Monday, May 23, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church Raises $50 000 For Gay Rights… Sort Of, Mother Cuts Her Children’s Throat Then Her Own Because Of The Doomsday Prophecy, Student Charged For Jacking Off In Passed Out Friend’s Mouth, Spider Trees In Pakistan, PlayStation Network Downage Cost, Meme Rise And Fall, TheGameStation: Pac Attack Trailer, FPSRussia: The 40mm Machine Gun, Video Of The Rapture And Reactions, RoosterTeeth: Doomsday - Friday Parody

Hello everyone, it is Monday. I hope all of you fellow Canadians had a fantastic May 24 weekend and spent Victoria Day well. By well, I mean you all got drunk because apparently that’s what we do to celebrate Victoria Day. I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean move and I wrote a review, you should check it out. Now for today’s news.

Westboro Baptist Church Raises $50 000 For Gay Rights… Sort Of

The dumb Westboro Baptist Church finally contributed to humankind in a positive manner and because of their protest at Lisa Lampanelli’s comedy act in Topeka, Kansas they donated $50 000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Lampanelli is donating $1 000 to the crisis for every member of the Westboro Baptist Church that showed up to protest. She made this promise via Twitter last week when she tweeted: “Hey guys! For every WBC protester who shows, $1 000 donation will be made in their name to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis! Making lemonade . .” The original protest attendance is reportedly fourty-eight but she decided to round up. “Ends up it’s $50 000. The inbreds said 48 showed up, so I made it an even 50.”

Mother Cuts Her Children’s Throat Then Her Own Because Of The Doomsday Prophecy

Just a short article and it is about a mother who should not have been a mother. Harold Camping made many believers worried as he said the world would end two days ago. He said that the world would end exactly seven thousand years after Noah’s flood and that his followers would ascend to the heavens at six o’clock in the evening. One woman who believed Camping’s theory took it a little far and did the extreme. She killed her two daughters, by slitting their wrists and throats with a box cutter, and then slit her own throat. This is insane and I cannot that people would go this far over a conspiracy theory.

Student Charged For Jacking Off In Passed Out Friend’s Mouth

A student at Baylor in Waco, Texas by the named of Robert Cole has seen better days. The twenty year old and his female friend were both very intoxicated and they went to a party. They proceeded in getting even drunker and then she felt horrible and Cole brought her to a bedroom. Cole decided it would be funny to wack it in her mouth while she was passed out. He then told her and friend about it the next day because he thought she would find it funny. Too bad for him she did not and then she called the police on him. After the arrest warrant was issued, Cole turned himself in and he is now charged with sexual assault. I wonder if Cole wrote a note to self labeled: Do Not Tell Girls About Funny Sexual Acts.

Spider Trees In Pakistan

In the Sindh region of Pakistan in July of 2010, there was a horrible flooding. The water has not receded and there has been a mass of mosquitoes around the new area of water. Many spiders have wrapped trees in their webbing so they could catch them as food. This is also good for the villagers because of the decreased population of mosquito and that means a reduction in the spread of malaria and other diseases. Below is a few pictures of the trees covers in webs.


That’s it for today. For informative pictures, we have two, as we take a look at how much Sony actually lost because of the PlayStation Network downage. Then we look at how memes go from rise to fall. For videos we have the newest trailer made by TheGameStation and this time Pac Man takes over a city. Next is the newest FPSRussia video as he takes control of a 40mm machine gun. Next is reactions to The Rapture and then we have a parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday with RoosterTeeth’s version called Doomsday.


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