Want to advertise on the blog?

Seeing the amount of views I get monthly (3000+) I have decided I will start advertising for those who will pay for it. The money will go towards a the blog via upcoming band tournaments and other contests I can plan, because it is all coming out of my pocket at this point. To make it fair so each level is special there will be a limitation to how many spots there will be, Bronze has ten, Silver has five, Gold has one.

I didn't really explain very well in the picture so I'll just run through which level gets you again. Bronze ($5/monthly or $10/three months) will get you advertising on the banner at the top of the page, I'll add your logo, a little information about your business/band, and your links. On top of that, Silver ($15/monthly or $50/three months) will also get your advertisement on both side bars. For Gold ($35/monthly or $75/three months), you will get both levels of advertising as well as a longer version of your business/band plus any new things you have come up at the top of every post. 

Info needed so I know what to post:
  • name
  • logo
  • information

I'll only accept money through PayPal since it is most likely the easiest way to go. For any inquiries or questions email: wheelinrampage@hotmail.com.


Three Month Advertising

Bronze Sponsors 10 spots
Silver Sponsors 5 spots left
Gold Sponsor 1 spot left