Monday, August 12, 2013

Review of "Beg Upon The Light" by Venomous Maximus

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1. Funeral Queen
2. Path of Doom
3. Give Up The Witch
4. Father Time
5. Dream Again
6. Moonchild
7. Battle For The Cross
8. Venomous Maximus
9. Mother Milk
10. Hell´s Heroes

The Texan Dark Occult Metal outfit VENOMOUS MAXIMUS has already risen to the status of a heavy hitter in the depths of the underground. Now, the band is ready to finally unleash the album debut "Beg Upon The Light". Heavy riffs, driving drums create the perfect foundation for the musical and lyrical direction of the songs, which bring the enthralled listener into the realm of the Occult! The Texans turn the mix of Stoner and Doom Metal into a deadly blend that goes right into your blood. Pounding and powerful songs filled with energy set the stage for the glorious vocals of frontman Gregg Higgins, the grand marshal who leads through these occult hymns  "Beg Upon The Light" combines occultism, heavy riffs and the perfect Stoner attitude to create a pitch-black and irresistible album.

A great atmospheric organ keyboard track, by the name of “Funeral Queen,” starts off this album of doom metal perfection. Right of the bat, with “Path of Doom,” Venomous Maximus reminds me of Black Sabbath paving the way for their era’s heavy metal scene. Except now Venomous Maximus is doing the same for our era. With groovy old school riffs and a vocal style that is even like Ozzy Osbourne, these guys are on the right path to reinvent doom metal, pun shameless intended. The riffs on “Give Up The Witch” are really catchy and melodic, the vocals are great as well. I liked the short black metal like growl that happened every once in a while, it really made their doom feel more demonic. “Father Time” is a nice short melodic track with soft but raspy vocals. The mix of clean and aggressive vocals on “Dream Again” was awesome and the lead guitar parts were well done too.

The vocals just get better and better with each track and the next track, “Moonchild,” is no different. The guitars had a bit of a blues feel to them which adds to the fun. The build up on drums at the beginning of “Battle For The Cross,” with the ride cymbal and bass kick really got me excited for the rest of the track. I especially liked the guitar chugs. The beginning of the next track, the self titled “Venomous Maximus,” made me think they made this track just to say their band name, but this track is actually the best. This brings faster riffs, as well as great melodic and lead riffs. It also has the best vocals on the album. “Mother Milk” is a really mellow violin and acoustic track. The vocals came in a little over half way through the track. A seven minute long track to conclude the album, with “Hell´s Heroes.” Being so long, they had plenty of time to pull out all their tricks with melodic riffs, stellar leads, incredible cleans vocals, and evil screams.

This album really puts a new age twist on old school doom, as they mix the nostalgic riffs you got from bands such as Black Sabbath with heavier melodic jams. The vocalist definitely reminds me Ozzy Osbourne, as I stated above, but they throw in a more aggressive feeling to it. Venomous Maximus are incredible and you should pick this album up.

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