Friday, December 14, 2012

Review of Imminence's self-titled EP

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1. Intro
2. Obscure Mentality
3. Consealed Indecision
4. This Song Is Not A Joke
"Imminence is a local deathcore band from Courtice, Ontario formed in 2011. The band was inspired from Parway Drive's first DVD, in which our vocalist Jacob Cooledge and guitarist Scott Thoms got together and started jamming. With only one member change from their old drummer Trent Trubela dropping out of the band, Curtis Hircock stepped up to fill the position. After being together for one year, we would have never though that our music would have progressed so much from what it first started out to be and sharing the stage with such great bands. We definitely would have never thought we would be recording and releasing our own EP and actually work on getting our music out there. The idea of the EP was to start out small and rough, but have that edgy, heavy, hateful sound behind it that just really sunk into your skin and veins. We feel as if we captured that to the best of our abilities. We're very excited for what's to come in the future and we can't wait to continue writing even heavier music for our fans."

The album starts off with an intro, bringing awesome sludgy, slam guitars and the vocals are especially great with the dirty lows and great highs. I liked the riff to starts things off on “Obscure Mentality.” This track has an amazing mix of brutal and very groovy riffs and the breakdowns are awesome as well. It is a perfect track for guitars and the vocals are great as well. With nice melodic riffs comes the next track, “Consealed Indecision,” and the technical riffs really complimented the melodic. The breakdowns on this track are very badass and slamtastic and the drumming is impressive as well. “This Song Is Not A Joke” brings a great mix of chugs and technical bits. I really heavy blast beats on the track as well.

It seems a lot of local bands are starting to record, which makes me happy. I’ve wanted to hear Imminence for quite some time and I am glad that they recorded something. Jacob Cooledge brings a great style of vocals, Scott Thoms and Shayne Garbett are very groovy and slam feeling with their guitar, Nathen Mowers also has some nice bass as well, and Curtis Hircock does an impressive job on drums with his speed and heaviness. I definitely recommend picking this up!

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