Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen Once Bought Out 2 600 Seats To Catch A Home Run Ball, Japanese Game Catherine Is Coming To America, Jon Lajoie's Very Super Famous, FaceBook Statistics, Girl Guides Flowchart

Hello everybody, it is the middle of the week meaning half way until the weekend! I hope you are all having a good because I know I am. I just received my Game Gear I bought online so I will have plenty of fun playing me some nostalgic games. Anyways, now for your news.

Charlie Sheen Once Bought Out 2 600 Seats To Catch A Home Run Ball

With all the quotes being thrown around by Charlie Sheen these days, it is no wonder that things like this are surfacing. Sports Ilustrated included a piece in the “Scorecard” section in 1996 about his trip to one of the California Angels games. He was apparently overly determined to catch a home run ball and ended up paying over $6 500 for 2 615 seats. Sheen and three of his friends sat about twenty rows up from the field in hope to catch a base ball. They did not end up catching one and Sheen said, “I didn't want to crawl over the paying public. I wanted to avoid the violence."

Japanese Game Catherine Is Coming To America

Publisher Atlus is now bringing Japanese based video game Catherine to North America this summer. It is a very interesting looking game, as I direct you to the video below. are very iffy as to if the game has a place in today’s industry. They find that it may be too unusual and mature for North American gamers. Sure this game is probably very sexual but games aren’t always meant to be played by children. Every game that has a mature rating shouldn’t be touched by anyone unless they are at least close to the age of eighteen. Some games are too much for children to handle. Sure Catherine will be one of those games, but it is always good to have a video game that strays from the norm and brings something new to the table. Maybe North American companies will be able to learn from Atlus and learn to be more out there and appeal to an older audience. Now as I direct you to the YouTube video and present to you sex and sheep!

That is it for today, I hope you all have a good night. As always I leave you with funny pictures and videos. Here is Jon Lajoie’s latest music video “Very Super Famous.” As well as a video info graph of FaceBook and its usage and a flow chart on the subject of girl guide’s and their cookie selling schemes.

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