Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review of Bleeding's self titled

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1. Tempest of Colours
2. Voices
3. Bleeding
4. Souldancer

"Bleeding was founded in 2011 in Hamburg on a gig of prog’s finest Psychotic Waltz. The members already knew each other from former bands in the area of Stade, near Hamburg. Bleeding’s music features different influences from prog to thrash metal, leading to both catchy and intricate songs, bringing out all the qualities of modern heavy rock."

To start this short album off we have “Tempest of Colours.” The beginning felt a little off sync, but I really like the opening solo. Bleeding’s vocals are really reminiscent of the old school style and remind myself of Chrism, a band I found a long time ago. The thrash bits are really heavy and the keyboard and guitar that play out this track is really mellow but then turns into a more eerie part. “Voices” has a keyboard bit with guitar chugging over top, which felt a little industrial like but really catchy. The solo half way through is really nicely done. I felt this song is more heavy feeling than the track prior.

The self title track, “Bleeding,” is really mellow for the most part. Even the distorted guitar parts aren’t very heavy, every old school style band needs its ballad. The vocals really come out on this track, their tone and style is very unique. The last track, “Souldancer,” is my favourite on this album. I really like the guitar in this. I kind of felt a bit of slam in this which is interesting for the genre, but it may have just been that one bit sounded like slam. The guitar and keyboard section was cool and the lead in this song is very impressive and cleanly done. The thrashy part is awesome especially the way the vocals flow.

Bleeding really take the old school style and blend it with the modern day feel to perfection. The vocalist Haye Graf has a unique sound that I enjoy listening to and Marc Nickel and “Jörg von der Fecht” do a fascinating job on guitars. This album is certainly worth checking out!

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