Monday, December 17, 2012

Review of "Living on a Fast Lane" by Hard Riot

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1. Get Ready
2. Hellfire Rock
3. Don’t Need You
4. No Surrender
5. Tears in the Rain
6. Turn on the Lights
7. Nothing but You
8. Take me Down
9. Hard Way Down
10. Black Widow
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw 

PITCH BLACK RECORDS announces the addition of German hard rock outfit HARD RIOT into its roster with the band’s debut album, “Living on a Fast Lane”, due for release on April 10th, 2012.

HARD RIOTwere formed in 2006 in the city of Heilbronn, Germany and the band consists of four young friends who share the same passion – hard rockin’ music.

Their powerful stage presence and performance has landed them with numerous live shows over the past few years and many devoted fans. In 2009 HARD RIOT released a self-financed 5-track EP (“The Hidden Truth”) and in 2011 they entered Maranis Studios in Backnang, Germany, relying on the excellent skills of producer Vagelis Maranis who oversaw the entire recording and production of their debut album.

HARD RIOT is Michael Gildner on vocals, Andreas Rockrohr on guitars, Mario Kleindienst on bass and Carmine Jaucci on drums. Their influences include AC/DC, Metallica and the Scorpions among others but their influences don’t stop here. These and many more are clearly evident throughout their music. The band’s main style is hard rock but one can also find a good dose of heavy/speed metal in their music. One thing is certain when listening to HARD RIOT perform, they are enjoying every moment of their music and that’s something that is undisputedly conveyed to the listener!  

“Living on a Fast Lane” will be available worldwide on April 10th, 2012, through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through all major mp3 stores.

From the album title and album cover, I was very excited to hear what was in store. I was definitely not let down, as the first track, “Get Ready,” brought a southern groove that was perfect in every aspect. The guitar are very rock-like, the bass has a great grove, and the vocals are delivered well. The next track, “Hellfire Rock,” was a little more old school heavy metal in its style. It had a really great hair metal sound, especially from the vocals. I really like when bands bring back the old, make it their own, and do it as well as this. The groove on “Don’t Need You” along with how the vocals were done, especially with the backing vocals, make this track amazing. It is a little mellower but the guitars are still heavy. “No Surrender” starts off with some epic power metal feeling guitars which is great. The bass line is great and when the guitar come back over top is almost too good. This track is really catchy and the fact that Hard Riot can play power metal and not be cheesy about it makes it even better.

A really great rock ballad comes next in the form of the next track, “Tears in the Rain.” The vocalist Michael Gildner really has time to shine on this track, showing off his impressive skills and this may be my favourite track for vocals. Andreas Rockrohr also has some very amazing guitar work on this track, as he has some impressive solos. “Turn on the Lights” another one that brings some groovy riffs in it and is a little on the mellow side, but it is still great. I especially like the part closer to the end of the track, it sounds perfect. “Nothing but You” is another ballad, but again it really gives the vocals a change to shine. If Hard Riot recorded an album entirely of mellow ballads I would listen to the whole thing every day.

The harmonization, groovy riffs, and high vocals, make “Take me Down” awesome. Hard Riot really know how to mix up their styling and although heavy and power metal are similar, the way they do each genre can be differentiated which is great. The next track, “Hard Way Down,” is a shorter track, it was half over while I was letting my thoughts gather. It is a heavy song, with a very impressive solo but I wish it was a little longer. “Black Widow” had a great southern feel, as the bass and guitar are extremely groovy on it. There is another great guitar solo on this one as well. What a good way to end the album, with a very amazing rock/heavy metal anthem called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw.” This track really brings everything you’ve heard previously on the album and does it better. It makes me want to go out and buy a motorcycle and hit the freeway and just drive without a destination

Hard Riot is a band that you really need to pick up. With this album being their debut album, I see bright things coming ahead for the band. Having so much amazing talent and a stellar album, these guys can only go up. If you like hard rock, heavy metal, and even a little power metal, then these guys are for you. I recommend picking this album up anyway and support new bands!

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