Monday, August 1, 2011

News About The Blog, Nerdz4L/NerdzRL, EpicMealTime: Pigs N’ Poultry And Live At Comic Con, ShayCarl: Epic Derby Baby, Jon LaJoie: F**k Everything, TheGameStation: Mario Takes Out Angry Birds (Godfather Parody) And The Legend Of Cucco, KassemG: California On Comic-Con 3, SimpleDating: Picking Up Girls at Comic Con, 331Erock: Harry Potter Meets Metal

Okay everyone, I just wanted to let you know that there has been some changes to the look of the blog. I have moved the pages to the right bar for a more organized look since there was so many pages. I also put clickable logos to my usernames on the website logos shown. These changes is because I am now opening my blog up to bands to use as a place to advertise, you can click on a band on the right to see their page and their news articles. The first band that will be advertising on here is Fallen Legion from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (FaceBook, Interview, Blog Page). If things go well I am sure more bands or businesses, possibly, will also have pages on here as well. If you want to advertise on my website I would love to help you expand your audience for a small fee, email for inquries. Before I get into today’s blog I wanted to give a little special shout out to NerdzRL because she has entered the King Of Web contest and is in first place. I would love if you guys went to vote for her, you can vote tentimes daily, and I’d like to share a few videos of hers just as a tribute!

Down below is today’s videos I want you to see. First we have two videos from Epic Meal Time as they make food with pigs and poultry as well as do a live stage performance at Comic Con. Next is ShayCarl’s latest video as Shay, BabyTard, and Sam Macaroni take it to soap boxing and race down a hill, with some action packed scene. Jon LaJoie has come out with a new song called F** Everything, it is quite funny if you ask me and I believe him and Lonely Island both take rapping to a new level. The Game Station has come out with two new videos as Mario calls a hit on Angry Birds and we also see the Legend Of Cucco, brought to you by ChrisCrossMedia. The next video is KassemG’s new California On as he takes to Comic Con for his third time, let me tell you there is a bunch of hot girls for you to stare at. SimpleDating was also at Comic Con trying to pick up girls as they cosplay their way into their pants. Last I found an amazing guitarist who does remakes of popular songs, but turns them into metal. 331Erock has made an amazing video for Harry Potter and with the release of the last movie it is just in time.

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