Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review of Revocation's self-titled

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1. The Hive
2. Scattering The Flock
3. Archfiend
4. Numbing Agents
5. Fracked
6. The Gift You Gave
7. Invidious
8. Spastic
9. Entombed By Wealth
10. A Visitation

One of the most exciting modern metal bands on the planet, REVOCATION return with their fourth full-length and most mind-blowingly impressive album to date.  Displaying an unprecedented level of musicianship, the quartet shred and slaughter their way through ten insane tracks of guitar wizardry, stunning dexterity and next-level songcraft.  This self-titled masterpiece combines all of the band's trademark elements and cranks them up to 11.  Thrashing, virtuosic melodies, top-notch technical drumming and an all-out vocal assault take the listener on a lightning ride through the hallowed halls of heavy metal.  REVOCATION have proven that they are here to stay and miles above their peers.

An eerie riff and lead guitar start the album. When the band collects and plays together that riff is really badass. The first track, “The Hive,” is really fast and brutal the whole way through. There is a great technical part with a sick solo near the end of the track.  The ear bleeding riffs along with the constant pounding drums makes “Scattering The Flock” an incredible track. The main riff is quite catchy and although the track is a little melodic, it keeps it fresh with insane speed. There is an impressive solo on this as well. “Archfiend” starts with a pretty awesome drum beat and when the guitars come in with their evil melodic sound, it is chilling. This track is all over the place with speed, technicality, melodics, and solo. These guys are perfect in all aspects, even throwing in a very incredible acoustic diddle near the end, which led quite nicely into the last riff and solo.

The next track, “Numbing Agents,” is insane with the way it flowed. The riffs are over the place, with intense drums as well. It was quite an enjoyable listen, especially the solo, with it’s love for the whammy bar. “Fracked” had an interesting groove to it and I felt as if it was like heavy metal with a death metal twist. The guitar on this is quite catchy, with a grim turn half way through to keep things fun. The bass riff on that grim piece is really chilling, followed by great solos. A good track to mosh to is the next one “The Gift You Gave,” with its punch the face feel in the guitars as they shred through your skull from their quickness and groove. There is an impressive solo on this that dive bombs right into a weird sounding riff as well.

After the first riff of “Invidious,” a quick acoustic diddle happens and when the guitar replicates that diddle it sounds so epic. This track is so catchy in its delivery, it is all over with the speed and rhythm, but also has epic solos and leads. “Spastic” brings technical bits along with the bass grooves are killer and superb solos as well. This track is just as it’s titled and it definitely had a feeling of Meshuggah with its pacing. The start of the next track, “Entombed By Wealth,” led in nicely from the track prior. This one has nice sludgy bits that quickly go into shreddy masterpieces. It also had great lead guitar and solo half way through. This track was a good mix of speed and melodic. The mix of eerie leads, speedy rhythms, and machine gun pounding drumming made for an excellent conclusion to the album, with “A Visitation.” Bringing a mix of crazy riffs and solos this was an awesome track.

Having heard some things of Revocation through internet radio stations, I really enjoyed what I heard. Finally listening to a full album worth of their music, I must say I am now a fan. This album has everything you like about death metal and terrorizes your ears with this. These guys are now one of my favourite death metal bands. If you’ve not heard these guys, there is something wrong with you and you should pick it up next week.

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