Monday, May 16, 2011

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Hello everyone, today is Monday, May 16th. I hope you had a good day back to whatever Monday through Friday thing you do. Some personal news, I started a YouTube channel with a few of my friends where we will be doing many different nerdy things. These things will mostly be game walkthroughs and reviews but as we grow bigger, I am sure we will grow larger. Our YouTube channel is called Band Of Nerdz and I also created a BlogSpot for updates on the group. The first game I will be showing is L.A. Noire as it comes out tomorrow. Anyway, that’s it for news from me, now for your daily news!

Killed Man’s Family Sues Jacuzzi’s Bahamian Resort

John Van Hoy Jr, who was thirty-three years old, and his family went to the Bahamian resort Sandals Royal. This is where the man died via whirlpool suction drain. The man dunked himself into the water and was caught by the suction drain and he couldn’t free himself. Nicole Cleaveland jumped into the pool to try and rescue him but it was of no use. The lawsuit says she tried to get help from the resorts employees, but they all ignored her and walked away. By this time many guests tried to help the man, but all attempts were declined. There was also no button for an emergency shut-off system nearby. One of the guests were able to free him from the drain but it was too late, as the ambulance took forty-five to arrive on site and the resort had no one on staff who was willing to perform the needed CPR. He was pronounced dead and then the body was taken to hospital. The complaint alleges that after the death, the phone was removed from their family suite and that Nicole was also interrogated by the hotel employees who tried to get her to admit that she or her husband were responsible for the death. That is sickening if you ask me. What employee would push you to admit it was their fault face to face after the death of your husband. Although, it may be his fault for getting stuck to the suction, the resort should be held responsible for ignoring the situation. The family is now suing Sandals Royal, the American-based marketing firm, as well as the companies that built or supplied the parts for the whirlpool.

No outro paragraph tonight, viewers. Here it our concluding images and videos. I apologize, I just want to post this before I fall asleep.

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