Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spotlight: In The Grove (Jesse Sage, Zach Stein, Alli Trippy)

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“In the deep and winding trails of the Florida orange groves lives a young, mysterious woman. To her neighbors, she is a stranger, known only as the girl who lives with dogs. Under the shade of the citrus trees, Missy Reese spends every waking moment with her beloved canines. Her intense and unusual attachment to the dogs has left her an outcast of the human world, but when a local farmer named Avery Dean reaches out to her, Missy's life begins to change. Still, as much as Missy longs for human interaction, she cannot escape the wild animal inside her...

IN THE GROVE was created by a group of close friends who have been working together for most of their lives. For four days, a group of 15 people worked diligently to complete this film. Every morning the cast and crew rose before sunrise hoping for shots of dew settling on the grass, and every evening they worked well into the night to capture the eerie landscape of moonlit orange trees. This project was completed because the crew was willing to take risks, to make sacrifices, and to pour their hearts into bringing this story to life.”

Jesse Sage as Missy Reese (
Zach Stein as Avery Dean
Alli Trippy as Sarah Dean (
Datev Gallagher - Writer/Director/Editor (
Hannah Logan - Producer
James Bixby – Cinematographer (
Charles Trippy - Executive Producer (
Justin Speed - Music/ Sound Editor ( -

I have been waiting for this for quite a while and I figured since it was just uploaded to YouTube I would review it. Being a short film, I never really review these types but I think this deserve as much publicity as it can get. This is director Datev Gallagher’s first released film, I may be wrong, and it is a very amazing way to kick off her career in the industry. She directed and edited it, but she also wrote it as well. I really like the way it was written and it leaves a lot to the imagination as not much is told about the main character. James Bixby did a very impressive job as cinematographer and it made this short film even more perfect. Justin Speed did the music for this and I think he did superb creating his own original pieces for this film. I also want to make note of the song at the end as Alli Trippy sang it very beautifully. She also played a great somewhat rude townsperson which was quite surprising from what she is usually like. Zach Stein was really good as well playing her kinder brother. In the main role we have Jesse Sage who definitely completes this movie as a whole. I really recommend seeing this movie, it is very well done in all aspects and it is only half an hour so it is not time consuming at all. I have embedded it down below so you can view it here for easier access.

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