Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sex Ed Prank By An Eighth-Grader, Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman Is Developing Vehicle Armour For Military, Earthquake Intensities And Death Yearly Statistics, Opium In Afghanistan, The Rise Of Consumer Confidence, FailBlog: Too Old For Playgrounds

Hello everyone it is midweek as today is Wednesday. I don’t have much news for tonight but its is a daily blog. So here it is!

Sex Ed Prank By An Eighth-Grader

A Reddit user by the name of HelloTerence, was a thirteen year old who pranked his school and created panic amongst the teachers. He was able to pull off a prank that was very successful in scaring parents. He was able to fake an announcement that looks like an official document. This letter said students learning sex ed would be paired and given condoms and taken to private rooms, under adult supervision. Parents were allowed to opt out by filling out the bottom of the form and returning them. Although, as it is said in the letter, they only had one day to return the signed letter. His mother was even in on this prank as she photocopied three-hundred copies of the letter for her son to give out. Above is the letter that was given to parents.

Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman Is Developing Vehicle Armour For Military

You all know him as the more quiet and serious member of the Mythbusters show on the Discovery Channel, but there is something you may not know. Jamie Hyneman is now using his intelligence to help the United States military to produce new lightweight vehicle armour. He had been coordinating with the Naval Research Office to aid in the development to the armour. This will be the armour used in the future in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hyneman has been tasked with coming up with armour that will be very light, so it does not weigh down vehicles but at the same time can defend again different sorts of damage. This is also not the first time that the Mythbuster has worked with the military as he once designed a virtual injured soldier for medics to use as a training dummy. It was able to spurt blood and moan in pain if the medical attention was attended to incorrectly. Jamie Hyneman may just be the future of military training and production.

That is all for new for today and down below I have for you many statistics and a FailBlog video. First is two pictures on the topic of earthquakes about intensities and deaths, respectively. Next is the amount of opium in Afghanistan and last is the rise of consumer confidence.

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