Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review of Death Angel and Eluveitie At The Opera House In Toronto (06/02/11) By Wheeling Rampage Productions

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend and the first half week. I know I did, as I went to this last concert Sunday. It was a very stacked line up as two tours collided in Toronto, for a one time North American concert of this kind on these two tours. Death Angel and Eluveitie tours shared the stage at the Opera House to create one great event. The only bands who didn't play were Hexen and Early Man, maybe due to time restraints, here is a review including videos. Please remember all video footage is just for review purposes and to give those an idea of the band, all musical talent is copyrighted to the bands. This is my first review of a concert, I hope for some feedback!

Bonded By Blood

Bonded of Blood is a five-piece, thrash metal band from Pomona, California. They are signed to Earache Records and were first to play. Since I got into the venue first with my disabled charm, I was able to hear their full sound check which probably set the sound tech for the whole show. They are an alright band. I got bored with them sort of because most of their songs sounded the same, with the backing vocalists doing chants for what seemed to me as every chorus. I am not sure if it was just me but one of their vocal patterns sounded exactly like Angel of Death by Slayer. These guys were alright and you should check them out.

System Divide

System Divide is a six-piece band from Ohio. They combine the the melodic feel of the female vocalist with the extreme death vocals of the male. When they were sound checking their microphones, when Miri starting testing, I thought they were going to sound like Lacuna Coil wanna-bes. They proved me wrong very fast. While they do have a female vocalist, they can still give you that death metal feel as the male vocals are something I tried to describe as something in between hardcore and death metal. All in all this band put on an excellent performance and set me up for Eluveitie which was still a long wait away.

Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D. is a four-piece, thrash metal band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. When you first hear a band that's what sets you to continue listening. Watching music videos is a horrible way to judge a band and from my experience with this band, I prove that fact. When I first heard they were on the bill, I decided to search them up. Not knowing their genre or style as soon as the song opened with a solo I was turned off on them but they proved otherwise live. Their energy and the way the solos flowed were amazing and they were a good band to head bang to.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a five-piece power metal band from San Diego, California. They brought a lot of energy to the crowd with they're old school heavy metal vocals and feel. I don't know if it is just my experiences at concerts or the high note that power metal vocalists hit but their microphone either wasn't turned up high enough or it was just cutting out. When the lead guitarist tried to swing his guitar around him it didn't get all the way around and he had to play holding his guitar up for a while. I am glad they were able to get the strap back on him just before his solo, if he'd been able to pull off that solo without a strap I'd have given him major respect. They were really good and definitely were an amazing band.

3 Inches Of Blood

3 Inches of Blood are a five-piece self proclaimed traditional heavy metal band from British Columbia, Canada. A very well grown Canadian band if you ask me. They started off as a hardcore style group, but in losing most of their members they recollected themselves as a death metal act. With the singing style of Cam Pipes you get the feel of a power metal vocalist along with the backing death vocals of Justin Hagberg. They did a really good job and the crowd showed so, being they are Canadian. They played the classics Deadly Sinners and Goatrider's Horde as well as a new song that is probably off their new album. They were also ever so kind as to, since we were all Canadian, do a cover of Rush. Which was pretty good.

 Death Angel

It has been three or four years since I have wanted to see Death Angel live and as it so happened with this double tour package, I would be able to see them. They are a five-piece thrash metal band from Bay Area, California and were formed all the way back in the early 80s. They played a really good set. Their solos are always amazing and they always like to put their own style into thrash which is admirable. I admit they didn't play some of my favourites like Devil's Incarnate but they did play Bored and almost got away with not playing Thrown To The Wolves but to my surprise played it last. What is really interesting to note was during Bored, before the end solo, they switched to Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath and I have to say Mark did Ronnie James proud. These guys did excellent and I am glad they were able to double tour with Eluveitie for this date.


Here's the moment me and my fellow folk metal lovers were here for. Eluveitie the eight-piece traditional folk metal band from Switzerland. Blending metal with such instruments as hurdy-gurdy, violin, bagpipes, flutes and lutes, Eluveitie brings you death metal with a side of old folk style music. They played a very good set, I didn't get good footage because people were sitting on the bar but they were incredible. They played new song like Nil, Kingdom Come Undone, and Do(Minion) and as well as went as early as the Spirit album and played songs like the obvious Your Gaulish War and Tegernako but they surprised me with the likes of Uis Elveti, and The Song Of Life. During Thousandfold they let a predetermined audience member play the guitar. Anna taught the crowd the chorus of Slania's Song, but not to brag I didn't need any lesson and also sang Omnos and Brictom. I am still waiting for when they'll start playing Dessumiis Luge live as I'd rather that then Brictom or even Omnos. All in all it was an amazing set and definitely beats their performance a year ago with Alestorm.


  1. Surprisingly good sound quality.
    Holy Grail sound pretty sick, dissapointed with System Divide though. Aborted's old vocalist sounded better in Aborted.

  2. System Divide isn't from Ohio. The female singer is from Isreal, the male singer is from Belgium, the drummer lives in NYC, and the bass player lives in Ohio. I don't know where the lead guitar player is from.

    I was at the Toronto show too. My brother is playing guitar with System Divide on tour. Pretty proud of my bro.