Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Belated Father's Day! Ryan Dunn From Jackass Dies, Man Rides Horse Through Woman’s Door To Win Her Heart, Electronic Arts VS The Customers, Vancouver: Sorry World, Equals Three: Optimus Crane, FreddieW: Cereal Kill, FPSRussia: The Russian Sniper, Rooster Teeth: Immersion - Horde Mode, Mind Your Step!

Hello everyone, today is Monday and I hope you had a great Father's Day weekend. I know I did and I've also found a large dose of happiness for my soul, in the form of a person! Anyhow, I have an interview that will be posted next week, fingers crossed, with a popular thrash band! I also posted my review for The Green Latern, which you can see here. Now for today's news, but before I begin I would like to share with you two videos for you father, even if it is a day late. One is an old ShayCarl video but it sure fits the mood, the other is WheezyWaiter's Father's Day Song!


Ryan Dunn From Jackass Dies

This morning at 3AM, Ryan Dunn and an unidentified passenger died in a car crash at Route 322 and New Street in the West Goshen Township in Pennsylvania. The police say that Dunn’s 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 was “off the road and in the woods” and was terrifyingly “fully engulfed in flames.” President of MTV Network’s Music and Films Group, Van Toffler, released this statement today: "We are devastated by the tragic loss of Ryan Dunn -- a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade. He made us all laugh and had the tireless enthusiastic approach to life of your favourite middle school friend. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Ryan's family and friends. The Jackass brotherhood will never be the same." A small history lesson on Ryan Dunn; he was fifteen when he moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania. This is where he met Bam Margera on the first day of their high school career. The group of Dunn, Margera, Raab Himself, and Brandon DiCammilo started doing videos of them skateboarding and doing stunts under the name CKY, the acronym for Camp Kill Yourself. Ryan Dynn worked as a welder and also at a gas station when Johnny Knoxville asked the group to allow their videos in the Jackass series. It then became a large sensation and had a lot of fans.

Man Rides Horse Through Woman’s Door To Win Her Heart

Jan Rudnicki is one crazy man and does not know how to pick up his women. He had seven kids already but the Polish man still wanted more women and had his eyes on one Gosia Domoslawska. Jan went to the bar on horseback to have some beer with his friends and then had a plan on winning the woman’s heart. The intoxicated man took off his horse, got on his horse and rode on with haste to her residence. When drunken Jan came to Gosia’s house he rode through her door and into her house hoping she’d admire this crazy stunt. She was not impressed at the stunt at all and told Croatian Times: “He's a loon. I never fancied him before and I certainly don't now. If this was supposed to win my heart he must be seriously off his rocker." After poor Jan sobered up he offered to fix the door, polices officers kept the charge for breaking and entering on him however.

That is it for today's news and I leave you with you normal conclusions! First is a picture of the difference in how Electronic Arts see their video games and how their customers see their video games. Next is a video which is an apology to the world about the Vancouver riot which also doubles as an advertisement for smart cars. The second video I would like to share with you is possibly my second and last favourite episode of Ray William Johnson's Equals Three as KassemG returns to host last week's videos. The third video is a very well edited video with special effects by FreddieW as he helps stop a hold up at a grocery store and also can't between cocoa puffs or cocoa rice krispies. The next video is the latest FPS Russia, as he shows us a sniper rifle as well as a shotgun. The second last video is the latest RoosterTeeth short called Immersion: Horde Mode which is kind of like zombies on Call of Duty. Last is the funny reaction video for the series Watch Your Step. I hope you all enjoyed and I will see you next time!

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