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Man Opens Nazi Cafe, Baffled that It Pisses People Off; Texas students fake GPS signals take control of an $80 million yacht; UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Cop Wants Worker’s Comp Because He’s That Guy; NSA college recruiting ad, 1976; Storms from Space; The Price of Being a Superhero in Real Life: Then & Now; The Early Character Sketches of Famous Movies; Inspiring Entries in Red Bull's Epic Photo Contest

Man Opens Nazi Cafe, Baffled that It Pisses People Off

The Holocaust, it’s delicious!

An Indonesian business man, Henry Mulyana, seems to think that it is okay to have opened a Nazi café, full of memorabilia. Two years ago, he opened his restaurant SoldatenKaffee (or “Soldier’s Café”) but since the English-speaking media has found out about this eatery, Mulyana has been getting death threats that have ultimately moved him to temporarily close it. The plan is to open the café back up, but to also include Allied items. Mulyana’s lawyer has said: “So there won't only be photos of Hitler, but Winston Churchill and Indonesian heroes too. There will be Japanese soldiers, not only German soldiers, and no swastikas.”

Mulyana claims that the theme of the establishment is of “World War II pop culture.” He further went on to explain at a press conference that “It's war-themed art that is neither an ideology, extremism, nor racism.” Although the website states: “Hitler & the Nazis in Pop Culture... Every Day! This WEB is not pro NAZI. It is matter of fact, with the intention of exploring Hitler & the NAZIS as pop culture Kaffee. The authors of the WEB are not NAZIS or neo-NAZIS, We are Indonesian with no political affiliations. The WEB & Kaffee are concept of World War 2 German and Collection. We are Special Birthday Cake maker n Wedding Cake, We made by order who want a different thing from the other. Please dont be shy :) to contact US”

The café and the Indonesian internet users seem to not understand the meaning of the whole impact of World War II. As Zen Rachmat Sugito explained to Boreno Bulletin: “Indonesians didn’t have a traumatic experience with Nazism. Nazism is a European taboo. There’s no Nazi-taboo in Indonesia, but it doesn’t mean we deny that the Holocaust happened.”

This seems not to just be secluded to Indonesia but over time, Nazi memorabilia and images have been seen in several Asian countries. Many of these people do not understand what those symbols mean historically. Mulyana went on to say: “I've received countless calls and death threats from locals and foreigners. I feel traumatized and shocked.”

He also says that he never denied the Holocaust or denied proof about the war being committed.

Texas students fake GPS signals take control of an $80 million yacht

It seems a professor at University of Texas, Todd Humphreys, along with his students have found a way to be able to hack a GPS system. What they have done is created a device which sends false GPS signals to ships, which then takes over the GPS signals that already exist on the ship. Thus gaining navigational control of not just a small boat, but a $80 million yacht. Why? Because they can!

Scientists that conducted this experiments, with permission from the yacht owner because you need that, say “their ability to broadcast counterfeit GPS signals that triggered no alarms within the ship’s navigation system highlights a serious flaw in transportation networks on land and sea. Some 90 percent of the world’s freight moves by sea.”

This will also most likely work on other semi-autonomous like aircraft, which is a scary though. The false GPS signals are not hard to deal with, as a published 2011 technical paper have proven. With how many people carry around devices such as smartphones with their GPS enabled, it might cause for problems at some point.

UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Cop Wants Worker’s Comp Because He’s That Guy

Because viral people always deserve money from their circumstances, John Pike, the Occupy UC Davis cop who pepper-sprayed protesters three years ago, wants money. Davis Enterprise is saying that Pike is appealing for worker’s compensation as the poor man claims he has psychiatric injury because of the incident. The case will go forward to a trial or further hearing, if no settlement is reached.

A Davis attorney, Bernie Goldsmith, who supported the Occupy movement has said a protest will most likely happen outside of the hearings. He also wrote in an email: “In an ideal democracy, violent suppressors of political speech are jailed and not rewarded. This sends a message that acts of violent political repression can be both insulated from real criminal prosecution and rewarded,”

A panel was held after the incident at Occupy Davis, which deemed the use of force was “reasonable,” but that Pike’s “serious errors of judgment and deficiencies of leadership” was enough for demotion or a suspension. He was given paid leave for eight months, down from his annual salary of a large $121,680, but he later left his duty on the police force all together.

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