Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review of Cold Comfort by Autumn

1. The Scarecrow
2. Cold Comfort
3. Black Stars in a Blue Sky
4. Retrospect
5. Alloy
6. End of Sorrow
7. Naeon
8. Truth Be Told (Exhale)
9. The Venamoured

Cold Comfort is Autumn’s fifth album and also their third which is released under Metal Blade Records. The band believes that this is their most personal and meaningful album to date, putting all their hearts into Cold Comfort. This inspiration for this album came from their experiences they had while recording and their previous tour. They expanded on the song writing and sound by coming out of their comfort zone and bringing in more possibilities into their songs.

I’m usually picky with my female vocalists, but Marjan has a great voice for the rock sound that comes with Autumn collectively. She has also come along way since the previous album Altitude and has grown stronger with her vocals for being in the band for a short period of time, joining in 2008. The guitar put a very heavy rock sound on the tracks with the way they are played. This may have something to do with the fact that they did play with old strings, as mentioned above, which would makes the tone sound more deep. Cold Comfort also brings out a different side of Autumn, as they create a new sound coming out of their comfort zones musically and giving this album all emotionally.

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