Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bolero Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band name and the origin behind it?

We call our fancy little troop Bolero. It began as a side project sort of non-serious musical outlet for me (Morgan) but as I lost interest in my other bands, this one slowly took priority. Our ranks slowly swelled and we are now what we are today.

Who is in your band?
We have me (Morgan) playing bass and doing lead vocals, Tim Ferriman on lead guitar and backing vocals, Casey Elliott on Rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Alexander Woods on Keys and Backing vocals and lastly, Rob Rousseau playing some mighty fine percussion.

What genre do you consider the band? What are some major influences?

We mainly consider ourselves Epic Metal, with a hearty helping of folk, a dash of Celtic, two strips of thrash, dipped in a broth-like death metal substance and hung out to dry on a black metal clothesline.

When and how did you form?

Bolero began after the fact that it was a side project come 2007 when 4 other like-minded individuals approached or were approached about playing this style of music. Much alcohol was consumed, and many people were dispatched of in meaningless and unheartfelt ways.

Where have you performed? Have you opened for any major headliners?

We've played pretty much all across Ontario and we're beginning to enter the markets of other areas. We've opened for a few larger bands, most notably Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Beneath the Massacre, etc.

Who writes the lyrics and what are some songs about?

I (Morgan) have written all the lyrics to date. Alex is starting to lend a hand in the lyrics department now though. Most of the songs are basically fighting the uphill battle and having the strength and determination to do so (not so bluntly, but you get the point); apart from the obvious troll slaying and mead swilling type of lyrics.

What do you see the band doing in 2011?

Playing more shows, consuming more beer, playing more gran turismo. Oh yeah, playing more shows, we've got digital and physical distros lined up. We recently released our debut album, so hopefully we'll be playing in some cities we've never tackled before in hopes of selling the damn thing.

What gear and equipment do you use?

We almost exclusively dabble with Carling Lager. She is a cruel mistress. Other than that, Rob uses Sabian and Tama drums. Casey and Tim use ESP, B.C. Rich, Jackson and Ibanez guitars, and Peavey Amps, Alex uses a Korg Triton and I use ESP & B.C. Rich basses and GK amps.

Any final comments?

Do not anger the bone wolf.

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