Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Duke Nudem: An Adult Alien Shooter, Real Cost Of Social Media, Dead Island: 'Tragedy Hits Paradise' Trailer, Minecraft: Portalcraft Mod Spotlight, NicePeter: Napoleon VS Napoleon - Epic Rap Battles Of History #9, Darth Vader And Yoda Recording For TomTom GPS, WheezyWaiter: A Conversation With Yesterday's Comments

Hello everyone, today all I have for you is video because I have been too busy editing and uploading my gameplay footage of L.A. Noire for the Band of Nerdz YouTube channel. So, as a result the first video I have for you is the first video in my L.A. Noire walkthrough. I even annotated it for easy navigation through the playlist. Before you watch that, though, please finish reading and watching today’s blog. There is one link I would like to show you, if you are of age for not-safe-for-work material. The guys at Gearbox have teamed up with the BoobTube website in Europe to bring you an adult themed, flash game, in which you play against a computer. If you win rounds real girls are shown stripping. I have not beaten it because of the massive lag I have been having today, but the girls look highly attractive! You can play the game here. Now, I have one image for you today which is the statistics of the economy side of the social media scene. I have many videos for you today and first is a new trailer for the game Dead Island as it shows how vacation goers died from the outbreak. The second video I have for you is the Yogscast playing a mod on Minecraft, which plays as if you are playing Portal. How the creator of this mod was able to pull it off in beyond me, I feel exactly like the Yogscast did when watching the video. Next is a new Epic Rap Battles of History by NicePeter, as this time around Napoleon battles Napoleon (Dynamite)! The following two videos are from TomTom GPS and are the humorous, behind the scenes clips of Darth Vader and Yoda laying down their parts for their language types on the GPS units. Last we have a funny video from WheezyWaiter, as he creates a very well made video out of comments from one of his previous videos.

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