Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spotlight: Thor (Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston)

Hello everyone, I again just want to start by apologizing in the lack off blogging so far this month but that is due to the fact that I hardly have any iron in me therefore I am one tired, lazy SOB! So, here is one my three reviews I have for this week as I review Thor!

This movie is based on the comic that was published by Marvel Comics and is the fourth movie to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brand. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Valkyrie) and was distributed Paramount Studios. The main character, obviously Thor, is played by Chris Hemsworth (most notable for his role in the new Star Trek as George Kirk). He is cast out of Asgard as he dishonors his father, Odin played by Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mask Of Zorro, Beowulf), by breaking the truce between Asgard and Jotunheim, Thor’s brother Loki, is played by Tom Hiddleston (Unrelated, Wallander). Thor’s friends are played by Ray Stevenson, Joshua Dallas, and Tadanobu Asano. The people Thor meets in New Mexico are Jane Foster (Natalie Portman – Star Wars Episodes 1-3, V For Vendetta, Brothers, Your Highness), her assistant Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings - The House Bunny, Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Shorts), and her mentor Dr. Elik Selvig (Darcy Skarsgard – Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3, Mamma Mia!, Angels & Demons). Other characters are the leader of the Frost Giants Laufey (Colm Feore – The Borgias, 24, Chronicles Of Riddick), S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg – (Iron Man, 500 Days Of Summer), and gate keeper of Bifrost, Heimdall (Idris Elba – The Office, Takes, American Gangster).

The beginning of the movie is a lead up to where Thor begins his time on Earth. The Asgardians, lead by Thor begins a war against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim to prevent them from conquering the Nine Realms, the first of which is the Earth Realm. The Asgardians defeat the Frost Giants and they seize the source of their power which is the Casket of Ancient Winters. It then cuts to the present time as Thor begin to take the throne of Asgard, as Odin is getting to old to rule. The ceremony is cut short when Frost Giants try to retake their Casket. Odin then in anger travels to Jotunheim to seek out their leader Laufey. He brings along his companions and his brother to assist him if need be.  Thor begins a battle amongst the two parties and it goes on until Odin intervenes and saves them meanwhile breaking the truce between the two races. Thor is banished from Asgard and is exiled to Earth as well as his hammer Mjolnir, which has a protection spell on it allowing only those deemed worthy to wield it. This is where he meets his Earth friends and the story continues from here. I will only say is that when Odin is too old to rule, Loki steps in as king and does not do a good job of it.  It is up to Thor to regain his lost powers when exiled and his companions to help save him.
There is not much bad I can say about this movie as they had an excellent cast and the CGI is amazing. I do however get a little iffy about the fact that Marvel has Loki as Thor’s brother as I am not to certain that this is correct in mythology. Other than that this movie is amazing and is probably Marvel’s best movie to date. Also, stay in the theatre until the credits are over as, with every new Marvel release they give you a sneak peek to the next Marvel film, in this case it is The Avengers. I will not spoil the scene but I just wanted to keep that in your mind when going to see it. I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

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