Monday, April 30, 2012

Review of Divide The Blackened Sky by The Veer Union

1. Borderline
2. Bitter End
3. I Will Remain
4. Buried In The Ground
5. Inside Our Scar
6. Live Another Day
7. Divide The Blackened Sky
8. Silent Gun
9. Last Day Of Life
10. Stolen

"A dynamic and look-laden alternative rock record from Vancouver's hard working and perseverant duo. The overall tone of 'Divide The Blackened Sky' is dark, yet inspirational, as the band's two mainstays, vocalist Crispin Earl and guitarist Eric Schraeder, endured some very difficult times (financial troubles, revolving cast of musicians, record label changes and more) on their way to releasing the long awaited follow-up to their major label debut, 'Against The Grain' (Universal Records, 2009)."

The Veer Union’s album Divine The Blackened Sky was a little different then I’m used to. The first two songs, Borderline and Bitter End, were very reminscent of songs you would here while wrestlers come out to the ring to in the WWE which made me lose hope in this album, but after that the songs were more heart felt and they actually started to grow on me. The vocals were great and what I’d expect from today’s rock and I really enjoyed them on Live Another Day and the songs I name below. The guitars on this album are very easy to get into. Some of the riffs are very catchy and sound very heavy at times which is also a plus. A few of my favourites off this album are I Will Remain, Buried In The Ground, the title track, and Last Days Of Life. Rock isn’t something I usually listen to, but if you like the genre I would definitely pick it up. I definitely see The Veer Union going places and they should keep doing what they’re doing!

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