Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review of "Hideous Appetites" by Adrenechrome

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1. Titans Fall
2. Six Guns
3. The Horror
4. Hymn for the Heathens
5. Winds of the Void
6. Locust Wings
7. Hobbled

“Like zombies with a taste for flesh... Adrenechrome is a quartet of heavy metal monsters set upon the world with an appetite to bring back good old fashion in your face, no frills rock n' roll. In the early spring of 2010 came the formation of Adrenechrome in their hometown Orillia, Ontario. The four horsemen consisted of Chris "Chutty" Friesen - ripping guitar and furious lead vocals, Timmay Kehoe - stinging guitar and haunting backing voacls, Matt Copeland - god of thundering drums operatic background vocals and Mike Van Dyke - dark lord of the rumbling, gut busting bass. All members shared the same love of the heavy metal greats like Pantera, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Metallica and the new fresh sounds of Mastodon, High on Fire and Children of Bodom. It wasn't long and summer saw the boys tearing it up for audiences around Ontario, showcasing their blistering all original set and becoming tighter every step of the way. Ontario alone, soon couldn't handle the roaring beast, Adrenechrome had to unleash the fury outside the province and headed east to Ottawa and Montreal to give the francophones a stiff shot of old-school meets new school metal offerings, true Adrenechrome style. Their 1st tour was a smelly success, with the boys finding their road leg's quite nicely. So now as they spread like ebola across the country and internet (and soon the world) these harried road warriors will continue to unleash sonic mayhem, liquifying the guts and minds of any man, woman, animal, mineral and vegetable within ears shot.”

Hearing the first track “Titans Fall” the chuggy-style intro had me ready for something along the lines of Meshuggah type stuff. You can just throw that thought out the window as your ears get terrorized with a mix of thrashy speed and death metal riff. This song brought a nice melodic rhythm along with a solo and it sounded perfect, especially when harmonized, the technical bit after was great as well. Concluding the “Titans Fall” made me realize not to expect things from Adrenechrome because they always stay unique.

The next track “Six Guns” starts off with an old school feel. They keep that feel throughout the song but they also mix in some more newer style playing. I believe there is some deeper sounding vocals but I could not make them out over the guitar. One of my favourite riffs on the album has to be the on at 3:50 into the song. Bringing you a southern feel much like Norma Jean with its southern feel is the track “The Horror.” This song punches you in the face with its straight up heavy style and the also apologizes for your beating by leaving you with a mellow riff.

The next song is one of my favourite with its chill intro. “Hymn for the Heathens” is a great heavy but folky sounding song which is a nice feel for a song of that title. The solos in this song were a great addition. “Winds of the Void” brings a very eerie style of guitar, especially the first to minutes. There is a very wicked solo in this song and I think the vocals in this song are the some of the best on the album.

The last two songs are a great way to end the album. “Locust Wings” brings a darker side to the guitars and the vocals in this song are also great. When the song speeds up, you just feel the need to mosh everything in sight. “Hobbled” is the perfect album ender and is another one of my favourites. Everything in this song is spectacular, the vocals, the guitar, even the drums.

This album gives a punch to your ears the whole way through with Adrenechrome’s in your face, do what we want attitude. “Hideous Appetites” is unique the whole way through and there is never a dull moment. I totally recommend picking this album up, if you haven’t already!

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