Thursday, May 31, 2012

Battle of the bands competition type thing

EDIT: Just to be clear, this isn't a show. Its just a voting competition. Please read everything!

As you can see by the title, I’m holding a competition. It will be an elimination style thing, two bands will be polled together and the band with more votes moves on. I am thinking we do one poll a week, that way bands have a chance to accumulate votes. If you look above you can see letters. I am sure you are aware of how that works:

A vs B, C vs D, the winner of each of those goes on to the next round

Week 1 – A vs B
Week 2 – C vs D
Week 3 – E vs F
Week 4 – G vs H
And so on

I am thinking the prizes will be as follows and will be sent out via PayPal at the end:

First place - $100
Second place - $75
Third place - $50

I have thought about how I am going to figure out a third place winner. The two losers from Round 2 will be voted against each other.

Now for the bands, I’m not going to pick favourites. So there is going to be nomination period, in the poll below. Please comment this post with your band to that so I know you to add you. All bands commented by Monday the 4th will be entered. I will leave the votes going for a few weeks, to be fair. The top eight voted bands are in for the prizes to compete.

To make the pairing unbiased and fair, I am going to randomize the bands and who ever gets matched is how it goes.

So get your nomination votes, I will give you until the morning of 25th of June. The eight to compete will be placed onto the thing above and the rounds will begin! You can pick more than one nominee as I am sure you have more than one favourite band you will want in this.


  1. Esoteric Doctrine!

  2. Dead 3 Days would love to compete!

  3. Left Hand Creation

  4. Esoteric Doctrine!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Accursed Spawn

  6. esoteric days of vesperia by the left hand creation of an soul auction devokes a farren region and among the echoes of besegra theres an accursed spawn preforming a pagan ritual

  7. Dead 3 Days!!!


  9. Left hand creation and dead 3 days kicked ASS the other night! Can I vote for 2 bands??


    1. Adrenechrome..awesome

  11. Why so many Adrenechrome comments? xD