Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review of "Into the Darkness Into the Void" by Black September

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1. Into the Darkness
2. Solitude
3. Rabid Hunger
4. Cursed
5. Invocation
6. Beyond the Realms
7. Defiance
8. Unhallowed Ground
9. No Return

“Forged in the bowels of Chicago, IL, BLACK SEPTEMBER arose from the depths in 2006 with their demo Contortion. Inspired by bands such as Bolt Thrower, His Hero Is Gone, Dissection and Bathory, they decided to form a band that was both heavy and aggressive, but more importantly, original. Although unrefined, the demo laid the path for the albums soon to come. Band founders and mainstays, guitarist Chris McMorrow and classically trained vocalist Jen McMorrow, and various lineups have released four EPs to date, including a split with Louisiana’s Thou. “The Forbidden Gates Beyond,” the band’s debut full-length, originally self-released in 2010, showed BLACK SEPTEMBER firing on all evil cylinders with a steady lineup and ready to unleash their madness upon the unsuspecting masses! Throughout the past few years, BLACK SEPTEMBER’s songs have become more varied than ever, incorporating the roots of death metal but showing an openness towards different styles like black metal and doom. New release "Into The Darkness Into The Void" welds Jen’s looming vocals with crushing guitars and pummeling drums to generate an album teeming with musical prowess. Just the right mix of blackened touches, epic riffs, and a crushing production.”

The intro track, the half album title track, “Into the Darkness,” was very heavy and a little grim as well. This was definitely going into the darkness for sure as this album follows suit. “Solitude” was lead nicely into by the intro track. There is very great guitar work on this and the vocals are a little hard to hear at some points but regardless it is a solid track. It seems the vocals are going to stay incoherent in a volume aspect. The riffs in “Rabid Hunger” were fast paced and dark the whole way through, which is awesome.

The lead on “Cursed” is really menacing and it’s all around a pretty brutal track. Near the end there is a slower part that was a good break from the heaviness, but it goes right back into it before you catch your breath which is awesome. Bringing a really evil sounding flow is “Invocation,” with the faster riffs and the slower yet just as dark sounding parts. The end riff was amazing as well, I enjoyed it. “Beyond the Realms” has a really badass opening riff and the guitars half way through are as well.

The next track, “Defiance,” is very cold and grim, especially half way through. It’s a really heavy track and makes for two favourite tracks in a row. In your face brutality of black metal, is about all I can say about “Unhallowed Ground.” You can only call tracks dark and grim so many times but this track follows suit. Ending the album on a very positive note is “No Return.” It’s a great mix of slow and grim, as well as fast and evil. It is definitely my favourite on the album.

This album is a really great album, but my only complaint is how hard it is to hear the vocals through most of it. It is a really great listen for black metal fans, regardless. I recommend picking this one up!

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