Sunday, February 13, 2011

Many Sick After Playboy Party, Texter Faces Death Row For Killing Friend, Interactive Valentine's Day Game On YouTube, FlippyCat's Valentine Dominoes

Hello everyone, its Sunday. I hope you had a good weekend. The 7PM blog posting time is now not happening, I will post whenever during the night. Now for some news.

Many Sick After Playboy Party

Health officials were investigating complaints of respiratory issues that was said to have affected dozens at a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles yesterday. The Department of Public Health issued a statement that it was investigating a suspected respiratory infection outbreak among the attendees of the conference. The Los Angeles Times said there were reports that dozens of people were sick after the event at the L.A. mansion but no one could give specific numbers. The department sent survey via e-mail to the people who attended the event which said that they had received reports of illnesses including pneumonia. Seven-hundred people from thirty countries attended the Santa Monica conference on Internet businesses. Investigators were looking into what caused the outbreak but did not believe it spread beyond the people who were there. The statement
said: "Public Health has no information suggesting that  this suspected outbreak extends beyond those individuals associated with this conference." Elliot J. Silver, who runs Silver Internet Ventures said this on the flu epidemic, "It is scary everyone came down with the same thing at the same time." David Castello said that he and his brother were also at the fundraiser and also got the infection. The
co-founder of Castello Cities Internet Network said this about the ordeal: "It knocked me off my feet for five days. I'm over it now, but I'm still feeling fatigue, which is not a good thing." Castello had symptoms which included fever, cough, headache, and back spasms. Looks like the Playboy Mansion and Hefner need to make sure people who are sick do not attend or at least cough or sneeze in the appropriate health safety manner.

Texter Faces Death Row For Killing Friend

A man stabbed his friend repeatedly over a miss-spelt text message as been convicted of manslaughter. Neil Brook is from Walkden and was on trial at Manchester Crown Court and accused of murdering his friend and neighbour, Josef Witkowski. The jury took three hours to clear him of murder, but they found him guilty of an alternative charge of manslaughter. The court was told the two men knew each other for six months but had started to fall out via text messaging. Brook had told the police he sent Witkowsky a text containing the word "nutter" but it came out as "mutter". Witowski took offence and the men started sending angry texts back and forth which led him to go to Brook's house. Brook
tapes two large knives in his house for his safety, one on his front door and another near his bathroom. As he opened the door to let Witowski in, but he flew at Brook with his own knife. In the court hearing it was said Brook grabbed the knife from the back of the door and stabbed Witkowski in the leg and fled to the bathroom. Brook then continued the attack and killed him by stabbing him in the chest, which penetrated his heart. The extent of the attack was one-hundred-four cuts, stab wounds, bruises and slice marks. Brook was sentenced Wednesday and the judge said, "Obviously the sentence will be a long one."

That's it for today, not much happiness in those articles so for some happiness here is FlippyCat's domino heart and an interactive Valentine's Day video by Totally Sketch.

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