Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten Creepy Insect And Spider Battles, Five Horniest Presidents Of The United States, Tractor Without A Driver Demolishes Cars In Walmart Parking Lot, Aperture Investment Opportunity: Boots, Epic Meal Time: Puzzle of the Lambs

Good evening everyone, another day another post. I also hope you like my review of the remake of Arthur and hope you go see it! Now for your news!

Ten Creepy Insect And Spider Battles

Ranker.com has come posted an article of ten battles between different insects and spiders. I thought I’d share a few of these creepy-crawly videos. It’s hard to believe there are bugs and spiders this big in the world. The second video is a Tarantula Hawk not a hornet.

Five Horniest Presidents Of The United States

As a way to promote the mini-series on the Kennedy’s, Houston Press has a list of what they think is the top five horniest presidents that served terms in the United States. Here are the five presidents and a little information on their horniness. 

The fifth horniest president of the United States, is Warren G. Harding. This president was considered the Reagan of his time. He had sex with many young women in the White House and of many places to have these fun times, he once used the closet. He called his wife, “The Duchess” and she knew exactly what he was doing. She got so mad at him that people believed his sudden death was because she poisoned him.

Coming in forth is former president Grover Cleveland, who is known for winning the election although his child was out of wedlock. The mother wasn’t sure if the father of the child was Cleveland or one of his friends. He took the blame and began paying child support. When he entered his term in the White House, he was a bachelor. While he was president he dated a girl who was in college. They married when she turned twenty-one and they had five children together.

The third-place horniest president belongs to Bill Clinton. He got elected into state office at a young age and all of the women couldn’t resist him. Everyone thought he would be able to resist the urge to splurge, but he couldn’t. He ended up sexing up a girl, who had a friend who told her to keep the evidence.

Lyndon Baines comes in at second and is a man with a huge ego. He had an affair that lasted a long time but did not end in marriage. Although he did go through his secretaries, having sex with many of them. His girlfriend knew and she has also be quoted saying “women make up fifty percent of the population, and Lyndon had such a big heart he couldn’t ignore them.”

Of course, coincidentally as the mini-series was based on him, John F. Kennedy takes the crown of horniest president. He has said that he could not go three days without sex or he’d get headaches. He also said that he’d keep a woman until he had in all three orifices. Marilyn Monroe had said he would lay on his back and let the women do the work.

Tractor Without A Driver Demolishes Cars In Walmart Parking Lot

A tractor ploughed through a Walmart parking lot in Richmond Hill, Ontario the other day. Many people looked on as the tractor, which had no driver, damaged many cars including a Suzuki SX4 and a Toyota Corolla. Its rampage ended when the tractor hit a lamp post and someone managed to jump into it and turn it off. Below is a video of the incident.

That's it for you tonight and I have two videos for you. One is the last advertisement from Valve for Portal 2, Aperture Investment Opportunity number four called Boots. Last but not least is the latest Epic Meal Time video, Puzzle of the Lambs

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