Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review of Embracing Soul's Luna

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1. The Raven
2. Luna
3. Immortal
4. Apollo
5. The Raven (Orchestral)

Formed in 2009, Embracing Soul has developed a gothic/rock/metal sound unlike any other in Canada. Beginning as a two piece recording duo, Chelsea Pisano and Brandon Iajecznyk spent the first year of Embracing Soul recording songs as they wrote them. Soon, they expanded, adding band members such as Thomas Collier on rhythm guitar, and began playing shows. They developed their debut LP Shadow for release in early 2010, and continue to expand their sound with their 2012 EP “Luna”. “Luna” was released through Illusive Records, and they also have a music video directed and edited by Mad Carni Productions. Embracing Soul has shared the stage in small Toronto venues with such bands as The Agonist, Burning the Day, and The Catalyst.

The Raven is the first song on the album and brings a heavy feel with the grimey riffs. The soft parts are really nicely done and the solo is alright and the tone helps make it stand out. The second song is the much more catchy, Luna. I really like the mix between male growls and female vocals and it reminds me of After Forever. The layered vocal tracks Chelsea laid down for this song, sound eerie to me and the solo in this song was a lot better than The Raven. I find as the album goes on I dig the guitars more and more and it shows in Immortal. The sweep bit in between chugs makes me laugh because it sounds awesome, its just a little random technical diddle and where it is in the riffs makes it funny to me. The growls in this song are good and this solo is better than both songs before it combined. Now, for possibly my favourite track on the album, Apollo. The beginning of this song, with the soft guitar and vocals, is really soothing. Then the music starts with this really pirate/folk like riff, and having a soft spot for folk metal I loved it. The solos in this song are all nicely done and plentiful. The last song on this album is an orchestral version of The Raven. I’m not one for listening to orchestral tracks at the end of songs but this is a pretty decent track.

If you like female fronted bands then this is for you. Although they do have an Evanescence feel to them, they are way heavier than them. I would more so say that they feel like After Forever and the likes because of the heavy feel. If I had to pick my favourites it would have to be Apollo and Luna. These guys are a good band from Ontario and I can’t wait to hear more of their stuff.

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