Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Volcano In Chile With Lightning Images, Venture Capital, Equals Three With KassemG: Schindler’s Geese, Epic Meal Time: Masta Pasta, The Game Station: Game Genie (The Warp Zone), Rooster Teeth: The Atari Kid, Rage Quit: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, StarCraft Geeks Pick Up Girls, Guys In Wheelchairs Pick Up Girls, Miami Beach Memorial Day Shooting Cellphone Video, Seven Dogs & A Bike, Evil Bird Tries To Off A Turtle

Hello everyone, it is Wednesday. I am going to start doing daily posts soon. I’ve just honestly couldn’t be bothered a few times as well as I am trying to get other things done like interviews as well as reviews whenever a new film comes to town. I am also trying to think of ways I can start doing YouTube videos with my voice. I’m not really used to talking to people, let alone a microphone or camera. Anyhow here is some new stuff that’s been around for about a week now I’d like to share with you.

The first thing is a few pictures of a beautiful sight in Chile. As a volcano spewed out smoke, a lightning storm brewed, and with the two different elements it created a spectacular sight. Here is four pictures from this.


I have one infograph for you today, it is about the state of venture capital is it is now. I have a lot of videos for you today and first off is my favourite episode of =3 (Equals Three) by RayWilliamJohnson. What makes this my favourite episode is because that douchebag Ray isn’t hosting it and this time he has KassemG to take his place. I find this show more appealing to me with KassemG as the host. Next is the latest EpicMealTime video as they make the most masta’ pasta I have ever seen! Next up is the first two episodes of the new series from TheGameStation and TheWarpZone called Game Genie. It follows their members in their adventures with the Game Genie from the SNES. RoosterTeeth has released a new short onto YouTube entitled The Atari Kid, which is a parody of Karate Kid. Next is a new Rage Quit by RooterTeeth as Michael picks up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as he rages over an old video game. Next is two videos from a new group called SimplePickup as they try to pick up girls randomly from off the street using different styles of talking in today’s pop culture. The two videos show them using Starcraft terms and pretending to be in a wheelchair to get the girls. Next is a video of the shooting that happened in the Miami Beach area on Memorial Day, as police point their loaded gun at an innocent man and woman trying to leave the area in their vehicle. The last couple videos are some funny ones. First is cute video of seven dogs, six of which are puppies, standing in a line while the first one peddles a small tricycle. The last is a video of a bird trying to off a turtle. You could tell it meant to send the turtle to its death as it side bumped it.



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