Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spotlight: My YouTuber Picks (Episode One - Vloggers [ShayTards, NerdzRL, yoursweetsix6six])

Hello everyone welcome to episode one, of a series I like to call “My YouTuber Picks.” This first week I think I’m just going to showcase the vloggers I like, since I watch them each day. There are three different users and they are very entertaining. I know you may be saying I missed a few vloggers, but these three are the only ones I watch religiously. Also I would like to let you know that I have made a FaceBook fan page for those who want updates easier. Now! On with the show!

They have been vlogging for two whole years and they are going for three. I am talking about the awesome, entertaining, humorous, Shaytards. This family will brighten up anyone’s day as Shay Carl and Katilette bring you their daily life raising four tards, SonTard, PrincessTard, BabyTard, and RockTard. You can follow them on their adventures as shoot for video, go to conventions and meet ups and just see their life at home. Even Shay’s two brothers do videos as well, which makes this family even better! I’ll leave links below for all of their stuff as well as videos so you get the feel about what their videos are like.

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The second vlogger I would like to share with you is NerdzRL. I must admit I only found out about her from TheStation2 Watching You video but since ShayCarl was showing how awesome she was, I had to check her out. She reminded me exactly like her, minus the kids and wife, because of how energetic, inspirational and fun to watch her videos are. As the Shaytards brings happiness at night, NerdzRL can make any morning a happy one. I have no problem admitting it but I usually always sing along with the intro theme songs of both ShayTards and NerdzRL. She also does other sketch type videos on her Nerdz4L channel and I must say every one of them makes me laugh. Also I must add that all this month you should vote for her on King Of The Web, ten times a day, and make sure she stays on top because she deserves it!

Nerdz4L           NerdzRL             Twitter             Dailybooth

Last and certainly not least we have Max and Amanda’s Daily Vlogs. I know these guys personally and they are awesome people. Max is actually the vocalist and guitarist of the band Esoteric Doctrine, they are regulars for playing at my concerts and they are very talented. What sets this vlog apart from any I know is the fact that Max doesn’t care what he says or what people think of him. That to me makes the vlogs more interesting because you never know what he’ll say next. He also has a thing for NOS and will not go through a day without his daily dose of energy. I hope one day NOS signs him for all his advertising he has basically done for him. Maybe they will sponsor Esoteric Doctrine and amp up their gear or give them national if not international concerts, the band deserves it! Also I want to congratulate them on their pregnancy and I hope for the best. A caution to those who want to watch, this vlog has a large amount of swearing so if you don’t like it “suck the f**k off.”

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