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Interview With Michael Amott From Arch Enemy By Wheeling Rampage Productions

For those out there who do not know who you are; where is Arch Enemy from and who is in the band?

Michael Amott - We’re from Sweden and we consist of five members…
  • Christopher Amott − guitar (1996–2005, 2007–present)
  • Michael Amott – guitar (1996–present)
  • Sharlee D'Angelo − bass guitar (1999–present)
  • Daniel Erlandsson − drums (1996, 1998–present)
  • Angela Gossow − lead vocals (2001–present)
What gear does each member use? Is there any brand loyalty?

Michael Amott –  Yes, we all have signature equipment with various companies  such as Dean Guitars, Ibanez Basses, Pearl Drums, RotoSound Strings, Caparison Guitars, Zoom FX etc etc. A more complete list of what we use to make noise can be found here: http://archenemy.net/2011/?go=theband

Who writes the lyrics and is there any main theme?

Michael Amott – Angela writes most of the lyrics nowadays and the theme of the ”Khaos Legions” album is.

How was Angela Gossow chosen to replace Johan Liiva? What feelings went through you when you heard her vocals?

Michael Amott – It was a pretty relaxed process where we  jammed on some old songs which sounded great and then we worked in the studio on what was to become the ”Wages Of Sin” album. Once we started creating new music together we quickly realized this was the voice we needed to take the music to a more unique and powerful place.

How did it feel re-recording old tracks for the album The Root Of All Evil with Angela?

Michael Amott – It was a cool experience going back and re-discovering the early material. In some ways that process inspired us while writing the “Khaos Legions” album I think.

In recording Khaos Legions there is fourteen tracks, what made the band decide to put so many tracks on the album?

Michael Amott – Actually, three of those tracks are instrumental intros or interludes. I don’t feel you can ever give the fans too much music, as long as the quality is there.

What’s up with the album cover with the half terminator half gas mask and half soldiers?

Michael Amott – That’s three halves, that doesn’t add up now does it?

The riffs on the new album have a more dirty feeling to them, do you feel your participation in the Carcass reunion has had any effect on this?

Michael Amott – I wouldn’t be able to say… I think everything I do has some influence on what I play and compose, so that’s quite possible…

Has your participation in both Carcass and Spiritual Beggars had an effect on the performance and participation of Arch Enemy in the metal scene?

Michael Amott – No, I don’t believe it has. Spiritual Beggars does not take up much of my time as it’s more of a side project deal – something we do to have a blast with five friends.. The Carcass re-union shows did take up quite a bit of my time in 2008 and 2009, but it was a good break for Arch Enemy at that time and it re-energized Arch Enemy I think!

Arch Enemy has remained a pretty solid unit with the brief period where Chris left. How has the relationship been since his return?

Michael Amott – It’s good, thanks for asking. We have a very stable and productive atmosphere since he came back into the fold. 

Is this where you thought Arch Enemy would have been back in 1996?

Michael Amott – I never tried to look that far into the future, I just love creating music and playing guitar… I am proud of the fact that Arch Enemy and myself have proved to have longevity and success.

What has been the highest and lowest points in Arch Enemy’s career as a band?

Michael Amott – Lowest point would be the slow start between 1996-1999 when our brand of metal was not popular. Highest point would be becoming a self managed band in 2008 and everything that has happened after that. 

What is your favourite and worst venue/city to play in?

Michael Amott – That’s a tough one! For example. the first time I played in Bejing, China I did not enjoy it much… The second time I played there I loved it. So, you never know…

If you had to pick one track on the latest album to present to someone what would it be?

Michael Amott – That would be ”Bloodstained Cross”. That song goes through a lot of different moods and really showcases the talents of every member. It’s our new video too, check it out!

What about a brand new fan, if you had someone who has never seen or heard of Arch Enemy what track or album would you pick to say, "Hey if your gonna like my band give this album a listen."?

Michael Amott – I’d strongly urge to to check out our newest ”Khaos Legions” release – of course! Better still, come to an Arch Enemy show!

What do you think of metal in 2011?

Michael Amott – I think the fans are better than ever, and metal seems to be very strong overall… Although, there seems to be an increasing amount of subgenres, dividing into even more subgenres which kind of gets ridiculous? To me, it either kicks my ass or it does not. I don’t care what it’s called. But I enjoy being in the scene in 2011, Arch Enemy is strong and we’re having an excellent time doing what we do.

Any last comments?

Michael Amott – Thank you for the interview! Come and see Arch Enemy / Devildriver / Skeleton Witch / Chtonic on the ”North American Khaos 2011” tour!

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