Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of Modified's self titled

1. Die To Resist
2. Cruel Temptation
3. A Part Of Me
4. Running From Myself
5. Threetwoone
6. Selfless Lies
7. Running Up That Hill
8. When I Wake
9. Unfinished Game
10. Hollow
11. December

The first song on this album, Die To Resist, had me surprised. The main riff is really catchy and the band was actually a lot heavier than I was expecting. The next song is hands down my favourite. Cruel Temptation has a great mix of heavy and soft guitar and I really liked the chorus with the way the guitar flowed with the vocals. The beginning of A Part Of Me brings piano, guitar, and drums, in one by one quite nicely. The solo in this song is pretty wicked. Running From Myself had a nice intro, I really like how heavy the guitars sounded. It may just be me but the chorus of this kind of had the same guitar as Cruel Temptation, either way I like this song. The vocals in Threetwoone is what stuck out to me the most, they really made this song catchy. The next song was really heavy for the album and also had a melodic feel which was great. I thought the keyboard outro was nice a calming. The keyboard and guitar intro of Running Up That Hill and I liked the galloping guitar riff as well. The solo bit in this song as well as the part after reminds me of Sonata Arctica and their style. When I Wake has a great mix mellow and heavy, they mesh well. The guitars in the next song, Unfinished Game, feels really old school rock, especially the first riff, and I thought was pretty cool. I am quite sure I heard a very metal scream from a male backing vocals, would love to see more of that out of these guys. Hollow is probably another favourite on this album and I liked the way the guitars are laid out, it felt really groovy and heavy. The last song on the album, December, was really mellow. I kind of like that the album ended with this song. It’s a nice little ballad and I liked the vocals on this song.

I have never heard Modified ever before, and I am ashamed of myself since they’re local, but they are a very solid band. I’m usually really picky with my female vocalists but I really liked Tricia’s style, I’d definitely say she’s one of my favourite female vocalists. This album is definitely a must buy if you like hard rock and heavy metal, especially if you fancy female vocalists.

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