Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spotlight: In Time (Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy)

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Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage. Living minute to minute, the duo's love becomes a powerful tool in their war against the system.
 -Twentieth Century Fox

Justin Timberlake (Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher, Alpha Dog) as Will Salas
Amanda Seyfried (Letters to Juliet, Dear John, Mamma Mia!) as Sylvia Weis
Cillian Murphy (Inception, Sunshine, Batman Begins) as Timekeeper Raymond León
Olivia Wilde (Cowboys & Aliens, Year One, House M.D.) as Rachel Salas
Matt Bomer (White Collar, Chuck, Traveler) as Henry Hamilton
Alex Pettyfer (Beastly, I Am Number Four, Tormented) as Fortis
Vincent Kartheiser (Money, Mad Men, Angel) as Philippe Weis
Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory) as Borel
Rachel Roberts (FlashForward, S1m0ne) as Carrera

I meant to see this movie in the theatre but I never got around to watching it. Since I am doing (hopefully) daily Netflix reviews and In Time recently popped up on it I thought I’d give it a watch. I kind of thought time as currency was weird, but it grows on you throughout the movie. Trying to stay alive and in a timely matter is an interesting concept. The part where Will's mom dies, could have been a lot more dramatic. The death before it was a little more brutal, the way it happened, so I was hoping for more of a oomph from it. The rest of the timing outs aren't very well done and although it is just like running out of batteries it could have been more brutal than just falling down. There isn't as much action as I was hoping for, it's mostly all running away and trying to keep alive. The actors are great and Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried were good together. Cillian Murphy plays a good timekeeper, he’s not that bad of a villain in this. The whole cast was amazing, I had no issues with the screenplay or anything. I think why I didn’t enjoy this movie as much as I could have because I was expecting something like Crank. I definitely do recommend this movie though, its an interesting idea. I have a question for my readers: If time was currency and your life, how would you spend your century?

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