Saturday, December 31, 2011

TotalBiscuit's view on SOPA, The GameStation's Street Fighter series, Heath Ledger skateboarding over Christian Bale, Mugging Rape Analogy, Top Technology trends of 2011, What mattered in 2011 for Social Media

I haven’t posted a news article in forever it seems, so I thought maybe I should start doing them again. As you can see I fixed up the blog to look a lot better so hopefully you can find things quicker now. I might try to add more to it, but so far, this is as fancy as my HTML gets. I’ve been doing posts over summer until now that haven’t been news articles like interviews and album reviews. Hopefully I can keep all three types of posts continuous without problems. Now for your not so news type stuff for today!

I thought I’d let today be a slacker day, since it is New Year’s and I also want to get a few reviews done today as well. So, today is going to be a bunch of videos and pictures! I hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s and regular postings will continue throughout 2012 as often as I can.


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