Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review of Demonocracy by Job for a Cowboy

1. Children of Deceit
2. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
3. Imperium Wolves
4. Tongueless and Bound
5. Black Discharge
6. The Manipulation Stream
7. The Deity Misconception
8. Fearmonger
9. Tarnished Gluttony

"Returning with their strongest line up to date and armed with Demonocracy, nine tracks of seething aggression and potent disgust, Job For A Cowboy have never sounded hungrier. Over the nine years of their existence the quintet have built a loyal fan base through their devotion to touring and a diehard commitment to creating relentlessly hostile, visceral, and involving music, and in 2012 they stand as one of the most exciting and inspiring bands in death metal."

For not being interested in Job for a Cowboy, the opening song Children of Deceit, was just like a force fed listen. Then all of a sudden, this awesome dark riff blew through my speakers and I then had faith in the band. Nourishment Through Bloodshed did nothing for me, the technicality and solos are to hard to tell apart and the breakdown was satisfactory. Imperium Wolves had a nice solo and riff after it as well. In my opinion, 3:20 and onward is the best bit. Tongueless and Bound was all over the place, in my opinion. Black Discharge is one of my favourite songs on album, riffs are nice and heavy, the bits between the technical stuff are dark and nice, especially over the solo. I think the best part in The Manipulation Stream was the solo and I also liked the vocals at the end of this song, I never really thought Job for a Cowboy had it in them. Another favourite of mine off this album is The Deity Misconception. it is not overly technical and the solos are also quite awesome. The next song, Fearmonger, is another one of those all over the place songs, if it wasn’t for the solo half way through this song I may not have enjoyed it at all, as well 3:00 to the end. The last song on the album, Tarnished Gluttony is very well paced, my top favourite off this album, proves Job for a Cowboy can actually be technical and not be extremely fast for all if not most of the song, solo is very well done. If you like Job for a Cowboy I’d recommend picking it up.

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