Thursday, July 28, 2011

Interview With Kivimetsan Druidi By Wheeling Rampage Productions

For those out there that do not know who you are: where are you from, who is in the band and what do they play?

We are from Kouvola, Finland. Our six members are Joni Koskinen (lead male vocals, guitar) and Antti Koskinen (keyboards, male vocals), Antti “Rinksa” Rinkinen (lead guitar), Simo-Pekka Lehtonen (bass) Atte Marttinen (drums) and myself, Leeni-Maria Hovila (vocals).

How did you come up with the name Kivimetsan Druidi and what does it mean?

Druid of the Stone Forest. He is a character in the land which our songs tell of.

What gear does each member use?

Damned if I know! Wait, Joni uses a Washburn guitar. Antti has Roland and Korg keyboards. I work with whatever the venue sticks in my hand (usually Shure SM58 mic) .

How did Leeni-Maria train to have such an amazing vocal range?

Classic studies with wide range non-conventional teachers. I have consciously pursued to become a cross-over performer.

Since the beginning of Kivimetsan Druidi’s career, there have been quite a few line-up changes. Do you think that the current line-up has helped the band grow to what it has now?

Most definitely it has. Our first album was pretty much a collection of older songs arranged by former members but our second, Betrayal, Justice, Revenge was a huge leap into new direction.

What does the woman warrior on the cover of “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” represent?

She is Aesis Lilim of the second track.

Who writes the lyrics for the band and is there any certain theme to the lyrics?

Formerly Joni, these day me and him. They are stories about the people and history of The Land of the Crystal Mountain.

What would you say has been the highest point in the band’s career and what would be the lowest?

Lowest point probably after our first album which we were awfully excited about but did not turn out as we expected and was a huge disappointment. Highest point would be our second album turning out so well we could all be happy about it.

After all the years of waiting how was signing to Century Media?

Exciting and hectic, we rushed to the studio for the first album with a very tight schedule.

How long does it take for the band as a whole to put their stage attire on?

Doesn´t work as a whole. Joni, Antti and Rinksa: half an hour. Atte and Simo: 5-10 minutes (they don’t bother too much). Myself, about two hours.

What has been the best venue/city that you have played in? What has been the worst venue/city you have played in?

No way that I’m going to name any place for worst - we’d get sued. There are some really gloomy places with moldy backstages. My personal favourite for the best venue is Music Hall in L├╝beck but that is largely because of the city itself.

It is said that each band member has their own personal influences, what sorts of bands does each member listen to?

We have thrashers, old school metalists and symphonic influences. It is actually a little bit difficult to name each member with certain band but favourites are: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Moonsorrow for an example and I work also with classical music.

If you could tell bands who are just starting or are budding into popular bands some tips on how success what would they be?

Get a manager. Someone who takes care of contacts with venues, sends the demos and all that shit. Stick to what you want to do instead of what you think is expected: stick to what you love. Do not spoil things with unnecessary drama between members. Have working morale.

Do you have any final comments or thoughts to conclude this interview?

Get our latest album, it rocks like a moose! And, sylphids mean trouble, never follow them in the woods.

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