Monday, April 23, 2012

Review of Second Assault by Horisont

1. Time Warrior
2. Road to Cairo
3. Crusaders of Death
4. On the Run
5. Watch Them Die
6 .Second Assault
7. Spirit
8. Things I've Seen
9. Hard Bargain
10. Thunderflight

“For a country with a population of less than ten million, Sweden packs a heavy punch when it comes to loud guitars. Nurtured in the same fertile 70's rock-rich soil that gave us Witchcraft and Graveyard comes Horisont (Swedish for horizon, if you hadn't already guessed). They debuted in 2010 with Två Sidor Av Horisonten - or Two sides of (the) horizon for non-Swedish speakers, an album that impressed Rise Above Records so much that they simply had to add them to their roster. Rise Above main man Lee Dorrian invited them over to support Pentagram at their debut London show where Horisont's rousing soul-drenched, powerhouse performance floored the sell-out crowd, leaving a palpable sense of anticipation for what must surely be one of the highlights of 2012.”

Horisont definitely nailed the 70s feel, with the higher-ranged vocals from Axel Söderberg and just the overall feel of the band. All the solos on this album are phenomenal and the riffs, from both Charlie Van Loo and Kristofer Möller, are all very catchy. The whole album is more or less your heavy metal but they did do one ballad. Crusaders of Death is very soothing the way it laid out with the vocals and the guitar, it made me wish there were more on the album. A few of my other favourites are Road to Cairo with its Egyptian sounding riffs going with the name of the song, as well as the gallops. Another song with amazing riffs is Things I’ve Seen, especially with the harmonized bits. On the Run is my last favourite on this album, the range of the vocals is excellent and the melodic riff.

If you like old school metal this album is for you. I’d also like to point out I’m happy Horisont is doing what they’re doing because I don’t see many new bands doing what these guys are doing. I think they nailed it, you should all definitely check this album out.

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