Monday, July 25, 2011

Review Of iwrestledabearonce's Ruining It For Everybody By Aaron Homma Of Immersed For Wheeling Rampage Productions

Hey guys, I just wanted to say before this post goes underway, my friend is going to be doing guest interviews and reviews from now on. His name is Aaron Homma and he plays guitar in Immersed and his band Killitorous. I'll throw some links in before his review to Immersed's Facebook and a YouTube video with the latest line-up. So give him a warm welcome!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ right now I'm on tour with my band, about to play a show quite literally at Foufs(a legendary venue in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) with one of my favorite bands why am I writing this meow?

I've been putting off writing this review quite frankly, and the reason is simply because I was hoping if I listened to it over, and over.....and over....and....over? I miiiiiiight enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed...wait....LOVED past IWrestledABearOnce albums. But this album even though played in my shower CD player everyday for the last two weeks, still hasn't grown on me as a whole.

Not to say the album doesn't have it's strong points and great tracks, songs like ''Button It Up''  and  ''It Is “Bro” Isn’t It?'' stood out to me like a sumo wrestler in a group-home. Also they are in fact going in a direction that makes them stand out more as a band, creating and defining their own genre of modern day grind. Its just not what I was all.

Basically if there weren't two IWrestledABearOnce albums that blew my mind...I maybe would have liked this album a little more. The instrumentals are fantastic as usual by Steven Bradley (guitar, keyboard, programming, samples), John Ganey (guitar, keyboard, programming, samples), Mike "Rickshaw" Martin (bass) and Mikey Montgomery (drums). The vocals Krysta Cameron produces are amazing, brutal and child-murdering-sounding which is to be expected. Buuuuuuut songs for the most part seem rushed and half-rate.

Definitely worth a listen, just maybe not two weeks showering worth...


Aaron Homma, guitarist of Immersed

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