Thursday, July 14, 2011

Renewable Energy Means More Jobs By 2030, EpicMealTime: Epic Stockyard Burger, FreddieW: Medal of Honor Cat, ShayCarl: Epic War! Ft SonTard and SamMacaroni, TheGameStation: Bomberman Trailer, FPSRussia: Flamethrower Massacre, ImprovEverywhere: Carousel Horse Race, HuskyStarcraft: Nerd Alert - Void Rays - (Rebecca Black - Friday Parody) Ft KurtHugoSchneider, Rage Quit: Duke Nukem Forever And Rainbow Runner, Crazy Marriage Proposal

Hello everyone, today is Thursday and I have for you a filled day of posts. I have already posted two things today, you can click them to see them. I did an interview with 80s trash metal bandDeath Angel, as well as a review for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. I have a ton of interviews still to come, and yes they are just as big, or even bigger than Death Angel, but you will have to wait and see. I also need to post a review of Zookeeper and I will be seeing the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow night, so you’ll see a review this weekend. I’m just going to do a quick little numerical description of what is below, I just want this up right now.

1. Infograph explaining how renewable energy will create millions of jobs by 2030
2. Epic Meal Time has a new video out called Epic Stockyard Burger, it is pretty funny
3. FreddieW has a new video called Medal of Honor Cat, his special effects are awesome as always
4. ShayCarl has put out a video with SonTard and SamMacaroni, who also edited this short together, it is called Epic War! It is an very epic video and it is nice to see him incorporate his kids into his videos.
5. The Game Station has put out a new video game movie trailer, this time for the game Bomberman. It is a good trailer, though I don’t think it was as epic as it could have been.
6. FPSRussia has a new video out called Flamethrower Massacre, in which he uses a flamethrower obviously. This video is very toasted.
7. ImprovEverywhere has a new video out called Carousel Horse Race, I don’t want to spoil it buy they make a carousel very fun for children.
8. HuskyStarcraft and his band Nerd Alert has put out a parody of Friday called Void Rays.
9. Rooster Teeth has come out with two new Rage Quit videos as Michael plays Duke Nukem Forever and Rainbow Runner
11. I found a really funny video of an awesome marriage proposal


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