Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review of Placentophagia's Feast On Thyself

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1. Feast On Thyself
2. Ceremony Of Atrophy
3. Flesh Fetish
4. Embryophile
5. Cadaver To The Unborn

“PLACENTOPHAGIA is a grotesque death metal band from Ottawa, Ontario. Formed in 2010, this five-piece mental unit have been striving to deliver solid, catchy death metal and trying to turn as many heads in the process. Vocalist Jay Donnelly brings unique flavors to the band, adding her own gross elements to an already demented mix. With a variety of different styles interlaced within each song, it's easy to see the band's wide array of musical influences. Brought together by a love for the dark, sadistic, taboo-esque side of humanity, PLACENTOPHAGIA is a refreshing blend in an over-saturated market. Their debut album 'Feast On Thyself' was recorded in free-time at Autopsy Records in Ottawa, ON. Short and sweet like your average rape, this album demonstrates what the band is trying to achieve: catchy death metal that leaves the listener questioning their own sanity and morality.”

This album starts off with eerie footsteps and a shriek which leads straight into the brutality of the first track Feast On Thyself. The main riff that is all high strumming is catchy, probably because its almost like that through the whole song. When the song calms down, for a few seconds, the drum part sounds pretty cool. Ceremony Of Atrophy, the second track is heavy straight through to the end and had a little groove to it. The clip at the beginning of Flesh Fetish is creepy, especially since its Sigourney Weaver in Copycat but all voice effected. This song has some great technical riffs and the double kicks in this song are like machine guns, the break down bit was a nice head bobber and wasn’t too boring. The album doesn’t ever give up on its in your face feel it proves with Embryophile. The little solo in the middle of this song is nice and surprising since it is the only one on the album so far. The last song, Cadaver To The Unborn, had a nice mix of technical riffs and heavy riffs which flowed well. The solo near the end of this song was nice and was a great way to end the album. In the style of the name of the band they end of with a gruesome clip of a baby crying and the sound of a guy panting and screaming. I’ll let you figure out where and what that clip is yourself.

This album, knowing how it was recorded was put together very nicely and I wish it was longer. The fact that a female can throw down some death metal vocals and also front a band of this lyrical matter just goes to show she’s a total badass. I hope to see these guys soon and can’t wait to hear any new stuff they put out. If you like gruesome death metal then this album is for you and if you enjoyed it as much as I did you may be left hungry for babies.

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