Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PS3 Banned In Europe, 3D Screwdriver Nail Murals, Academy Award 2011 Auto-Tune Video, Space Shuttle Launch Viewed From Airplane, Death Star Infograph, Porn Statistics, Things You Don’t Know About Steve Jobs

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed today and the day before that. I know I didn't as Zellers screwed me over for my 2800 Microsoft point card. The story is that I asked how much a game was plus a 2800 and a 1400 card were. Seeing the price I told her to scrap the 1400 and what does she do? She activated the 1400 and bills me that, doesn't run the 2800 through the machine, and hands me the inactive 2800 card. I never noticed until I got home about the situation so go back to the mall to sort it out. Now, this whole time the receipt is thrown out but I thought they would let it slide as the thing I bought wouldn't have been on it. I go back argue with another cashier and then he feeds my lies time and time again of the X-Box, so I just walk away from him mid sentence. So I lost $40 and now I have to get even more Microsoft Points cards so I can finally buy Games-On-Demand that I wanted yesterday. Hope you enjoyed that rant any who, here is your news.

PS3 Banned In Europe

A while back I mentioned that Sony had some legal issues with LG over patents. It turns out that on Monday, it was reported that LG has gotten a preliminary injunction which has banned the PlayStation 3 from sales. It was ruled, at a civil court in The Hague, that any PS3s that are imported have to be confiscated by government officials for at least the next ten days. The Netherlands is one of the imports for all of Europe and it had already taken what has been said to be “tens of thousands” of the consoles and that Sony believes they will see hundreds of thousands of them blocked from even reaching retail shelves. This must be the comeback that Sony was not prepared for against LG when the Japanese company tried to pick a fight with them weeks ago. If Sony can come up with a quick settlement it may avoid a company crisis. If not Sony will be even more behind, if they are third, then they already are.

3D Screwdriver Nail Murals

Click above link for more nail art from different angles

That’s it for today. I leave you with the funny auto-tune music video the Oscars made and video of Discovery’s shuttle launch from the view of an airplane. There is also infographs on the Death Star, porn statistics, and Steve Jobs

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