Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Japanese Toy Lets You Smack Friends To Make A Beat, Eleven Year Old Boy Racks Up 1,000 Euros On X-Box Live With Mother's Debit Card, Mother Cautioned By Police For 14-Year-Old Babysitting Toddler, Vote To End Women's Suffrage, California On Canada With KassemG

Hello everyone, I apologize for the lack of blogging since Sunday's concert. I will have a review of it up tomorrow but to make up for lost blogging here is tonight's news!

New Japanese Toy Lets You Smack Friends To Make A Beat

This toy called the Ningen Gakki is coming out this summer from the company Takara Tomy. It has four conductive patches on the corners and when two people touch two of them, a circuit is created through human contact and a note is played. Up to four people can play melodies or drums by clapped or smacking.

Eleven Year Old Boy Racks Up 1,000 Euros On X-Box Live With Mother's Debit Card

I don't know why that X-Box is even in his possession, let alone why the mother seems to look like its Microsoft's fault. I believe he even looks like a spoiled brat. The mother of Brendan Jordan has condemned the company after he racked up £1,000 debt on his console. He did it "without realising" and bought many accessories and new games when the details of the previously registered card saved
to his gamertag. The mother who is thirty-seven and from Strood, Kent, Dawn, has complained to Microsoft but has claimed they are ignoring her. She said: "When I put my card details in 18 months ago I thought it was just for his membership to play online with his friends. I work two jobs just to look after my family and pay the bills so I cannot afford all these extortionate charges. A thousand pounds isn't that much to people like Bill Gates, but for a single mum it is a lot of money that I don't have. The bank and Microsoft are blaming each other and no one is helping me. It has taken me ages to permanently get rid of my card details from the website. It was only when I made a complaint that they took all my details off." Dawn has to work as a sales executive and part-tie singer to pay bills
for herself and her son and daughter. She entered her debit card details into the family X-Box to pay for an online subscription for Brendan, too bad he bought many add-ons and extensions to add on thousand pounds of debt to her account in a six month period. Microsoft has parental controls that parents like Dawn can use to moniter their chilren's spending, even parental accounts to make restrictions on gaming. Dawn wants her experience to bring knowlege to other parents and also blames Microsoft for making it "too easy" for her son to spend her money. She added: "Brendan is 11 and knows his times tables but it was only when I explained to him that he realised how much money he had spent. When I showed him he burst into tears. He unplugged the Xbox and said he didn't want it anymore. I haven't punished him because he feels bad enough and I know he won't do it again. It is ridiculous to allow someone of his age to make payments without any checks being done. When he is
 in gaming mode he can't be thinking about the money. You can't put all that responsibility on a young boy. It is impossible to monitor everything your children do. These companies should take some responsibility. They take advantage of vulnerable people." I'm sorry there Dawn, but it is your fault for even allowing an eleven year old to be playing a mature ratd game especially when you're giving him access to your bank information to play online. As this Microsoft spokesperson says: "With over 30M Xbox LIVE members across the world customer complaints of this nature are extremely rare. Microsoft's goal is to provide parents and caregivers with tools and resources to manage their children's gaming and entertainment experiences so that they can play in ways that are safer, healthy and more balanced. To accomplish this, we've built-in parental controls in every Xbox 360, work closely with retailers and recently launched the Play Smart, Play Safe website as an online resource for families. It should also be noted that LIVE accounts registered for children's use have online activity automatically defaulted to off, these can be enabled by the parent should they wish in the Family Settings section." I'm sorry Dawn but this one is entirely your fault.

Mother Cautioned By Police For 14-Year-Old Babysitting Toddler

A mother in the United Kingdom has received a police caution for leaving her three year-old son with her fourteen year-old son at home for thirty minutes. This was absolutely uncalled for because not only was she only thirty minutes away, fourteen is definately old enough to start babysitting. She recieved the caution for alleged misconduct. The mother says it is disturbing how little faith the police has in kids these days and even she used to babysit their neighbour's children. The law on this topic isn't very well written, but police are encouraged to use their knowledge in the judging of each case.

That was today's blog, kind of short but since I've been so lazy I thought a small blog will get me back into the spirit. I leave you with two videos of examples of how horrible today's teenage society needs better education, especially in the states.

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