Thursday, April 14, 2011

Public Urinals Introduced In Australia, Mother Drives Minivan Into River With Kids In Passenger Seats, Funny Women’s Rights Protestor Sign, 16 Facts About Sleeping, The Game Station: Nintendo 3DS Television Commercial Parody, Rooster Teeth: Rage Quit: Ikaruga

Hello everyone, today is Thursday. That means tomorrow is the end of the work/school week and that means party time! I was thinking of going to see if there were any new movies playing, so I could review them for you. The only new movie playing is Rio, along with Hop. I have yet to see either of these films. Maybe I will go to them, so I can review them for you. Anyway, now for today’s news!

Public Urinals Introduced In Australia

Sydney, Australia has introduced one of the weirdest ways for someone to pee while in public. In order to fix the problem of intoxicated or lose bladdered Australians, they introduced a urinal for those people to pee in, as seen above. A former resident of Cleveland, Ohio by the name of Michael Stern, is now residing in Sydney and said this to AOL News on the topic: “I wouldn’t use one of these…It doesn’t look like you can wash your hands.” It doesn’t seem like there is anyway to wash your hands afterwards and it does look like it will not be sanitary for long. These open-aired urinals are for men only, so women still have to squat with their pants down in the middle of the public, as the pictures on the article show.

Mother Drives Minivan Into River With Kids In Passenger Seats

On Tuesday, Lashandra Armstrong drove into a river with her children as passengers. Her children’s names are Lashaun (10), Landon (5), Lance (2), and Lainaina(11 months). It is sad to report only Lashaun made it out of this horrifying story alone. It was a long hour search and rescue, as the police and fire department had their dive team look underwater for the minivan, while a helicopter looked on from above. The car was found eight feet below of water and about twenty-five feet from the boat ramp. Lashaun apparently went to the fire department at around 7:50. Police Chief of the Newburgh, New York Department, Michael Ferrara stated the following: "The boy reported that his mother had driven the car into the river." He also says that it had appeared that the children were alive when it happened and that the mother “intentionally drove the car into the river.” Lashaun was the only child out of the four who had a different father. He escaped the drowning vehicle by opening the window and was picked up by someone who had seen him and drove him to the fire department. It is being said that if Laushan had not made his way out of this situation that the whole incident may have been a missing persons case for a long while. After Laushan made it to the fire station, one of the mother’s relatives had called the police about a domestic dispute at the mother’s house. Police Chief Ferrara said, "There was tussling in the background but also a history of domestic problems in the past." The father of the children did not live at home with them and authorities are trying to bring him in for questioning. The mayor of Newburgh, Nicolas Valentine, is heartbroken by the deaths but said residents of the town would come together to heal. He also said this statement: "We are talking about a tragedy in this city that is probably second to none. We are a tough city. We are a compassionate city. We are all one and if you need our help and assistance, we are here for that."

That’s it for today and in conclusion, I bring you more entertainment than there was yesterday! First we have a funny picture of a female protestor for gay and lesbian rights. Next we have an informative picture of sixteen facts you may not have known about sleeping. For videos we have a funny commercial parody for the Nintendo 3DS by The Game Station and the latest video of the series Rage Quit by Rooster Teeth. This Rage Quit video is a bit different as Geoff explains why Michael is having such a hard time at the beginning and also makes fun of him through video editing.

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