. It hasn't been said how the hardware will compare to the Wii. It may need more performance because of the size of the screens, which is more than the resolution the Wii supports. Some games also have more visual detail as the 3D effect will draw the
top screen's images twice. If this is the route that is being taken for the 3D aspect, this will cause major headaches. It has been said that 3D will soon need no more glasses but the way we teach our eyes to read these images will cause major strain.

Joystick Division's Top Ten Video Game Disappointments Of 2010

I don't have opinions on most the games but I will run down their list.

10. James Bond 007: Blood Stone
9. Crackdown 2
8. Splinter Cell: Conviction
7. Medal Of Honor
6. Kane & Lynch 2
5. Disney Epic Mickey
4. Metroid: Other M
3. Dante's Inferno (Excuse me guys...)
2. Final Fantasy XIII
1. Mafia 2 (What!?)

Okay at number three they had Dante's Inferno. They didn't bash it too much. They go on about how it was supposed to be a real threat to God of War and that they didn't captivate the real literature. They also say that the game started to become repetitive. Isn't all hack and slash titles?

They're number one disappointment was Mafia 2. They didn't like it because of the faults it had in not being as good as the first one. They say its "a wannabe tough, edgy story ended up as a snooze-fest, and it offered nothing new to the sandbox genre." You guys really don't like games that
don't bring anything new to the table don't you. How about Call of Duty? Each game is the same. Mafia 2 was great, I admit it was a fast game but it was what I expected it to be. I think they captured the life in crime very well. Especially with a time period in which you are in prison. The story line was great, some parts made me sad.

Okay well that is all for today, I think as well as tomorrow's blog I may do rant on Call of Duty. Here's is a picture of Duke Nukem, which more of which can be found here. As well as too funny videos from College Humor and DeStorm

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Study Shows Online Gamers Are Not All Nerds, LG Wants PS3 Sales Banned In The United States, Says Sony Is Destined To Be In Third, Reasons Why People Who Work With Computers Seem To Have A Lot Of Spare Time, Halo 5 Reveal?, L.A. Noire Gameplay

Hello everyone, sorry if I haven't been all into blogging had some news which I found upsetting, but I do not wish to bash Google for their wrong doing. Here is today's news. Also if you haven't read it yet, here is my review of the concert I went to Sunday.

Study Shows Online Gamers Are Not All Nerds

The image of online gamers is a fat, anti-social loser whose diet consists of junk food and soda, but this is not so. An online-gaming company from Germany, Bigpoint, surveyed six-thousand users and then said that: "Gamers are sociable individuals, both online and offline. 62% of the surveyed players said they have more friends in real life. ...A total of 28% of the people met most of their friends online but have since gotten to know them in real life. Only a tenth of all gamers said that their only real friends were online gamers. Gamers also like to socialize in their free time. More than half of them — 52% in fact — meet up with their friends regularly each month. A third (34%) even see their friends on a daily basis, though most of these tend to be younger players." Although these statistics are not that impressive, from my experience online gamers are not low lives. In fact, most of the people I play World of Warcraft with have some of the most high intelligent jobs I have heard from many people.

LG Wants PS3 Sales Banned In The United States

Sony brought seven cases of patent infringement to the International Trade Commission, on December 28th, against rival cell phone manufacturer LG. Around this time the Japanese largest electronics exporter also filed a civil lawsuit against the company for their Blu-ray players. The ITC does not have the power to give out financial penalties, but what is worse for Sony, is that they can prevent the importing of devices that violate United States patents. LG went on the offensive on February 4th and claimed Sony's Bravia line of televisions infringe on four of their patents as well as the Blu-ray patents. LG also filed civil suits against Sony in California, trying to get financial reparations for "unauthorized use of their inventions." If LG wins this dispute Sony has to either pay royalties or pack up these systems and head back to Japan. The question is, is Sony had not have filed these patent lawsuits, would LG be fighting back at this time?

Pachter Says Sony Is Destined To Be In Third

Michael Pachter said this while speaking about Sony's 2011 outlook during the show Bonus Round on "Yes, I think they are destined to be in third.  Microsoft has impressed… they keep growing sales, and haven’t cut price because they keep packing more features into the box. Sony… at $299, I don’t see how they sell a lot more consoles. They need a price under 200 bucks to be competitive." He also claims that Sony refuse to keep losing money on their console sales and says "Microsoft is just toying with Sony," and will always be one step ahead of them in the price war. In the interview with Bonus Round, humorously to viewers, Pachter turned on the host Geoff
Keighley by saying: "Unfortunately, sites like GameTrailers have turned this into a fight among console makers." I understand his argument that Sony is priced higher than Microsoft but with the PS3 comes Blu-ray and WiFi, as well as free online multi player. For $300 that sounds like a deal
for me!

That's it for today, here is a picture of why people who use the computer have too much time on their hands. Also there is two videos, one of a possible Halo 5 reveal and the other of the extensive game play in L.A. Noire.

Review of Death Angel and Eluveitie At The Opera House In Toronto (06/02/11) By Wheeling Rampage Productions

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend and the first half week. I know I did, as I went to this last concert Sunday. It was a very stacked line up as two tours collided in Toronto, for a one time North American concert of this kind on these two tours. Death Angel and Eluveitie tours shared the stage at the Opera House to create one great event. The only bands who didn't play were Hexen and Early Man, maybe due to time restraints, here is a review including videos. Please remember all video footage is just for review purposes and to give those an idea of the band, all musical talent is copyrighted to the bands. This is my first review of a concert, I hope for some feedback!

Bonded By Blood

Bonded of Blood is a five-piece, thrash metal band from Pomona, California. They are signed to Earache Records and were first to play. Since I got into the venue first with my disabled charm, I was able to hear their full sound check which probably set the sound tech for the whole show. They are an alright band. I got bored with them sort of because most of their songs sounded the same, with the backing vocalists doing chants for what seemed to me as every chorus. I am not sure if it was just me but one of their vocal patterns sounded exactly like Angel of Death by Slayer. These guys were alright and you should check them out.

System Divide

System Divide is a six-piece band from Ohio. They combine the the melodic feel of the female vocalist with the extreme death vocals of the male. When they were sound checking their microphones, when Miri starting testing, I thought they were going to sound like Lacuna Coil wanna-bes. They proved me wrong very fast. While they do have a female vocalist, they can still give you that death metal feel as the male vocals are something I tried to describe as something in between hardcore and death metal. All in all this band put on an excellent performance and set me up for Eluveitie which was still a long wait away.

Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D. is a four-piece, thrash metal band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. When you first hear a band that's what sets you to continue listening. Watching music videos is a horrible way to judge a band and from my experience with this band, I prove that fact. When I first heard they were on the bill, I decided to search them up. Not knowing their genre or style as soon as the song opened with a solo I was turned off on them but they proved otherwise live. Their energy and the way the solos flowed were amazing and they were a good band to head bang to.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a five-piece power metal band from San Diego, California. They brought a lot of energy to the crowd with they're old school heavy metal vocals and feel. I don't know if it is just my experiences at concerts or the high note that power metal vocalists hit but their microphone either wasn't turned up high enough or it was just cutting out. When the lead guitarist tried to swing his guitar around him it didn't get all the way around and he had to play holding his guitar up for a while. I am glad they were able to get the strap back on him just before his solo, if he'd been able to pull off that solo without a strap I'd have given him major respect. They were really good and definitely were an amazing band.

3 Inches Of Blood

3 Inches of Blood are a five-piece self proclaimed traditional heavy metal band from British Columbia, Canada. A very well grown Canadian band if you ask me. They started off as a hardcore style group, but in losing most of their members they recollected themselves as a death metal act. With the singing style of Cam Pipes you get the feel of a power metal vocalist along with the backing death vocals of Justin Hagberg. They did a really good job and the crowd showed so, being they are Canadian. They played the classics Deadly Sinners and Goatrider's Horde as well as a new song that is probably off their new album. They were also ever so kind as to, since we were all Canadian, do a cover of Rush. Which was pretty good.

 Death Angel

It has been three or four years since I have wanted to see Death Angel live and as it so happened with this double tour package, I would be able to see them. They are a five-piece thrash metal band from Bay Area, California and were formed all the way back in the early 80s. They played a really good set. Their solos are always amazing and they always like to put their own style into thrash which is admirable. I admit they didn't play some of my favourites like Devil's Incarnate but they did play Bored and almost got away with not playing Thrown To The Wolves but to my surprise played it last. What is really interesting to note was during Bored, before the end solo, they switched to Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath and I have to say Mark did Ronnie James proud. These guys did excellent and I am glad they were able to double tour with Eluveitie for this date.


Here's the moment me and my fellow folk metal lovers were here for. Eluveitie the eight-piece traditional folk metal band from Switzerland. Blending metal with such instruments as hurdy-gurdy, violin, bagpipes, flutes and lutes, Eluveitie brings you death metal with a side of old folk style music. They played a very good set, I didn't get good footage because people were sitting on the bar but they were incredible. They played new song like Nil, Kingdom Come Undone, and Do(Minion) and as well as went as early as the Spirit album and played songs like the obvious Your Gaulish War and Tegernako but they surprised me with the likes of Uis Elveti, and The Song Of Life. During Thousandfold they let a predetermined audience member play the guitar. Anna taught the crowd the chorus of Slania's Song, but not to brag I didn't need any lesson and also sang Omnos and Brictom. I am still waiting for when they'll start playing Dessumiis Luge live as I'd rather that then Brictom or even Omnos. All in all it was an amazing set and definitely beats their performance a year ago with Alestorm.