Sunday, May 15, 2011

How To Build A X-Wing Fighter From Office Supplies, Bad Drunk Flowchart, Mario Made With Math Functions, How Corporations Dodge Taxes, Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Spider Webs, Amazing Super Mario Mix On DDR And Accompanied Violin By One Girl, Starts With V: Paintball Machine, FlippyCat: Nyan Cat, Don’t Do It In The Park

Today will be another lazy blog, but at least it is a blog right? I watched the finals of the TSL3 from TeamLiquid today and I wish Naniwa won it but Thorzain was able to take the victory and the $15 000 top prize. Here is today’s blog!

How To Build A X-Wing Fighter From Office Supplies has come out with an awesome how to guide for making the X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars out of office supplies. I’m going to run through the steps for you to make it!

Step One - You Will Need:


1 chisel sharpie
4 pen lids
1 small pencil sharpener
4 2" brass fasteners
2 medium binder clips
2 large binder clips
1 defunct memory chip or similar
1 strip of staples (not pictured)
epoxy or hot glue (hot glue works a LOT better)
poster putty

Step Two – Wing Base:

Glue the memory chip under the clip of the sharpie. You don't actually need to use glue as the binder clips will hold it in place, but I highly recommend it for structural stability.

Step Three – Wings:

Remove the legs of the binder clips. Replace the legs of the medium clips with the legs of the large clips. This takes a bit of force but it can be done!

Step Four – Wing Assembly:

Clip the medium binder clips to the memory card. Use some glue here too if you like to prevent future wobbling. Glue the pencil sharpener in place for the cockpit.

Step Five – Thrusters:

Beginning with the underside, glue the pen lids in place for thrusters (I suppose you could use tape, but glue looks a lot nicer). Glue two of the fasteners on the bottom wings for cannons. Tape will hold them in place while the glue dries.

Step Six – Finishing Steps:

Glue the top two thrusters on. This is the fiddliest bit as they don't have anything to rest against. A little blob of poster putty will be your good friend here. Glue on the top two cannons, and glue a strip of staples behind the cockpit to give more body. You are done - unless you can think of some way to add an R2 unit. You can also use one of the discarded large binder bodies as a display stand.

Below is the finished product. Now get back to work you slackers!


That’s it for today but down below we have three interesting images. One is a flow chart of a bad drunk at a party. Second is Mario made with math functions on a calculator and the functions are also in the picture if you would like to try it yourself. The last image is an informative image of how big corporations dodge taxes. For videos we have a funny advertisement for the Canadian Wildlife about the effect of drugs and alcohol on the creation of spider webs. The second video I have for you is an awesome video of a girl playing the Super Mario Mix on Dance Dance Revolution and also plays violins at the same time. Next we have an awesome video in which some people from Starts With V using paintball guns to create an amazing piece of graffiti. Second last video is a new FlippyCat domino creation as he remakes the “Nyan Cat” meme. The last video I have for you is a hilarious video of park security getting extremely angry at some snowboarders. If I was the guys, I would have sent this into the town and try to expose the security man of extreme inappropriate language.

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