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Detsorgsekalf Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band name?

We are called Detsorgsekalf pronounced Det Sorg Say Kelf

What is the origin of this name?

The name came from my amazing ability to read things backwards and our guitar player to think she knows Swedish I was feasting on the ice cold frostedflakes and boom put it backwards but then Mörksjäl thought she knew Swedish added dots over some letters and apparently its suppose to say "That sorrowful century " but it just says " That Sorrow " the rest is jiberish

Who is in the band and what instrument do they play?

There are a few key members then members who exist in the background. Here is the line up you see performing live:

Balfabar Nosugref : Wrectched Schreching while wearing fucking clown shoes
Hellratchet : Bastard cousin to hellhammer and that mother fucker can shred
Mörksjäl : We think she is a she we have yet to get confirmation but those blood tests won't lie she is a leaper who can play guitar and that right there is impressivie on its own
Niloc The Opnipiant: Extreme wise man in everything music related. The guy is even awesome at Glee music trivia, granted that's not awesome for black metal but who knows when we are gonna need such a thing its good to know that the information is there for us if we are ever put in a life or death suitation
Necrotr0n the Digitizer of Man: Built by Varg Vickers in the year 2055 in a Norwegian prison he is sent back in time to show people what black metal again, apparently it died in 2037 in a war against Miles Davies and General Samoth

Other key members of the band but not really in the band:

Adrian Bromley (RIP our fallen brother we will rock in Valhalla one day with you again)
Zyxx Zyxxx Zyxxxx The Horn Throwing Champion of Capathia
Grappie the Retarded Muppet

What genre would you consider your band?

Japanese Black metal country jazz techno fusion pop rap

As a parody band what kind of lyrics does that band create? Who writes the bands lyrics?

I consult a Russian African witch doctor who plays an impaled cover band he teaches me the ways of tr00 brutality. But in all seriousness its just a pretty much tales we hear and over emphasize but ABBA is a concept album and that war between us and Norway and the glowing squerial army that happened I'm super serial.

Is there a meaning for the song "In The Blood Of A Thousand Virgins Rises Chevy Chase"?

We figured he hasn't been in movies in a while and what else do you do to resurrect people? Virginal sacrifices of course. Granted we ended up with some sort of zombie in a lab coat but in a few years after the song came out we saw Chevy in hot tub time machine so I think it worked I can't say for sure. I am forbidden to go 100 miles infront of his estate.

Are you under a record label? Do you own said label?

My personal label will be distributing the album, we haven't signed anything to say Dets is apart of the Northern Storm family. You know we got twp of us who are already related by blood you know necrotron the digitizer of man and grapy the retarded muppet.

What venues have you performed at? Which is your favourite?

Man there have been some amazing places:

The Opera House
The Vatikan (you know where the pope lives I just cant spell it)
The Hammersmith
Live from my mom's basement
Club Rocket
Club Cock Rocket
Young and Dundas
In some oriental family's living room man they would not stop screaming

What has been the biggest challenge as a band?

Going through all the hate mail man. There are tons of it but we know they are in the closet for there love for us.

Is there anything besides Detsorgsekalf that you are proud of doing in the metal community? You seem to go to many of the large festivals around the world, is it fun being able to meet so many different musicians?
For me, personally, I work every day to try and build a career around metal. I ran a radio show for six years, I do band photography, I run a label. Now I'm working my ass off to get a TICO number which will allow me to be a travel agent to become the first ever heavy metal travel agent.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spotlight: Hangover 2 (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifiankis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Paul Giamati, Mason Lee)

Hello everyone, I am sorry I haven’t been post much news as of late. I did however see the new Hangover 2 last night and I enjoyed it. So I thought I’d get my review up now, before I forgot to do it, so here it is!

This movie is the sequel to the first Hangover which came out in two years ago. Todd Phillips directed this movie and it was produced and distributed by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Studios respectively. I must say, for a sequel this movie is not bad at all.

The movie has the same stars as the first film, but for those of you who haven’t seen the first. The main four men in this film are named Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug. Their actors are Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers, A-Team, Limitless), Ed Helms (The Office, The Daily Show, Semi Pro), Zach Galifianakis (Dinner for Schmucks, Due Date, Youth In Revolt), Justin Bartha (Gigli, Failure To Launch, Nation Treasure) respectively. Returning for his role as Leslie Chow is Ken Jeong (Knocked Up, Role Models, Despicable Me). Paul Giamatti (Man On The Moon, Saving Private Ryan, Sideways, Cinderella Man, Shoot ‘Em Up) is also in this movie as one of Ken Jeong’s business partner, no spoiler alerts here. Also Jamie Chung (Princess Protection Program, Sorority Row, Grown Ups, Sucker Punch) plays Lauren, who is Stu’s fiancée, and Mason Lee (in his first major role) plays her brother Teddy. Mike Tyson also returns in the sequel.

Like the first film, the guys are getting ready for one of their weddings. This time it is Stu who is getting married to his fiancée, Lauren. The wedding is to take place in Thailand, because this is where Lauren’s family is from. The first scene is Phil calling to say they messed up again but the movie then cuts to a week before. At first Stu wanted a safe bachelor party, so he decided against going all out and opted to just have breakfast at iHop. Phil doesn’t like this idea and later convinces him they will have a true bachelor party, drug free, when they get there. This however is before they found out that Doug is begging them to bring Alan along again. Although Stu doesn’t want them to take Alan, he finally gives in. All is well other then Alan interrupting a toast at a pre-wedding dinner, although Phil quickly fixes the situation. The four guys go have a fire and one beer and marshmallow, but bring along Lauren’s brother Teddy. This is when we switch scenes to a dirty apartment and they’re not sure what happened to bring them there. Stu has a tattoo, they find Teddy’s finger, and they also find a monkey and their, apparently now acquaintance, Chow. This is where their journey begins.

This movie is really funny when you understand what you are going into. If you have seen the first Hangover, then you already know that the Wolf Pack will be up to some sort of shenanigans. I do not understand why people did not like this movie. I have seen negative reviews and also one person who didn’t like the fact that they used racial slurs in the films. The monkey that is in Night At The Museum is in this film and PETA, of course, did not like the use of the animal for entertainment use. What about all those movies with the sports playing dogs? Would that also be entertainment, since it is a movie? Many reviewers, including Rotten Tomatoes, have said that this sequel is basically like the first one, just in a different setting and without the element of surprise. This movie made me laugh and I think that they did good, sine most sequels are not as good as their originals. They tried to step higher on the obscene scale and they were able to pull it off. Of course this movie is not for all audiences, but that goes for every film. Everyone has different interests and just because it doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean you should try anyway possible to be negative about it.

Now that my small rant is over, I suggest you see this movie if you liked the first one. The second one will be good if you understand the comedy behind the actors and the writers. Todd Phillips also stated that they are planning on filming a third movie. I give this movie a five out of five and I don’t care if you don’t agree!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pokémon Products You Probably Didn’t Know Existed, White People Feel They Are More Discriminated Against Than Blacks… Apparently, Mario And Lugi Art Made From Soda Boxes, 500 000 iOS Apps Statistics, History Of Networks, Epic Meal Time - Ninja Turtle Soup, BrettTheIntern: Charlie Sheen PSA, Chewbacca and an Ewok Dance To Guns’N’Roses At Disney's Star Wars Weekends 2011, Lucky To Be Alive, Working HK UMP 45 Made With Lego, Mr. Ghetto "New Orleans Bounce " - Walmart

Hello everyone, I finally have four hours of L.A. Noire footage up on YouTube you can view them in order here. That is also why this is a little later then I wanted it to be. Here is today’s news.

Pokémon Products You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Pokémon is widely known and probably took up most of us ‘90s babies’ childhood. What you probably didn’t know is that with the huge success in the television series as well as the video games, also brought many other products that were based on the series. I am going to run down the list and show you pictures of them as well.

The Pokébra came out for women as an actual bra. They were designed to look like Pokéballs. I am sure that these bras were for the older fans of the series, I hope. I read the details on them and they were made using acrylic paint with a textile medium. It is also noted that these bras are more on the novelty side and should not be worn on a regular basis.

The Japanese airline by the name of All Nippon Airways, fly promotional jets that have Pokémon painted on the exterior. The interior is also decorated with the theme of Pokémon as well. There is also an official website for these Jets, you can see them here. I do not know if the jets are still flying but the last time that they have listed was November of 2002. These planes flew from Tokyo to either Bangkok, Frankfurt, or Paris. These would have been fun to fly on!

I don’t really like the material of these berets but it is awesome that they are designed to look like Pokéballs. There isn’t much to say about this but I guess if you really like Pokémon these would be awesome to wear.

These awesome shoes would be any kids dream to wear, if they grew up loving Pokémon. Who cares about shoes that light up when you take a step. These have freaking Pikachu on them! It is also cool that Nike was making these and I wonder if they did any other Pokémon or if they just did Pikachu. Either way these are one of the coolest shoes I have ever seen, just under the Star Wars themed ones I have seen.

This awesome case for your iPhone is in the form of a Pokédex. It would be an awesome cover for anyone who wanted to still feel like a Pokémon master. The fact that this case is for iPhones makes it even more cooler because even though you have a Pokédex covering, it is still an iPhone!

There isn’t anything weird about these because boxers come in many different designs and logos. It is funny though that a pick up line in these could be, “Hey, want to see my Pokéballs?” The only place to really get these anymore would be eBay, but who buys used boxers. That’s dirty!

What motivation to be the best that no one ever was then to have the Kanto badges. It would be awesome to give these badges to people to give to the best fighter at different gyms. Then you would have to fight them in order to get your badges back. That would be awesome if you ask me!

This car is awesome! I wish I could drive it around! It would be awesome to have this car and then turn it into a taxi. You would pick up so many people just because they would want to ride around in it. I bet you would get nice tips as well!

These hoodies look awesome and I have seen them in many different species of Pokémon. This Charmander hoodie is probably the best one I have seen, other then Pikachu. Although it seems Charmander looks better on guys and Pikachu looks better on girls.

There is only one word to describe this shoe. Although this shoe is made for women, with that big of a height, that word is unbelievable. This shoe is the most awesome thing I have ever seen. It is yellow, and the Game Boy Colour, and a Pikachu built into the heel. It would be even cooler if the shoe charged the Game Boy while it was docked there!

White People Feel They Are More Discriminated Against Than Blacks… Apparently

A new study conducted by sociologists from Harvard and Tufts universities shows that white Americans feel they are more discriminated against than blacks. The sociologists asked 209 white and 208 black men and women to rate racism against both of the ethnic groups, since the 1950s, on a scale of one to ten. Results would show that both of the ethnic groups saw anti-black racism decrease over the decades. Whites saw the relations as a “zero sum game” which they were losing because the blacks “gained” the advantage. The results were published in a journal called “Perspectives on Psychological Science” and are as follows. On average, blacks saw that anti-white bias was rising slightly from 1.4 during the ‘50s to the present 1.8. Blacks also saw that the racism against themselves declined quite heavily from 9.7 in the ‘50s to 6.1 during the ‘90s. The white side of this study shows a different picture. During the turn of the century, going into the 2000s, eleven per cent of whites gave anti-white bias of the highest rating, ten out of ten. This being compared with only two per cent of the whites, who did so for anti-black bias. The  whites also believe discrimination against them has increased from 1.8 in the 50’s to 4.7 during the 2000s. All of the surveyed people were asked this: “Indicate how much you think blacks/whites were/are the victims of discrimination in the United States in each of the following decades.” Researchers Michael Norton and Samuel Sommers responded to the results saying that despite the predictions that Obama’s election in 2008 would have created a “post racial” America, it has not happened. They finished off their study by stating: “'A flurry of legal and cultural disputes over the past decade has revealed a new race-related controversy gaining traction: an emerging belief in anti-white prejudice. Whites believe...the pendulum has now swung beyond equality in the direction of anti-white discrimination. Whites think more progress has been made toward equality than do blacks, but whites also now believe that this progress is linked to a new inequality—at their expense.” The researchers looked at many studies and have come to the conclusion that white people tend to see any focus on an ethnic minority group as an “attack” on white values.

Since I am exhausted and don’t want to write a description for each of these videos and pictures just look for yourself. I had three hours sleep last night so cut me some slack!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church Raises $50 000 For Gay Rights… Sort Of, Mother Cuts Her Children’s Throat Then Her Own Because Of The Doomsday Prophecy, Student Charged For Jacking Off In Passed Out Friend’s Mouth, Spider Trees In Pakistan, PlayStation Network Downage Cost, Meme Rise And Fall, TheGameStation: Pac Attack Trailer, FPSRussia: The 40mm Machine Gun, Video Of The Rapture And Reactions, RoosterTeeth: Doomsday - Friday Parody

Hello everyone, it is Monday. I hope all of you fellow Canadians had a fantastic May 24 weekend and spent Victoria Day well. By well, I mean you all got drunk because apparently that’s what we do to celebrate Victoria Day. I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean move and I wrote a review, you should check it out. Now for today’s news.

Westboro Baptist Church Raises $50 000 For Gay Rights… Sort Of

The dumb Westboro Baptist Church finally contributed to humankind in a positive manner and because of their protest at Lisa Lampanelli’s comedy act in Topeka, Kansas they donated $50 000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Lampanelli is donating $1 000 to the crisis for every member of the Westboro Baptist Church that showed up to protest. She made this promise via Twitter last week when she tweeted: “Hey guys! For every WBC protester who shows, $1 000 donation will be made in their name to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis! Making lemonade . .” The original protest attendance is reportedly fourty-eight but she decided to round up. “Ends up it’s $50 000. The inbreds said 48 showed up, so I made it an even 50.”

Mother Cuts Her Children’s Throat Then Her Own Because Of The Doomsday Prophecy

Just a short article and it is about a mother who should not have been a mother. Harold Camping made many believers worried as he said the world would end two days ago. He said that the world would end exactly seven thousand years after Noah’s flood and that his followers would ascend to the heavens at six o’clock in the evening. One woman who believed Camping’s theory took it a little far and did the extreme. She killed her two daughters, by slitting their wrists and throats with a box cutter, and then slit her own throat. This is insane and I cannot that people would go this far over a conspiracy theory.

Student Charged For Jacking Off In Passed Out Friend’s Mouth

A student at Baylor in Waco, Texas by the named of Robert Cole has seen better days. The twenty year old and his female friend were both very intoxicated and they went to a party. They proceeded in getting even drunker and then she felt horrible and Cole brought her to a bedroom. Cole decided it would be funny to wack it in her mouth while she was passed out. He then told her and friend about it the next day because he thought she would find it funny. Too bad for him she did not and then she called the police on him. After the arrest warrant was issued, Cole turned himself in and he is now charged with sexual assault. I wonder if Cole wrote a note to self labeled: Do Not Tell Girls About Funny Sexual Acts.

Spider Trees In Pakistan

In the Sindh region of Pakistan in July of 2010, there was a horrible flooding. The water has not receded and there has been a mass of mosquitoes around the new area of water. Many spiders have wrapped trees in their webbing so they could catch them as food. This is also good for the villagers because of the decreased population of mosquito and that means a reduction in the spread of malaria and other diseases. Below is a few pictures of the trees covers in webs.


That’s it for today. For informative pictures, we have two, as we take a look at how much Sony actually lost because of the PlayStation Network downage. Then we look at how memes go from rise to fall. For videos we have the newest trailer made by TheGameStation and this time Pac Man takes over a city. Next is the newest FPSRussia video as he takes control of a 40mm machine gun. Next is reactions to The Rapture and then we have a parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday with RoosterTeeth’s version called Doomsday.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spotlight: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Geoffrey Ruse, Keith Richards, Ian McShane)

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is the fourth video in the series.  It was directed by Rob Marshall and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. A few actors reprised their roles in the film, mainly Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Ruse as Barbossa, Kevin McNally as Gibbs, and Keith Richards as Captain Teague. Penélope Cruz plays Angelica who is a former love interest of Sparrow. She is also first mate and daughter of Blackbeard, who is played by Ian McShane. King George II is played by Richard Griffiths. Sam Clafin plays Philip Swift who is a stalwart missionary and Ástrid Berges-Frisbey plays the main mermaid in the movie. Stephen Graham is also in this movie, playing Scrum who is a pirate who serves on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship.

Now, I will try to sum up the movie as best I can without giving away too much. Jack Sparrow goes to London to find out who is impersonating him. This impersonator is recruiting people to search for the Fountain of Youth. In his travels he meets up with his friend Gibbs and then Sparrow frees him. While trying to escape they get led into a trap and are taken to King George II. He wants Sparrow to help him find the Fountain before the Spanish does. Sparrow also finds out that Barbossa is leading the expedition, also that he had lost the Black Pearl and his leg. When Jack escapes he is found by his father and he warns him about the tests the Fountain has. He also finds his former lover, Angelica, who is the daughter of Blackbeard. Who are also on the hunt for the Fountain. Angelica reveals that the Fountain’s water must be drunk from chalices that belonged to Juan Ponce de León, and that one chalice must contain a mermaid’s tear. Who ever drinks the Fountain’s water with the tear will absorb the remaining years of the other. The hunt and quest of our crews’ want for more life begins here!

On Stranger Tides is probably my second favourite film in the series, behind At World’s End. Although I say that, I do not mean that anything is wrong with this movie. Everything this movie delivered was superb and it made for a very good movie. I am also happy that, if I am correct, Zack Efron is not in this movie. I remember a while back that there was talk of him being in the movie. The stunts in this movie are awesome and give the view some interesting fights. A Pirates of the Caribbean movie would not be one without Jack Sparrow’s comedic intelligence and it makes for some funny times. Many have mixed reviews of this movie, but I think that it was very well done. Some say it had a disjointed plot but I was able to follow it. Although Jack Sparrow tends to switch alliances very quickly, this is a film about pirates after all! I give this movie a 5 out of 5. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Macho Man Randy Savage Died Yesterday, Fifteen Aborted Apocalypses, Top Ten Disturbing Parts In Video Games, Bunny Bombed, Americans Can’t Hold Down Jobs, Evolution Of Attitudes In Interracial Marriages, Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!, Rémi Gaillard: Poker, Flippy Cat: Real Life Angry Birds - Domino Theme Walkthrough, RoosterTeeth: Rage Quit – Brink, C3-PO Raps On Star Tours, Death By Mentos

Hello everyone, I will have a Pirate of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides review up tomorrow. Here is today's news.

Macho Man Randy Savage Died Yesterday

It is a sad time for wrestling fans, old and new, as one of the legends, Macho Man Randy Savage, has died yesterday as a result of a car accident in Tampa, Florida. Lanny Poffo, his brother, spoke with TMZ and told them that Randy had a heart attack while driving at about 9:25 this morning, thus losing control of the vehicle. It is unfortunate that he had just celebrated his one-year anniversary with his new wife Lynn, he was also fifty-eight. In 1985, in the WWF, Macho Man began his wrestling career and was made popular with his catchphrase “Ooooooh Yeaaaahhhh.” He was eventually the spokesperson for Slim Jim and then started being shown in their commercials. It is being said by the Florida Highway Patrol that Savage was driving in a 2009 Jeep Wrangler, drove across a concrete median, through the oncoming traffic, and then ended by colliding head-on with a tree. He was transported to the Largo hospital and they pronounced him dead because of the injuries he had. Lynn, Savage’s wife was also in the jeep during the crash, but she has survived with “minor injuries.” Apparently she was taken to a different hospital in the area to be treated. Officials are saying that the couple were wearing seatbelts at the time and also that alcohol was not a factor in this accident.

Fifteen Aborted Apocalypses

Well today is apparently the end of the world, but how many false apocalypses have we supposed to have died from? has an article explaining fifteen of these pathetic aborted apocalypses.

1000 A.D. – This was of course one of the original false apocalypses. Change is something people do not like and since this was the first time the year was a four digit number. The Apocrypha predicted that the year 1000 would be the year that Christ would return to earth and the world would be destroyed. This lead many people to go crazy, steal, and flee to safer grounds. When it was deemed safe to go home they did.
1843-1844 – Known as “The Great Disappointment,” a Baptist preacher by the name of William Miller, along with his strong following, was saying Christ was going to return to Earth and the fires of hell would consume us. It seems like we are making a pattern of stupid people saying Christ would return and kill us all.
1873 - ? – Jehovah’s Witnesses are really annoying, especially when they knock on our doors and try to convert us. Would you believe me if I told you they have predicted many times since 1873 that there would be a culmination of our planetary existence?
1898 – The War of the Worlds was supposed to happen in 1898 because it was mentioned in the novel by H.G. Wells. It was then narrated on the radio in 1938 by Orson Welles. It was also turned into a movie in 2005, in which Tom Cruise made the adaptation.
1910 – Halley’s Comet was first observed centuries before Christ, but the comet has come back many times and it claimed to be the “galaxy’s number on bully.” What makes 1910 so specific with this comet, is the fact that it passed so close that an astronomer issued warnings to the public. Some warnings talked about doom to the whole planet, in which scared people.
1919 – An American meteorologist, named Albert Porta, had announced that six planets would “cause a magnetic current that would pierce the sun, cause great explosions of flaming gas and eventually engulf the earth.”
1951 – An alien spacecraft landed on the President’s Park in Washington DC, in the summer of 1951. A human, who looked much like the actor Michael Rennie, named Klaatu came to warn us Earth-dwellers tat we better kept to ourselves. We never listened to him, so he shut down the electric power on our planet. We then agreed to his warnings.
1982 – Pat Robertson claimed that the world would end sometime during this year and he made this claim in 1976. Unfortunately for him he lived to run for president six years after 1982. I wouldn’t vote for a man who thought the world was going to come to an end!
1988 – Edgar Whisenant had eighty-eight reasons why the Rapture would happen in ’88. He even wrote a book on it, but too bad every reason he wrote was wrong. These wrongful theories continued, in is several books related to the Rapture. The original book sold almost five million copies.
1997 – When pictures of Comet Halle-Bopp circled in ’97 it proved that there was something behind it. Police discovered bodies of thirty-nine members of Heaven’s Gate based in San Diego, on March 26th, 1997. The victims were from a mass suicide because they thought the UFO was going to take them.
1999 – Nostradamus, or “Captain Vague” as MaxPC calls him, was a bit of a fortune teller and as all human beings, he wasn’t always correct. He predicted that a “King of Terror” would mess up in 1999.
December 31, 1999 – Y2K was something that everyone will remember. As the new millennium is coming, will our computer be able to handle it? There was talk of power failures worldwide, rampade laptops, and airplanes dropping from the sky. It was a day when everyone went out and bought Norton, which is now a crap anti-virus, and installed it the night before in case of massive malware.
June 6, 2006 – 666, the number of the beast, was also a day where all the Christians and people who want to raise attention and startle people made a big deal out of the satanic number. It’s humorous to note that the next day, a big meteorite fell and smashed into Norway.
December 21, 2012 – Mayans have predicted that since their “long count” calendar ends on this day that the world is going to come to an end. I just think it will be like the 1997 UFO incident and there will just be a large scale mass suicide.
2030 – 2050 – Apparently during this time period The Singularity will happen, when technology surpasses humans. It seems like this last apocalypse idea is the only one that sounds reasonable!

Top Ten Disturbing Parts In Video Games has a list of what they think is the top ten most disturbing parts from video games. Let’s just get to that list so I can go to bed!

10. Pamela’s Father – Okay, so apparently by disturbing they actually do mean disturbing. If you don’t care to watch, the scene of Pamela and her father rejoicing with a hug may be looked as something way more disgusting. This is only because Nintendo 64 games were not very well developed. Games always have those issues, Majora’s Mask is just one of them.

9. Department Store Abberations – In this eerie clip it takes you into the game Condemned as wherever you go in this room these mannequins appear closer and closer. It does get quite scary, I feel creeped out just watching it.

8. Psycho Mantis – In this video, it shows you the most weirdest boss battle in Metal Gear Sold 1. You fight Psycho Mantis and it is very disturbing because he says something which comes from your memory card like, “You like thrills… you like Castlevania, don’t you?” You also have to switch the controller ports to beat him correctly. It does make for a very trippy experience.

7. Break That Puppy’s Neck – In this audiotape in the gameplay of BioShock, Doctor Suchong makes one of his test subjects break a puppy’s neck.

6. Caught In The Act – In this intro sequence of Max Payne as you search your house, it has been broken into and you look around. As you go upstairs, you here Michelle being killed. You cannot help them no matter what you try and your kids are dead as well.

5. No Russian – In this level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you are undercover finding out intel on the Russians. You are in an elevator with a bunch of Russians and the leader says, “Remember, no Russian.” The elevator doors open and you are at airport security when you then go on a rampage and kill everyone.

4. The Revelation of Lisa Trevor – This video is ten minutes long, I have not played it. You can see what’s so disturbing about it yourselves. It is Resident Evil so it is bound to be something. It is apparently Lisa Trevor, the first victim of the Type B virus.

3. Tranquility Lane – This is one of the weird parts in Fallout 3. You aren’t meant to do anything messed up in this part of the game but you are able to. It is testing you are under and if you do it right it may help with the plot line. You are able to make a child cry and to hurt him. You can tell him that his parents are getting a divorce and you can also kill them. You can do many menacing things here.

2. The Effects of Insanity – This game seems weird, you have to go throw many different booby traps. This game probably has more plot to it but I have not played it.

Pyramid Head Rapes The Mannequins – Well, I believe the title says it all… Enjoy!

Well, goodnight everyone. I am to lazy to list what is below. I am extremely tired and just want to get this posted for you all!

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Duke Nudem: An Adult Alien Shooter, Real Cost Of Social Media, Dead Island: 'Tragedy Hits Paradise' Trailer, Minecraft: Portalcraft Mod Spotlight, NicePeter: Napoleon VS Napoleon - Epic Rap Battles Of History #9, Darth Vader And Yoda Recording For TomTom GPS, WheezyWaiter: A Conversation With Yesterday's Comments

Hello everyone, today all I have for you is video because I have been too busy editing and uploading my gameplay footage of L.A. Noire for the Band of Nerdz YouTube channel. So, as a result the first video I have for you is the first video in my L.A. Noire walkthrough. I even annotated it for easy navigation through the playlist. Before you watch that, though, please finish reading and watching today’s blog. There is one link I would like to show you, if you are of age for not-safe-for-work material. The guys at Gearbox have teamed up with the BoobTube website in Europe to bring you an adult themed, flash game, in which you play against a computer. If you win rounds real girls are shown stripping. I have not beaten it because of the massive lag I have been having today, but the girls look highly attractive! You can play the game here. Now, I have one image for you today which is the statistics of the economy side of the social media scene. I have many videos for you today and first is a new trailer for the game Dead Island as it shows how vacation goers died from the outbreak. The second video I have for you is the Yogscast playing a mod on Minecraft, which plays as if you are playing Portal. How the creator of this mod was able to pull it off in beyond me, I feel exactly like the Yogscast did when watching the video. Next is a new Epic Rap Battles of History by NicePeter, as this time around Napoleon battles Napoleon (Dynamite)! The following two videos are from TomTom GPS and are the humorous, behind the scenes clips of Darth Vader and Yoda laying down their parts for their language types on the GPS units. Last we have a funny video from WheezyWaiter, as he creates a very well made video out of comments from one of his previous videos.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House Searches No Long Need Warrants To Be Executed, In-N-Out Burger Opening Brings All The Fat Texans To The Yard, Epic Meal Time: Candy BBQ, I'm A Climate Scientist Rap, The Great Fan Escape At Astros Game On May 13, 2011

Hello everyone, this is a little later than I hoped to post it but at least it is still up. I don’t know why my Water For Elephants review has so many views, but whoever is viewing it should start reading my Thor review instead. It needs some love too! I posted a review for the game L.A. Noire as it came out today and you can read it here on the Band Of Nerdz blog. I also have four hours of gaming footage yet to be uploaded to YouTube, so subscribe to the Band Of Nerdz Youtube Channel as well. Now for today’s news!

House Searches No Long Need Warrants To Be Executed

Police now do not need a search warrant in order to look around a suspicious person’s house, as the Supreme Court has rules so under 8-1. The decision was made yesterday to settle the confusion of what “exigent circumstances” allowed warrantless entry and searches into and on households. This has been decided because when one policeman banged on a suspect’s door without a warrant, they still crash through on the idea that the home owner could possibly be destroying evidence in the crimes they have committed. It was settled in a court hearing that the police could have gotten a warrant before knocking in the first place. This happened in 2005, when in Lexington, Kentucky there was a crack-cocaine sting operation. The informant purchased the cocaine from a suspect outside an apartment complex and when the suspect walked through a complex breezeway, the officers lost him on foot. The police had smelled marijuana outside an apartment, but it was not the apartment that the suspect had entered. They knocked and yelled “police” when they heard some noise inside and kicked the door down to let themselves in because they though evidence of drug use was being destroyed. The suspect they wanted on the crack-cocaine case was not there, but three others were arrested for possession. Hollis King, one of the arrested men, challenged this arrest when he claimed it was based on an illegal entry. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced ten years, on the condition of an appeal. The local judge said the authorities had the right to enter the apartment because of the smell of marijuana and the sounds of rumbling around inside. The Kentucky Supreme Court reversed this and said that the entry was a breach of the Fourth Amendment. It is being quoted by someone named Alito: “The Kentucky Supreme Court held that the exigent circumstances rule does not apply in the case at hand because the police should have foreseen that their conduct would prompt the occupants to attempt to destroy evidence,” Alito wrote. “We reject this interpretation of the exigent circumstances rule. The conduct of the police prior to their entry into the apartment was entirely lawful. They did not violate the Fourth Amendment or threaten to do so. In such a situation, the exigent circumstances rule applies.” The decision was derived from a ruling by the United States Supreme Court in 1980 that said police may not enter a residence that is private without a warrant unless there was a probable cause and “exigent circumstances.” Authorities in the case decided yesterday claim that the belief that drug evidence was being destroyed was an exigent circumstance. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes that the police needed a warrant before they entered the apartment residence and says: “The court today arms the police with a way routinely to dishonor the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement in drug cases. In lieu of presenting their evidence to a neutral magistrate, police officers may now knock, listen, then break the door down, never mind that they had ample time to obtain a warrant.” The Supreme Court of Kentucky had found the potential evidence destruction was an exigent circumstance, but ruled in January that it was unlawfully created by the police. “Where police are observing a suspect from a lawful vantage point, and the suspect sees police, then the exigency is generally not police-created. But where police unnecessarily announce their presence, and this creates the fear that evidence will be destroyed, police have created their own exigency, and cannot rely on the fear of evidence being destroyed as a justification for a warrantless entry.” At least sixteen states had weighed in on the case and are urging to set it as a nationwide standard. The following are the states Indiana, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

In-N-Out Burger Opening Brings All The Fat Texans To The Yard

As the video above shows, Texans had their first taste of the In-N-out franchise which was mostly a California chain. It is a nostalgic place which it’s 50s and 60s carhop burger joint style, so it is a big draw. It was too big of a draw in Texas as the lineup was large and more than twenty cars turning in right. Police had to moderate the entrance as cars turning in left had to be allowed entry as well. This doesn’t count all the people who were lined up to enter the restaurant as well. I guess this just goes to show, Texans aren’t just stereotypically fat!

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. To end it I have three videos for you. First we have Epic Meal Time as they tell us to call up our dentists and tell them they’re little bitches with their latest tasty creation the Candy BBQ. Next is a funny video of climate scientists rapping, I am not sure who made this video but it is pretty funny. Last we have the great fan escape from the Astros baseball game from four days ago.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Killed Man’s Family Sues Jacuzzi’s Bahamian Resort, Video Game Character Alphabet, The History And Statistics Of Skype, Funny Prison Review, Funny iPhone Auto Correct, FinalCutKing: Portal Pranks, Someone Taking Halo Too Seriously, Don't Ask Me Again! Clip From Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Hello everyone, today is Monday, May 16th. I hope you had a good day back to whatever Monday through Friday thing you do. Some personal news, I started a YouTube channel with a few of my friends where we will be doing many different nerdy things. These things will mostly be game walkthroughs and reviews but as we grow bigger, I am sure we will grow larger. Our YouTube channel is called Band Of Nerdz and I also created a BlogSpot for updates on the group. The first game I will be showing is L.A. Noire as it comes out tomorrow. Anyway, that’s it for news from me, now for your daily news!

Killed Man’s Family Sues Jacuzzi’s Bahamian Resort

John Van Hoy Jr, who was thirty-three years old, and his family went to the Bahamian resort Sandals Royal. This is where the man died via whirlpool suction drain. The man dunked himself into the water and was caught by the suction drain and he couldn’t free himself. Nicole Cleaveland jumped into the pool to try and rescue him but it was of no use. The lawsuit says she tried to get help from the resorts employees, but they all ignored her and walked away. By this time many guests tried to help the man, but all attempts were declined. There was also no button for an emergency shut-off system nearby. One of the guests were able to free him from the drain but it was too late, as the ambulance took forty-five to arrive on site and the resort had no one on staff who was willing to perform the needed CPR. He was pronounced dead and then the body was taken to hospital. The complaint alleges that after the death, the phone was removed from their family suite and that Nicole was also interrogated by the hotel employees who tried to get her to admit that she or her husband were responsible for the death. That is sickening if you ask me. What employee would push you to admit it was their fault face to face after the death of your husband. Although, it may be his fault for getting stuck to the suction, the resort should be held responsible for ignoring the situation. The family is now suing Sandals Royal, the American-based marketing firm, as well as the companies that built or supplied the parts for the whirlpool.

No outro paragraph tonight, viewers. Here it our concluding images and videos. I apologize, I just want to post this before I fall asleep.