Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nurse Steals Patient's Anesthetic During Kidney Surgery, Tells Patient To Man Up, World Of Warcraft Game Master Solves Math Homework, Remi Gaillard: Mario Kart Version 2, X-Men: First Class Trailer

Hello everyone it is Saturday. Lazy blog today, I apologize.

Nurse Steals Patient's Anesthetic During Kidney Surgery, Tells Patient To Man Up

This unknown man, LVK, went to Abott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis to have kidney stones removed surgically. It is a painful operation, when you don't have anesthetic, which involves inserting a tube into your back and then into your kidneys. The doctor told him he would not feel pain as he was supposed to be loaded up with five-hundred micrograms of fentanyl. According to police, a nurse, Sarah May Casareto, decided it would be a better if she had 350 of the dose, which left 150
for LVK. The Minneapolis area police say that Casereto told the man, "You're gonna have to man up here and take  some of the pain because we can't give you a lot of  medication," but she didn't explain to him why. While the surgery took place, LVK screamed in pain and was thrashing around on the table. There was talk that they might even have to restrain him. During this whole ordeal, Casereto behaved like a drunk as she was slurring her words, failing to aid the operating doctor, and even fell asleep. The hospital found two used and unauthorized needles in her scrubs and when she was
confronted with stealing medicine, she resigned instead of taking a drug test. She now faces a charge of felony theft of a controlled substance. I can say, I have been told to man up once. I didn't have any medicine because I didn't need it but it was still an uncomfortable procedure to go through. It wasn't serious at all, but I dislike going through those types of ordeals.

That's all I am sorry, but here is a funny screen shot of a World of Warcraft GM solving a math equation. A new Remi Gaillard video of Mario Kart and the new X-Men: First Class trailer, it hits theatres June 3rd and takes us back to before Xavier and Magneto were enemies.

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