Friday, April 8, 2011

Music May Be The Cause Of Teen Depression, Police Pepper Spray Eight Year Old, Why Your Car Insurance Is So High, KassemG: California On Religion, Sarah Silverman And The Serenading Unicorn, Duke Nukem: Forever Babes Trailer(Wash Your Hands After Playing), Flippy Cat: April Showers Bring May Flowers and Double Rainbows

Hello everyone. Today is Friday, which means its weekend time! Although apparently around here, the weekend started last night for highschoolers because today was a PA Day. Not like you slackers need another day off. I posted the interview I did with The Creekwater Junkies, as well as the review of the movie Source Code. You should check them out when you have the time. I am seeing Arthur tomorrow, so I should have another movie review for you soon. Now for your daily news!

Music May Be The Cause Of Teen Depression

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, has resulted in the statement teens may become depressed if they spend a lot of time listening to music. One-hundred-six teens were monitored for two months and they logged what various media they used and the results showed those who listened to music were 8.3 times more likely to be depressed. It also showed that those who spent a majority of their time with their noses in books they were a tenth as likely to be suffering from depression. Dr. Brian Primack was the head of this study and this is what he said on the matter: "At this point, it is not clear whether depressed people begin to listen to more music to escape, or whether listening to large amounts of music can lead to depression, or both.” He also says that the results of this study may help people “recognize the links between media and depression." I for one don’t agree with this at all and I believe it depends on what the subject content and the genre of the music it is that the person is listening to. I know this is a stereotypical remark but people are more likely to be depressed, or even commit suicide, when listening to emo-crap and country. This is just one man’s opinion though.

Police Pepper Spray Eight Year Old

Although the second-grader, Aidan Elliott admitted he was out of control, Colorado police did not go easy on him. Apparently the eight year old was throwing a violent tantrum and was holding a sharp piece of wall molding and was threatening to kill his teacher at his school Glennon Heights Elementary in Lakewood on February 22nd. This is when the police came in and decided it would be easiest to pepper spray Aidan twice. His mother isn’t taking this very lightly and she said this on the situation: "He's a child. There were two grown police officers and they didn't even try to talk to him. You talk to him and you find out what it is that's bothering him as well. You don't just walk in, ask him to stop and then spray." It is also notable that although it seems like a bad choice by the police, Aidan says he understood why they did it and that “he kinda deserved it” as well as that he “just gets angry a lot.” There is a lot of questioning going around and many think the police used excessive force when they doubly sprayed Aidan with pepper spray. His mother is filing a complaint to the police department but the police say that they have no regrets and did what had to be done to prevent anything from escalating. Teachers were so afraid of Aidan that they hid in the closet. The spokesman for the county police, Steve Davis had this to say on the police performance: "You've got teachers barricading themselves in a room. They are obviously frightened. I think they not only made the right choice, they made a great choice that day to use the pepper spray." The mother said that her son only gets upset while he is at school and does not have meltdowns at home. Since then she has transferred Aidan to a different school, but says that schools make him uncomfortable and that he would rather be at home with her. When the second-grader was asked if he meant to wield the wall trimming as a weapon to inflict pain on his teacher he responded with, “um, kind of.” He has apologized that the incident happened. It is possibly just coincidental to note but the Lakewood school district is also the area in which the Columbine shootings happened.

That is it for today, I hope you enjoyed the news and now for the more entertaining stuff! First of is an informative picture about why you car insurance is so high. Next up we have KassemG’s latest California On, where he asks people about religion. Then we have Sarah Silverman having fun with a unicorn, if you like bestiality. I don’t of course, but hey, whatever you’re into. To end this post we have the latest Duke Nukem: Forever trailer and remember wash your hands after playing! Also FlippyCat’s new domino video called “April Showers Bring May Flowers and Double Rainbows.”


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  2. Is this for real? I always believed that a person will feel relaxed if they listen to the music of their taste. But upon reading such study I will not spend too much time listening to music so that I will not further get depressed. I do hope a clear conclusion will be made so that people will be guided accordingly.