Friday, May 13, 2011

Gearbox CEO Says “Our Heroes Have Become Pussies”, Statistics About Sitting Down, The World According To An Alcoholic, Miniature Architectural Projection Mapping, Epic Meal Time: Special Delivery, RoosterTeeth: Rage Quit: Call of Duty: Black Ops - Call of the Dead And Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Duke Nukem Forever: Shrinkage Trailer, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Blooper, Eighty-One Year Old Sweethearts Reunite After Sixty-Two Years, High Five For First Kiss

Hey everyone, I know I have not been posting must in the last while but I have been having health issues. I went to Rammstein last Sunday, but there will not be a full review of it since I never took my camcorder so I do not have as much footage as I would like to actually put out a whole individual post for it. It was a good show and I am glad I was able to catch them while they were in North America since it will probably be a while until they come back again. Before this actually blog gets under way there is two videos from the concert I was at, courtesy of Rabaflab, Rob Cranny. One of the foam shooting large penis during “Pussy” and the other of the fantastic playing of “Engel.” I also found a video of "Sonne," "Haifisch," and "Ich Will." I also posted a new movie review for the movie Thor and sooner or later I will also have a review of the movie Limitless up as well. Well, here is today’s blog and it is filled with videos that are new but I probably should have posted a week ago. At any rate, they are here now and I will try to continue to post more regularly than I have been this past while.

Gearbox CEO Says “Our Heroes Have Become Pussies”

Randy Pitchford spoke at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London on Wednesday night about how heroes in their video games have been pussies. This is what the Gearbox CEO said at the BAFTA: “We're really in a time where most of our heroes have become pussies. Most of them are emo and everyone is trying to make characters with feelings. Y'know, that's what we did with Brothers in Arms. We really wanted to treat the subject matter with so much deference, we wanted it to be so real that we took a tone that was about sacrifice. It was real. These characters had emotions, these characters had problems. But Duke doesn't have any friggin' problems. He just kicks ass! So we're in this world now where all our characters are so human and so believable. So it's surprisingly fresh to have this guy show up and, again, he doesn't give a crap. He's just a badass who gets all the women!” I don’t really know if Pitchford means all of gaming’s heroes in general or just Gearbox’s, but in some cases super heroes are big pussies. I believe this is true though. Since, in order to make bad guys look tough and menacing, the hero needs to look less as tough.

That’s the only piece I have for you tonight, but I do have a lot of videos and such to show you. First is some interesting statistics, insinuating sitting down is deadly and also a funny map of the world according to an alcoholic. Next is an awesome video of a model city, which is hooked up to a fully functional system in which turns it into a realistic city block and also has a setting to have the sun move and have the shades affected by the sun’s position. Next is the newest Epic Meal Time as they make a special delivery for Mother’s Day. There has been two new Rage Quits since I have posted last as Michael plays the latest Call of Duty zombies map alone and also tries out the arcade game Yie Ar Kung-Fu. The last four videos I have for you are the latest Duke Nukem Trailer, an accidental dirty minded wording in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, two eighty-one year olds reunite after sixty-two years of separation from each other, and last is a cute video as a boy has his first kiss with his friend and feels really proud of it.

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