Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Study Shows Online Gamers Are Not All Nerds, LG Wants PS3 Sales Banned In The United States, Says Sony Is Destined To Be In Third, Reasons Why People Who Work With Computers Seem To Have A Lot Of Spare Time, Halo 5 Reveal?, L.A. Noire Gameplay

Hello everyone, sorry if I haven't been all into blogging had some news which I found upsetting, but I do not wish to bash Google for their wrong doing. Here is today's news. Also if you haven't read it yet, here is my review of the concert I went to Sunday.

Study Shows Online Gamers Are Not All Nerds

The image of online gamers is a fat, anti-social loser whose diet consists of junk food and soda, but this is not so. An online-gaming company from Germany, Bigpoint, surveyed six-thousand users and then said that: "Gamers are sociable individuals, both online and offline. 62% of the surveyed players said they have more friends in real life. ...A total of 28% of the people met most of their friends online but have since gotten to know them in real life. Only a tenth of all gamers said that their only real friends were online gamers. Gamers also like to socialize in their free time. More than half of them — 52% in fact — meet up with their friends regularly each month. A third (34%) even see their friends on a daily basis, though most of these tend to be younger players." Although these statistics are not that impressive, from my experience online gamers are not low lives. In fact, most of the people I play World of Warcraft with have some of the most high intelligent jobs I have heard from many people.

LG Wants PS3 Sales Banned In The United States

Sony brought seven cases of patent infringement to the International Trade Commission, on December 28th, against rival cell phone manufacturer LG. Around this time the Japanese largest electronics exporter also filed a civil lawsuit against the company for their Blu-ray players. The ITC does not have the power to give out financial penalties, but what is worse for Sony, is that they can prevent the importing of devices that violate United States patents. LG went on the offensive on February 4th and claimed Sony's Bravia line of televisions infringe on four of their patents as well as the Blu-ray patents. LG also filed civil suits against Sony in California, trying to get financial reparations for "unauthorized use of their inventions." If LG wins this dispute Sony has to either pay royalties or pack up these systems and head back to Japan. The question is, is Sony had not have filed these patent lawsuits, would LG be fighting back at this time?

Pachter Says Sony Is Destined To Be In Third

Michael Pachter said this while speaking about Sony's 2011 outlook during the show Bonus Round on "Yes, I think they are destined to be in third.  Microsoft has impressed… they keep growing sales, and haven’t cut price because they keep packing more features into the box. Sony… at $299, I don’t see how they sell a lot more consoles. They need a price under 200 bucks to be competitive." He also claims that Sony refuse to keep losing money on their console sales and says "Microsoft is just toying with Sony," and will always be one step ahead of them in the price war. In the interview with Bonus Round, humorously to viewers, Pachter turned on the host Geoff
Keighley by saying: "Unfortunately, sites like GameTrailers have turned this into a fight among console makers." I understand his argument that Sony is priced higher than Microsoft but with the PS3 comes Blu-ray and WiFi, as well as free online multi player. For $300 that sounds like a deal
for me!

That's it for today, here is a picture of why people who use the computer have too much time on their hands. Also there is two videos, one of a possible Halo 5 reveal and the other of the extensive game play in L.A. Noire.

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  1. I think Pachter is probably right concerning the PS3 finishing 3rd. They've backed themselves into a corner by packing too much hardware into an overly expensive console that they can't make money on. The casual consumer will see a $200 console vs. a $300 console with many of the same games and take the cheaper one. A 'hardcore' gamer who wants to play online will probably go with a 360 since XBox live, while not free, is an exponentially better service. This leaves pretty much people who want to play out-dated JRPGs and Halo-ripoffs for the PS3 :/